Are you a startup CEO? Being the CEO of a brand new venture is very different from being the CEO of a large, multinational business. We realise this, and so want to expose you to the best and brightest entrepreneurs and startups around. Every #StartupOfTheWeek episode we will bring you a discussion packed with insight, wisdom, experiences, and resources that will aid you as you take your startup through its first few years and beyond.


  • SureSwipe - An Intrapreneurial Success Story

    09/07/2019 Duration: 31min

    Do you feel the entrepreneurial bug biting but don't have the risk appetite to leave your current employment? Intrapreneurship could be the answer! There are, however, both positives and negatives to this approach: During this #StartupOfTheWeek podcast, Paul Kent - CEO of SureSwipe - shares some of these with Gareth, along with other experiences and insights learned while building one business out from another. Join The Community →

  • Joe Public ft. Co-Founder Pepe Marais

    06/05/2019 Duration: 44min

    Before you start a business, you need to listen to Pepe Marais, co-founder of Joe Public - a true blue, South African success story. Pepe describes everything from his relationship with money to realisations about business after a merger with an American multi-national. Do not miss this #StartupOfTheWeek conversation. Join The Community →

  • LinkdPro - Find The Skills You Need

    08/03/2019 Duration: 24min

    Nineteen months in, Eugene De Beer and Scelo Makhathini - co-founders of LinkdPro - have a successful startup on their hands. Is it because Scelo is a qualified charted accountant? Does Eugene agree? How have they done it together? Gareth Armstrong asks this and more during this week's important #StartUpOfTheWeek conversation. Join The Community →

  • Bridgement - Fixing The Cashflow Problem

    25/10/2018 Duration: 41min

    What do you get when you mix biochemical engineering and management consulting with medical school and a penchant for all things tech? Our entrepreneur, co-founder guests this week speak about the fruit of this interesting combination, and help us get a view of their thinking as they push to solve the cashflow problem so many businesses – young and old, big and small – experience. This is a must listen #StartupOfTheWeek podcast!

  • BlackBeard Technology - Solving Business Problems Through Tech

    19/07/2018 Duration: 27min

    What three things can you do to take your business from small startup to international operation in just two years? Listen to this #StartupOfTheWeek conversation in which Gareth Armstrong talks to Wayne Zwiers, founder and CEO of high growth startup, BlackBeard Technology.

  • Cruises Int. - From Garage Startup to Leisure Travel Mogul

    01/02/2018 Duration: 24min

    George Argyropoulous has grown his business from garage startup to servicing clients from all over the world. How he did this can be heard during this #StartupOfTheWeek conversation where Gareth and Hlubi prompt the Cruises International CEO to share his story and business insights.

  • i-Drop Water - Safe Drinking Water For Everyone, Everywhere

    30/11/2017 Duration: 26min

    If you think that being a social entrepreneur is all about fluff-filled objectives and feel good goals, you haven’t been speaking to the right social entrepreneurs. Gareth Armstrong is joined in studio by James Steere, co-founder of I-Drop Water, where they speak candidly about the social sector and creating intelligent business models.

  • PeppaComm - A 7yr Overnight Success?

    09/03/2017 Duration: 25min

    After 7 years of real entrepreneurial work and sweat, Donald Baillie and his company, PeppaComm, are beginning to find their feet and get some real traction in the market. Join in on this #StartupOfTheWeek conversation as we talk about the realities of the entrepreneurial journey and learn from Donald’s experiences. Join The Community →

  • David Feinberg - Co-Founder and CEO, Internfit

    02/12/2014 Duration: 46min

    Internfit started from a passion for small businesses and a commitment to reduce unemployment in South Africa in February 2013. It was started as a small attempt to fill a huge gap in the South African business landscape. In this episode of Startup CEO Tuesdays, we sit with Danny Feinberg, one of the co-founders of Interfit, and its current CEO, to talk through their journey and what he is learning along the way. Find Out More →

  • Ian Goss-Ross - Founding CEO, Elingo (Pty) Ltd

    18/11/2014 Duration: 23min

    Engineers are typically systems thinkers, and can be very pragmatic and practical. When it comes to leading an organisation and managing people, I imagine that many of them may become frustrated by some of the looser elements involved in this. While many of you may agree with my generalisation, it isn't true when applied to Ian Goss-Ross, the founding CEO of Elingo. We had an interesting discussion where we explore some of these issues, and you will find out exactly how he balanced his engineering background with the other skills needed to lead and manage people. Join The Community →

  • Appie Pema - Founder and CEO, Aptronics Group

    11/11/2014 Duration: 36min

    From zero capital in a suburban garage, to a half billion rand turnover, Aptronics has gone from a small one man show to 220 full-time employees across the country. Gareth speaks to Appie Pema, the Founder and CEO of Aptronics, in this StartUp CEO Tuesday episode about the lessons he has learned while growing his company. There are some definite gems in this discussion you don't want to miss. Join The Community →

  • Danny Nochumsohn - Founder and Chief Executive, DailyHomes.co.za

    04/11/2014 Duration: 37min

    What are some of the risks associated with starting your own business? How does one best approach growth and growth funding? How do you deal with difficult times on your entrepreneurial journey? These are just some of the questions we asked our StartUp CEO, Danny Nochumsohn - Founder and Chief Executive of DailyHomes.co.za This is a rich, informative discussion every startup founder should be listening to. Join The Community →

  • Will Harris - Founder and CEO, GMaven

    14/10/2014 Duration: 35min

    In his own words: Will Harris, CEO of GMaven, "is the world’s worst CA." (Haha. I'm certain he isn't.) "This reclusive operator is drawn to the excitement and challenge of building disruptive ventures. He is a hands on partner in businesses ranging from fashion to commercial property." This Future CEOs Podcast episode, while being a fun conversation is also filled insights and wisdom from this young, very capable entrepreneur and business leader. He impressed me a great deal and it will be interesting to see where he and GMaven are in a couple of years. Join The Community →