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  • How to Schedule your Social Media Activity #DIYDigital Marketing Podcast Episode 3 –


    Social Media automation is not really social! – However as busy business owners and marketers the need to free up time in today’s world of digital distraction is imperative. Another good reason to schedule promotional content or articles that you have written is to be able to better measure and analyse it’s success rate, by using scheduling tools you can work out how many impressions your brand received versus click though rate and also decide the best time to post content for maximum reach. With the time you could save you’ll be freed up for building a targeted, engaged community. To help you cut through the noise (and possibly save you a few hundred pound per month on a social media manager), I have put together a handy guide on what to schedule, What NOT to schedule!!, when to schedule and how to schedule your social media activity. Which parts of my social media should I automate? First lets look at what we should be scheduling by making a list: Your own blogged content and article

  • DIY Digital Marketing Podcast with Lucy Hall – Placeholder


    Welcome to the DIY Digital Marketing Podcast with Lucy Hall – this is a placeholder episode – episode 1 will be along shortly Placeholder for DIY Digital Marketing Podcast Click to download audio file The post DIY Digital Marketing Podcast with Lucy Hall – Placeholder appeared first on Lucy Hall - Social Media.