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I sit here At Tech Support late at night and you know like I sometimes totally get bored. So, since I'm like not out there in the action of stuff I like to read about it. I mean like there's all this cool data files of backgrounds, adventures and stuff about Tech Support filed away in our database. So I'm like totally all about reading it man. So I'm at times going to sit back and share some of the bad ass stories I come across in our database of Tech Files.


  • The Tech Support Band


    Dear Tech Support friends: I am currently uploading a file to Freakopedia. With this file, I hereby submit myself to the witness relocation program. Should a certain Tech Support doctor named Kim Gianopoulos feel it necessary to kill me, please be advised: this is actually all Typhoon and Mach5's fault. Either that or just blame Coco Karroux. That always works too. Sincerely-- Lechara. :-)

  • TSTF Holiday Special


    Well that time of the year again dudes and duddettes. For many it has been a busy and transitional year, but in the end we have made it and are looking forward to a bright new year. So to help kick off the Holiday Season Tech Files has once again put together a little heart felt special for you. Enjoy!Alas but not least Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year!

  • Techaroke - Don't Stop Believin


    Techaroke part duex is now up for your enjoyment. Thanks to Dragonryder, Typhoon, PiperMage and Schiz for their help in putting this one together. Keep your eyes on the boards for your next chance to be a part of Techaroke.

  • Techaroke - I Got A Feeling


    The Black Eyed Peas' song I Got A Feeling as sung by Tech Support members Typhoon, Mach5, Sparrow, Lechara, PiperMage, Moira and Freakopedia.

  • A Christmas Clip


    Tech Support is visited by a person dressed all in red bring holiday cheer and a bunch of toys.Happy Holidays to and from Tech Support!

  • First Watch part 5


    The final episode of my back story if finally complete. Sorry it took so long but it is finally complete.. YIPPY! Hope you enjoy it and would love to hear some comments from poeple and let me know what you think.Hurdy gur,Freakopedia

  • First Watch part 4


    Summer is coming to a close as kids head back to school leaving parents to sigh with relief. Well this result has left me with time and the opportunity to record another episode of Tech Files. I'm continuing Freakopedia's back story. Hope you enjoy the story and if you do enjoy it please leave comments.Hurdy gur,Freakopedia

  • First Watch part 3


    I've finally have completed part 3 to First Watch. That right dudes and dudettes the newest episode of the podcast is done and in the bag. Sorry it's taken so long but with so many things going on this summer unfortunately some things have gotten pushed back in expected timeline. Well I hope I can get back on track after this. Well enough blabbing and on with the show.Hurdy gur,Freakopedia

  • First Watch part 2


    Well dudes and dudettes I've found the time to reading more of my story of how I came to Tech Support. After a weird and exciting interruption last week I was bit thrown off track. Well the second part is hear for your listening enjoyment.Hurdy gur,Freakopedia

  • Troubles With Freakopedia


    How will Freakopedia get out of trouble with K2? Will he ever be able to finish reading his own story of how he came to tech support or will a strange intruder interrupt his late night plans?Listen to find out!Hurdy gur,Freakopedia

  • First Watch part 1


    Well dudes and dudettes, I finally got that extra free time I so wanted and needed and completed a new reading of a Tech File. This week I'm proud to give you my own story. That's right I am reading from my own personal file. This weeks episode is called First Watch part 1. I had to split up the whole story into parts so this week you'll be getting part 1 and in the following weeks you'll receive the additional parts for the complete story. Hope you like totally enjoy this episode and if you do please leave comments on the blog or on ITunes.Hurdy gur,Freakopedia