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Steve Somers


  • One's on the Clock

    12/04/2024 Duration: 48min

    Hour 5 - its 11, its hour 5, lets talk! Knicks win big, Yanks and the Bleacher Creatures!

  • Open Mic

    12/04/2024 Duration: 45min

    Hour 4 - Theres a lot going on in the New York sports world right now, Keith gets into all!

  • The New York Knicks Have Sent A Message

    12/04/2024 Duration: 43min

    Hour 3 - The Knicks came out tonight and sent a message to the Celtics with a dominant victory in Boston, the feeling is back at MSG just in time for the playoffs.

  • Bleacher Creatures:A History Lesson

    12/04/2024 Duration: 43min

    Hour 2 - The Bleacher Creatures are legendary but there are some Yankee fans that don't understand the ways of the bleachers and how to regulate the bleachers.

  • Mets Put In Work, Yanks Off Day Vibes

    12/04/2024 Duration: 45min

    Hour 1- Keith breaks down the make it happen Mets big series win over the Braves down in Atlanta, while the Yankees have an off day and that always leads to interesting conversations.

  • Big Shot

    12/04/2024 Duration: 01min

    It's time for the Casamigos Big Shot of the night!

  • Mayor Andre Sayegh

    12/04/2024 Duration: 12min

    The Mayor of Patterson, New Jersey Andre Sayegh joins Keith to update the people on the happenings around Hinchliffe Stadium and the opening of the Charles J. Muth Museum.

  • State of the Bleacher Creatures

    12/04/2024 Duration: 17min

    Bleacher Creature legends Marc and Tina talk to Keith about Bleacher Creature tradition and the evolution of the bleachers in recent years.

  • The Make It Happen Mets!

    12/04/2024 Duration: 20min

    Keith opens the show breaking down how the make it happen Mets came away with a series victory down in Atlanta after crushing the Braves earlier today.

  • The Yankees moved Volpe up for the wrong reason

    11/04/2024 Duration: 45min

    The Yankees had a successful homestand winning two series and now the Mets try to win their second straight in Atlanta. The Yankees moved Volpe up for the wrong reason. 

  • Not buying any JJ McCarthy hype and the Jets have great options

    11/04/2024 Duration: 51min

    Rangers fans vs Islanders fans. Passing on fandom to kids. You can't sell Keith on JJ McCarthy and the Giants should stay away from the Michigan QB. The Jets have a lot of appealing options to choose from. 

  • The Marlins Beat the Yankees and the Knicks Clinched the Playoffs

    11/04/2024 Duration: 56min

    The Yankees lost, Aaron Boone got tossed and Volpe batted leadoff, tip the cap to the Marlins. The Knicks clinched a playoff spot, t's only step one. And, Giancarlo Stanton is the Casamigo's big shot of the day.

  • The Yankees Lost To The Marlins

    11/04/2024 Duration: 12min

    Show Open: Keith is confused by some of the decisions Aaron Boone made in the Yankees loss to the Marlins

  • Knicks and Yankees Win

    10/04/2024 Duration: 46min

    Hour 3: The Knicks get a big win as they continue to battle for positioning in the East Standings. Yankees fans are enamored, while Mets fans feel the opposite right now.

  • Good Times in The Bronx

    10/04/2024 Duration: 49min

    Hour 2: The Yankees' hold off a late push by the Marlins to continue their hot start and it has their fans on cloud nine.

  • The Yankees Continue to Roll

    10/04/2024 Duration: 01h17min

    Hour 1: Keith breaks down another Yankees win and why Anthony Volpe should not be rushed into the leadoff spot. All that and more. 

  • The Mets Got Hot, The Yankees Stay Hot, and Pitchers Get Hurt

    09/04/2024 Duration: 57min

    Full Show: The "Make It Happen Mets" are starting to make it happen again. Keith says it's not how you win, as long as you win, and the Mets did just that with an epic comeback in Atlanta. The Mets have now won four of their last five. Meanwhile, the Yankees keep on winning. Juan Soto loves the Bronx, and Anthony Volpe is blossoming into a star.Plus, why are all these pitchers getting hurt?

  • The Make It Happen Mets Are Back

    09/04/2024 Duration: 13min

    Show Open: It wasn't perfect but the Mets have found ways to win, and have now won four of their last five. 

  • Open Mic Hour

    05/04/2024 Duration: 37min

    Hour 5: Keith takes your calls on everything in the sports world and beyond. 

  • Preparing for the Yankees Home Opener

    05/04/2024 Duration: 35min

    Hour 4: Keith gives his thoughts on the Knicks win against the Kings. Also, preparing for the Yankees home opener and much more. 

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