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  • Desire and Communication: the Keys to Intimacy - Shana James

    26/03/2015 Duration: 59min

    Shana James works primarily with men to explore the frontiers of intimacy, sexuality, attraction, relationship, and the entire spectrum of one-to-one connection; her voice is unique in the field - she extends an invitation to men to fully embrace who they are already, acknowledging shame and awkwardness as keys to authenticity in relationship. For men: For women:

  • Rock and Roll is About Healing the World - fiZ, Motivational Rockstar

    25/03/2015 Duration: 57min

    "Motivational Rocker" fiZ stands at the juncture where personal growth and transformation meets rock and roll - and proudly declares that he's not a musician, but a prophet who uses music to spread the word that we're each here to deliver a unique and powerful gift to the world.