First Forty



A partial record of things heard, seen, and said from the first forty.


  • First Forty 1978-02-24

    06/06/2008 Duration: 10s

    Tonight we signed up for baseball and we had to sell candy. We called our relatives and they bought some candy.

  • First Forty 2000-02-27

    31/05/2008 Duration: 03min

    Yumi and I go in to the office; over to Ted's to study; after Don leaves, Ted and I get back on the topic of "god-in-a-box"; spend hours conceptualizing miniaturized worlds; Yumi upset to lose our Sunday evening together.

  • First Forty 1995-02-20

    26/05/2008 Duration: 01min

    Clear and beautiful — but hot!; everybody down at the beaches; Casey called in the morning; thought about classes for next semester — also about minoring in Philosophy; I need to think about getting a job; called Mom and talked about how Owen’s wedding went; in bed at 11:00 but couldn’t sleep.

  • First Forty 1990-09a

    20/05/2008 Duration: 21s

    Trish breaks up with Casey

  • First Forty 1986-04-08d

    17/05/2008 Duration: 04min

    Brunch at McDonalds; take the bus to Quebec; sleep along the way; Fred and I picked up by Mme. Champagne; at her house, we're both scared — now it's real; dinner with the family; help daughter with English homework; watch Nordiques game on television; Connie calls; Fred and I retreat to our hideout in the basement.

  • First Forty 1978-02-23

    16/05/2008 Duration: 34s

    Today we started the hockey tournament and we went to Andy’s house. We played with his slime and had loads of fun.

  • First Forty 2000-02-26

    11/05/2008 Duration: 04min

    Kids show at Kuumbwa; Miki comes down from San Francisco with her boyfriend; study kanji at the library; dinner over at Eisuke's apartment; Yumi and I watch Juzo Itami's The Funeral; Miki's car breaks down in San Jose; they phone at 2 a.m., but the connection is lost; nothing we can to do help them.

  • First Forty 1995-02-19

    08/05/2008 Duration: 02min

    Sleep most of the day; finish Farewell to Manzanar; go for a ride; stop and listen to drum circle; missing Meggin; feel foolish for wanting to chase skirts; read essays on culture and technology; will I be able to make it all work out?

  • First Forty 1990-08f

    05/05/2008 Duration: 02min

    Answering machine messages from Dad, Phil, Amy, Patti, Claire, and Andy.

  • First Forty 1986-04-08c

    09/04/2008 Duration: 06min

    Sightsee around Montréal; dinner at Bavarian beer hall; stop in at "Le Club Sex 969" to ask directions; cute coat-check girl; night of clubbing at The Business and The Passport; head back after not getting in to Thursdays; sleep through alarm in the morning.

  • First Forty 1978-02-22

    01/04/2008 Duration: 43s

    This morning on Ray Rayner they had the winners from the jelly bean count. Nothing happened.

  • First Forty 2000-02-25

    22/09/2007 Duration: 02min

    Clean out old files from computer; PCS wants $120 from Yumi for breaking the lease; the What-Nots (Kevin Northcutt's band) playing down at Whole Earth; call Case but we don't have much to talk about; we're both changing; stop by Kuumbwa; Yumi out playing poker with friends.

  • First Forty 1995-02-18

    20/09/2007 Duration: 02min

    Read most of Farewell to Manzanar; call Grant; head downtown and stop to watch two girls dancing in their house; bad vibe in bar above the Redroom; get too drunk and wake up with a terrific hang-over.

  • First Forty 1990-08e

    19/09/2007 Duration: 01min

    Out on the scooter one night that Malathion is to be sprayed over the city; surreal; see a girl hitching for a ride outside of the Fish Grill on Beverly.

  • First Forty 1986-04-08b

    19/09/2007 Duration: 02min

    Arrive in Montreal; rooming with Fred, Dean, and Dan at our hotel; go out for pizza with some of the girls, then Fred and I walk up and down Ste. Catherine street; Montreal is cool because the people speak perfect French and English.

  • First Forty 1978-02-21

    17/09/2007 Duration: 06s

    Nothing happened today.

  • First Forty 2000-02-24

    08/09/2007 Duration: 02min

    Yumi and I take bus up to campus to eat breakfast; Lisa getting an HIV test, in a funk over finishing her dissertation; have one of Grandpa's navy pictures on my computer desktop; receive an email asking for The Last Vaudevillain review a.s.a.p.; see Yumi at Cabrillo.

  • First Forty 1995-02-17

    07/09/2007 Duration: 02min

    Group-project is frustrating, and I'm confused about the major; first V.A. check finally arrives; Meggin calls with the news that Plouffis has died; I think Hal is growing weary of burying pets; call Mom to pass along the news; she and Tom are making cakes for Owen's wedding.

  • First Forty 1990-08d

    06/09/2007 Duration: 01min

    Rich goes away for a week to an intensive Forum “camp”, to get over his fear of heights; he says that he’s going to cross over a rope bridge spanning a gorge; Claire is hysterical, saying that he’ll kill himself; when he comes back he’s pretty quiet about the whole thing, and I wonder what happened.

  • First Forty 1986-04-08a

    05/09/2007 Duration: 02min

    Miss Poly Sci and French because I oversleep; because I need to finish research on a paper, I also miss English; Mrs. Delaney tells me the work is inadequate, and to get my life organized; race home to pack for Canada; Fred's parents take us to O'Hare; have time to think about how to straighten my life out.

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