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PC Games that do not suck


  • Starcraft II

    07/10/2010 Duration: 49min

    Episode 8 - Starcraft II. We gush like pre pubescent teeanage girls at a Justin Bieber concert about the near perfect Starcraft II. We are pretty sure it will unite the world and end hunger. Buy this game now, or later, it doesn't matter, because gamers will be playing it for years.

  • Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II

    06/08/2010 Duration: 42min

    Episode 5 - We explored the latest installment in the wildly popular Warhammer 40,000 franchise, Dawn of War II and were not sold. We enoyed the game and give it high marks in some areas, but if you are an old PC Gamer you have better options for a real time strategy game. Do not buy it, it sucks.

  • Bioshock

    22/07/2010 Duration: 29min

    Episode 4 - Bioshock. Nelson admits to crying at the end of this superior single player experience. We recommend that you buy this game, explain why it does not suck, and analyze the presence of 3 year old girls in the game playing universe. We examine why this game does not suck in spite of the lack of a multiplayer element: it is good enough on its own.

  • Battlefield Bad Company 2

    21/07/2010 Duration: 45min

    Episode 3 - Battlefield Bad Company 2 review. Mr. Crusty and Nelson explore the latest contribution to the Battlefield franchise. They recommend that you buy this game, explain why it does not suck, and analyze Nelson's mouth breathing. Hate mail and cat farts examined at the end of this installation.

  • Battlefield 2142

    03/07/2010 Duration: 33min

    Battlefield 2142 By Nelson and Mr. Crusty Summary: This is the least suckiest game in the universe. Ever. Until we find a better game. This is the archetypical on line multiplaying first person shooter. And it is the best one we have played so far. We review this 2006 game for the purpose to explain our binary rating system: games either suck or they do not. This is the best example of a game that does not suck and we compare it to all other games. The Single Player Mode. – The ideal single player mode. You are a soldier in the 22nd century. The ice age has returned. Geopolitical power blocs have condensed to one or two. You must win specific battles as part of a team to protect your nation’s interest in limited resources. But none of this is meaningful as the game is so well designed the back story does not matter. The only cut scenes this game has is at loadup, and you can skip it. It is interesting to watch for the first time. Battlefield 2142 (BF 2142) is so good that there is only one disti

  • Champions Online

    03/07/2010 Duration: 51min

    Episode 6 - We explored the world of Champions Online, a decent Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) with an excellent character build and design system that fails at only one thing: the game play. Disappointed as we may be, we give this a sucks rating. Do not buy it.

  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

    03/07/2010 Duration: 17min

    Summary: This game sucks, do not buy it. Play the single player campaign if someone gives you the game. The multiplayer totally sucks. How does a game with a solid franchise, good customer loyalty, and a massive marketing budget crank out a game with horrible on line experiences? Simple, they can. The publishers are probably still riding the whole Pitfall wave they started out with on the Atari, and figure that we would buy this game happily for $60 and be satisfied. Like all mainstream and first person shooters released to a mass market audience in the last few years, Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 has the single player/multiplayer dichotomy. The gaps between the two in this case however, are staggering. Single Player Play The first person production values are awesome. I mean you have the voice talent for the Secret Service Guy for Life dude from 24, the protagonist from the Rome series on HBO, and the voice of the latest military recruiting ad campaigns whose name I cannot remember, but he is a good actor

  •  Why Some Games Do Not Suck, and Others Do

    15/06/2010 Duration: 14min

    Prior to launching our website and podcast, Mr. Crusty and Nelson spent 14 years doing intensive market research into the gaming market using focus groups under actual real world conditions. We followed this up with an exhaustive review of the academic journals on leisure time, game theory, the part of the brain that processes strategic decisions and ethical studies of on line gaming. Actually no. We didn’t do a damn thing except decide it would be fun to start this project. We were drinking. The amazing thing is that the project survived to sobriety. Also, we wanted to have an excuse to tell our wives that we had to play video games. Here are our real criteria followed up by an explanation of each: The best game for geezers to play, of all time, is Battlfield 2142. All other games are either better or worse than the best game ever published in the whole universe. So far we have not found the better game, but when we do, we will let you know. At which point in time, all games will be better or worse than that