Empowered Sla



i am a sex and love addict in recovery through a 12 step fellowship SLAA (Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous) and speaking about my recovery journey.


  • Fast Reflections 2016 #day17

    Fast Reflections 2016 #day17

    16/03/2016 Duration: 06min

    I am travelling and feeling a bit unmanageable cause i am missing my prayers.

  • Fast Reflections 2016 #day8

    Fast Reflections 2016 #day8

    08/03/2016 Duration: 13min

    back from my travels, remaining sober, resuming the fast and telling you about it.

  • Fast Reflections 2016 #day3

    Fast Reflections 2016 #day3

    08/03/2016 Duration: 05min

    I acted out, i am not telling you about it, I am praying asking for forgiveness with you

  • Fast Reflections 2016 #day2

    Fast Reflections 2016 #day2

    02/03/2016 Duration: 12min

    Fast Reflections 2016 #day2 by Empowered Sla

  • Fast Reflections 2016 #day1

    Fast Reflections 2016 #day1

    01/03/2016 Duration: 17min

    Had Sex, Masturbated, got on a flight to Cambodia for business, felt uneasy then centered again.

  • Withdrawal Day30

    Withdrawal Day30

    24/02/2016 Duration: 14min

    had a couple of days full of urges and cravings. and i am also travelling alone.

  • Withdrawal Day28

    Withdrawal Day28

    22/02/2016 Duration: 22min

    4 weeks of full withdrawal, Therapy sessions, relationship progress and a few other thoughts including a phone ringtone interruption

  • Let The Pouring Rain

    Let The Pouring Rain

    18/02/2016 Duration: 01min

    got inspired by the rain falling heavily before I went to bed last night.

  • Withdrawal Day18

    Withdrawal Day18

    11/02/2016 Duration: 20min

    had a tummy bug, went to a funeral, led a prayer at the funeral, had a resentment with my wife and let it go and came to tell you about it.

  • Withdrawal Day12

    Withdrawal Day12

    05/02/2016 Duration: 24min

    12 days of full withdrawal, one week has passed since my last recording and I am sharing all about it in 25 minutes.

  • Withdrawal Day5

    Withdrawal Day5

    29/01/2016 Duration: 06min

    Withdrawal Day5 by Empowered Sla

  • Withdrawal Day4

    Withdrawal Day4

    28/01/2016 Duration: 12min

    4 days and counting. keep me company

  • Withdrawal Day3

    Withdrawal Day3

    27/01/2016 Duration: 10min

    Third day of withdrawal and it is going well.

  • Withdrawal Day2

    Withdrawal Day2

    26/01/2016 Duration: 11min

    Hear what happened on my second day of withdrawal