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The Mr. Hollywood show is a satirical look at the absurd world of entertainment news. Each week Matt "Mr. Hollywood" Demers provides his offbeat commentary on the latest Hollywood gossip, interviews genuine celebrities, and tries his best to convince his listeners (and himself) that he's famous. It's the Colbert Report meets Entertainment Tonight, on Botox.


  • 63-Predatory Transexual Alien

    27/02/2015 Duration: 30min

    Mr. Hollywood reflects on the Oscar Awards, interviews comedian and actress Mary Walsh, reaquaints you with a 1978 movie titled Star Crash and shares his take on John Travolta!

  • 62-Four Bottles of Chardonnay

    20/02/2015 Duration: 31min

    On the Mr. Hollywood Oscar Special: actress Helena-Alexis Seymour gives her stories from the Birdman film set, Mr. Hollywood delivers his expert Oscar picks and provides tips on how to live tweet the big show. Plus veteran producer Darcy DeToni drops in to co-host!

  • 61-Gay Dracula

    06/02/2015 Duration: 31min

    Mr. Hollywood interviews the master of a thousand voices and Canadian comedy icon: Cathy Jones. Plus rare celeb facts, new movie ratings and director and actor Peter Fonda in this week's Brushes With Fame!

  • 60-Dr Phil Egyption Samurai

    23/01/2015 Duration: 35min

    Things get steamy when Mr. Hollywood interviews Canadian actress / glamour model and cosplayer Marie Claude Bourbonnais. Plus a list of would be celebrity video games and another installment of Mr. Hollywood answering OTHER podcast's fan mail. 

  • 59-A Chafing Issue

    16/01/2015 Duration: 29min

    Mr. Hollywood talks award show season, interviews the hilariously raunchy comedian Hailey Boyle, asks you to "Remember When..." and sounds off on Bill Cosby!

  • 58-Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Rat

    09/01/2015 Duration: 37min

    Mr. Hollywood interviews the director and producer of the documentary film: Turtle Power, The Definitive History of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Plus a phone call with the Hollywood Foreign Press and ways to fix American Idol!

  • 57-The Best of 2014

    02/01/2015 Duration: 22min

    This episode is a compilation of some of the best moments from the Mr. Hollywood show in 2014. You will hear an exclusive interview with Marc Maron from Just For Laughs, a discussion on "spoiler etiquette," a segment answering fan mail... for OTHER podcasts and much more!

  • 56-Santa's Large Sack

    19/12/2014 Duration: 30min

    It's Mr. Hollywood's Ho Ho Holiday Special! Featuring: an interview with DC Comics artist and writer Francis Manipal (Detective Comics / The Flash), a reading of The Night Before Christmas... in Hollywood, a discussion on the Sony hacking scandal and new years resolutions!

  • 55- Foul Mouth Raccoons

    12/12/2014 Duration: 31min

    Mr. Hollywood is joined in studio by young comedian Johnny Rogers and interviews Marvel Comics artist Nick Bradshaw (Guardians of the Galaxy / Wolverine). Plus a Celeb Christmas Wish List Quiz and a look at rap feuds!

  • 54-Tinder Maniac

    28/11/2014 Duration: 35min

    Mr. Hollywood interviews Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek First Contact actress Noelle Hanibal, shares riddles about celebrities who have gone nude and gives his latest Netflix Gem of the Week. Plus comedians Shane Murphy and Kyle Pooler return to the show.

  • 53- All By Myself

    21/11/2014 Duration: 29min

    Mr. Hollywood flies solo and interviews iconic actor Ray Wise (Twin Peaks, 24, X-Men, Mad Men, etc),chats with a pair of European pro cosplayers, dishes the dirt on his abscent co-hosts and intoduces you to the Hollywood Reader 3000.

  • 52- Taylor Swift Kick In The Butt

    07/11/2014 Duration: 31min

    Mr. Hollywood presents a rare interview with the Grady twins (Lisa and Louise Burns) from Stanley Kubrick's film the Shining. Also featured is a a new game, "Oh No He Didn't," with a Jason Priestley audio clip, strange yet true facts about celebrities and a commentary on Black Friday. 

  • 51- Pumpkin Spice B*tch

    31/10/2014 Duration: 34min

    It's the Mr. Hollywood Halloween Special! Featuring an interview with the original scream queen Heather Langenkamp (A Nightmare on Elm Street), discussions on the horrific Jian Ghomeshi scandal, sexy MALE Halloween Costumes and a new game called "Guess That Scream!"

  • 50- Jesus Riding a Dinosaur

    24/10/2014 Duration: 32min

    It's Mr. Hollywood's 50th episode! Featuring, Canada's Walk of Fame red crapet interviews with Ryan Reynolds and Rachael McAdams. Plus, last minute Halloween costume ideas, podcast memories and more celebrity infused hijinks!

  • 49- Celeb Nude Review

    17/10/2014 Duration: 39min

    Mr. Hollywood talks Saturday Night Live and interviews former cast member Brooks Whelan and current cast member Michael Che. Plus the Marvel versus DC debate, the "Does This Hashtag Exist?" game and A Halloween Puppy is your Netflix Gem of The Week! 

  • 48-What's Your Bra Size

    03/10/2014 Duration: 33min

    Mr. Hollywood welcomes origional co-host Shane Murphy back from the dead and interviews WWE Hall of Fame Divas Trish Stratus and Lita. Plus a quiz on which member of the band you should date, a discussion about slandering celebrities, another "Does This Hashtag Exist" and more!

  • 47-Two Extra Nipples

    28/09/2014 Duration: 32min

    This week's podcast comes to you from a child sized pillow fort and features an interview with Napoleon Dynamite's Efren Ramirez (Pedro Sanchez). Plus strange facts about celebrities, details on the Mr. Hollywood CBC ComedyCoup submission and much more!

  • 46-Hey Girl

    19/09/2014 Duration: 36min

    Mr. Hollywood interviews "the Governor" from the AMC TV show The Walking Dead: David Morrisey. Plus insider tales from the 15th Annual Canadian Comedy Awards, thoughts on the Simpsons / Family Guy crossover and more celebrity hijinks!

  • 45-Freddy Krueger Fetish

    05/09/2014 Duration: 32min

    Mr. Hollywood interviews horror movie icon Robert Englund A.K.A Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, pays tribute to the late Joan Rivers, puts WWE superstar Christian in the Hollywood Hot Seat and comments on the celeb nude picture hacking scandal!

  • 44-Pile of Pubes

    22/08/2014 Duration: 28min

    Mr. Hollywood takes aim at celebrities doing the ALS ice bucket challenge, interviews comedian John Heffron, gives ideas for new movie sequels, sings to the Guess Who's Burton Cummings and talks award show hosting.

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