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  • Geek Homeworld Episode 172 Livestream Motendo, Remember It

    14/04/2024 Duration: 01h28min

    Ed Ciucevich breaks down X-Men 97 Motendo/Livedeath Part 1 and the phenominal episode 5 Remember It!

  • Geek Homeworld Episode 171 Livestream Fire Made Flesh

    31/03/2024 Duration: 54min

    Ed Ciucevich brings you a review of X-Men 97's third episode "Fire Made Flesh".

  • Geek Homeworld Episode 170 Livestream Mutant Liberation Begins!

    24/03/2024 Duration: 03h13min

      Ed Ciucevich is joined by DigitalCavemann of "Digital Cavemann Presents" as we discuss the first two episodes of X-Men 97, "To Me My X-Men" and "Mutant Liberation Begins", plus more Marvel comics lore.

  • Geek Homeworld Episode 169 Livestream To Me My X-Men!

    17/03/2024 Duration: 56min

    Ed Ciucevich brings you a livestream episode about X-Men The Animated Series and X-Men 97! We talk about the 1990s orignal series, and comparisons/contrasts to the 2024 X-Men 97 version.

  • Geek Homeworld Episode168 Livestream OSCARS 2024 Post Show

    12/03/2024 Duration: 01h19min

    Ed Ciucevich brings you our annual OSCARS 2024 Post Show with the winners and our commentary.

  • Geek Homeworld Episode 167 Livestream OSCARS 2024 Preview

    10/03/2024 Duration: 01h25min

    Ed Ciucevich and Scott Schreiber bring you our annual OSCARs preview.

  • Geek Homeworld Episode 166 Livestream Top 10 Films of 2023

    08/01/2024 Duration: 01h28min

    Ed Ciucvich and Scott Schreiber bring you our Top 10 films of 2023 and our Top 10 geeky films of 2023. To watch the video version go and subscribe to our YouTube channel @geekhomeworld4248 . Thanks for listening, Ed Ciucevich 1-7-2024  

  • Geek Homeworld Episode 165 Livestream

    18/12/2023 Duration: 03h32min

    Ed Ciucevich and DigitalCavemann of "DigitalCavemann Presents" bring you a Livestream about the Netflix film, "Leave The World Behind" plus other topics. Thanks for listening, Ed Ciucevich 12-17-2023  

  • Digitalcavemann Presents LIVE! Featuring HTB Toys! on 11-22-2023

    28/11/2023 Duration: 03h03min

      Geek Homeworld podcast host, Ed Ciucevich, was co-host on my podcasting and Instagram/YouTube friend's livestream. My friend is Digitalcavemann of "Digitalcavemann Presents". The show was a Livestream with Guest: HTB Toys plus Guest: Razyel Kayne Reviews , and Co-Host: Ed "SavageTechman" Ciucevich on 11-22-2023.    Links: Guest: HTB Toys    / @ucar4kaerlyp17ydr0fmevhg   TF Tires Pre-Order   Guest: Razyel Kayne Reviews    / @razyelkaynereviews   Co-Host: Ed "SavageTechman" Ciucevich      / @geekhomeworld4248      Please Like, Follow, Thumbs Up, and Susbscribe to our social media spaces for much great content, and as always, we thank you for listening!   Ed Ciucevich   11-28-2023  

  • Geek Homeworld Episode 164 Early OSCARS Predictions for 9-23-2023

    24/09/2023 Duration: 01h44min

    Ed Ciucevich and Scott Schreiber comment on the Variety article from 9-20-2023 about the early predictions for the upcoming OSCARS. Thanks for listening,  Ed Ciucevich  9-24-2023

  • Splorin' With Us Episode 006 for 5-3-2023

    05/05/2023 Duration: 30min

    Ed and Cheryl Ciucevich bring you an episode full of new adventures! Places visited in this episode: -The Augusta Country Club -Development Authority -Abel Brown restaurant -Cyber Center -Augusta Canal -2nd City Distilling Co. -Savannah Civic Center -Cathedral of Saint John The Baptist in Savannah, GA Remember to find joy in the journey!    

  • Splorin' With Us Episode 005 for 4-23-2023

    24/04/2023 Duration: 14min

    Ed and Cheryl Ciucevich have adventures at an Atlanta Braves vs Houston Astros baseball game and some Red Robin. Remember to always find the joy in the journey!

  • Splorin' With Us Episode 004 for 4-17-2023

    18/04/2023 Duration: 16min

    Ed and Cheryl Ciucevich explore the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area Discovery Center, a visit to a Holocaust remembrance ceremony, plus dinner at P.F. Chang's.  Places vistied in this episode: Augusta Canal National Heritage Area Discovery Center Adath Yeshurun Synagogue P.F. Chang's restaurant #AlwaysFindJoyInTheJourney

  • Geek Homeworld Episode 163 Box Office Report

    11/04/2023 Duration: 51min

    Ed Ciucevich analyzes the box office numbers for this week as well as for previous years. Please subscribe to our social media including our YouTube channel. Thanks for listening, Ed Ciucevich 4-11-2023

  • Splorin' With Us Episode 003 4-9-2023

    10/04/2023 Duration: 21min

    Ed and Cheryl Ciucevich celebrate Ed's birthday with family and friends plus some more adventures! Go to the Geek Homeworld YouTube channel (subscribe, watch, and thumbs up the video version of the podcast there as well as other podcast content). Remember to find joy in the journey! Thanks for listening! Ed Ciucevich 4-9-2023

  • Splorin' With Us Episode 002 4-2-2023

    03/04/2023 Duration: 15min

    Ed and Cheryl Ciucevich tell tales of the planetary alignment. We visited the Dupont Planetarium at the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center located at the University of South Carolina Aiken. DuPont Planetarium Splorin' With Us on Geek Homeworld YouTube channel  

  • Geek Homeworld Episode 162 John Wick Chapter 4 Review

    28/03/2023 Duration: 41min

    Ed Ciucevich reviews the film John Wick Chapter 4. Watch the video version on YouTube where you can like and subscribe. The audio version of the podcast is available where you get your podcasts on your favorite apps. Thanks for listening, Ed Ciucevich 3-27-2023

  • Splorin' With Us Episode 1 3-25-2023

    26/03/2023 Duration: 12min

    Ed and Cheryl Ciuceivch bring you our first episode where we explore Meimei's Dim Sum House and Artsy Me, Watch our video version on the Geek Homeworld YouTube channel where you can like and subscribe. Also, subscribe to all of our social media on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter,   Splorin' With Us on Twitter Splorin' With Us on Instagram Splorin' With Us on Facebook Splorin' With Us is found on YouTube at @geekhomeworld4248 Places featured in this episode: Meimei's Dim Sum House 251 Meridian Dr., Grovetown, GA 30813 Artsy Me 935 Branch Court, Grovetown, GA 30813   https://artsymestudio/com/   This podcast is not sponsored by either business.  

  • Geek Homeworld Episode 161 Creed III Review

    16/03/2023 Duration: 21min

    Ed Ciucevich reviews the film Creed III.  Don't forget to watch the video companion episode on the Geek Homeworld YouTube channel. Like and Subscribe. Thanks for listening! Ed Ciucevich 3-15-2023

  • Geek Homeworld Episode 160 OSCARS 95 Post Show

    15/03/2023 Duration: 01h03min

    Ed Ciucevich and Scott Schreiber discuss the results of the OSCARS 95 awards. Thanks for listening and check out the video version on the Geek Homeworld YouTube channel! Ed Ciucevich 3-14-2023

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