Oxford Centre For Hindu Studies



Lectures from the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies


  • Śaivism and the Bhāgavata Purāṇa

    09/12/2018 Duration: 41min
  • Nath Siddhas and Hatha Yoga Practices in South India

    09/11/2018 Duration: 01h06min
  • Myth-History Conundrums in the Hagiographies of Satya Pīr: Hindu God and Muslim Holy Man

    09/10/2018 Duration: 51min
  • The monastic/ascetic tradition of India and its ramification towards the west

    09/09/2018 Duration: 01h21min
  • Subjunctive Explorations of Fictive Vaiṣṇav-Sufi Discourse

    09/08/2018 Duration: 46min
  • Influence of Kashmir on the Tantric traditions of Orissa

    09/07/2018 Duration: 01h05min
  • The Colloquy between Muhammad and Saytān: The 18th century Bangla Iblichnāmā of Garībullā

    09/06/2018 Duration: 49min
  • When Muslim and Hindu Worlds Meet in Fiction: Mapping the Bengali Imaginaire

    09/05/2018 Duration: 50min
  • ‘The lotus in the mire’: the Indian reception of Tājika astrology

    09/04/2018 Duration: 42min
  • Rādhā Tantra and the agonies and ecstasies of studying obscure texts

    09/03/2018 Duration: 45min
  • What kind of Philosophical Theory is Madhyamaka?

    03/03/2016 Duration: 01h01min
  • Nineteenth-century Hindu discourse on image worship

    21/02/2016 Duration: 01h01min
  • The Anthropology of Islamic Prayer

    11/02/2016 Duration: 55min
  • The Habit of Prayer and Prayer in a Habit

    01/02/2016 Duration: 01h08min
  • Vedism and Brahmanism in Buddhist Literature: An Overview

    21/01/2016 Duration: 01h06min
  • Gadamer's Hermeneutics: Bias, Understanding, and Expanding Horizons

    11/01/2016 Duration: 01h14min
  • Textual Authority (śruti) and Soteriological Reason (tarka) in Advaita Vedānta

    06/01/2016 Duration: 01h16min
  • Hindu-Muslim encounters in Bengal

    16/05/2012 Duration: 01h13min