Returning To The Body Mind With Dr. Melissa West



Returning to the Body Mind is a radio show that revisits the wisdom of the body as the seat of the soul. With so much talk in the media about manifesting and mind over matter we may have forgotten about the importance of the health of our bodies as the foundation for spiritual and personal growth. There is a deep-seated tradition of thinking in the Western world that privileges the mind over the body. Yet even as spiritual beings we inhabit human bodies. The body is truly a temple for our spirit. In order to honor our bodies we need to treat them with optimal respect by properly nourishing them with good hydration, oxygenation, sleep, nutrition, and activities that uplift the soul. On Returning to the Body Mind, radio talk show host Dr. Melissa West will lead you through a series of common sense topics from breathing, hydration, sleep, digestion, and sex as tools not only to optimal health but as a gateway to the soul.

Dr. Melissa West is a holistic lifestyle coach, psychospiritual energy worker and yoga and pilates instructor who helps people surrender to peace in their lives by connecting to and feeding the vital energy in their bodies. Melissa has spent ten years in the health and wellness industry helping adults decrease stress in their lives and improving overall functioning of their bodies from brain longevity to digestion, optimal organ function to healthy weight loss. Melissa learned the importance of a healthy lifestyle as a way to cope with the stress of academia during her studies in a Masters of Arts in Music Criticism and a Ph.D. in Communications and Cultural Studies. Her skills as a scholarly researcher, combined with her experience teaching adults within the university institution adds to the pedagogical skills Melissa brings to talk radio. Melissa now helps people find peace amidst the turmoil of their anxiety-ridden lives as a holistic lifestyle coach, yoga and pilates instructor and psychospiritual energy worker.


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