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The Mr. Hollywood show is a satirical look at the absurd world of entertainment news. Each week Matt "Mr. Hollywood" Demers provides his offbeat commentary on the latest Hollywood gossip, interviews genuine celebrities, and tries his best to convince his listeners (and himself) that he's famous. It's the Colbert Report meets Entertainment Tonight, on Botox.


  • 23-Shi-entology

    17/01/2014 Duration: 32min

    Mr. Hollywood interviews pro cosplay girls, recreates an awkward Mike Tyson interview, shares alternative award show categories and speaks out on Shia Labeouf.

  • 22-Referee Hitler

    10/01/2014 Duration: 27min

    Mr. Hollywood goes Sci-Fi and interviews Babylon 5 / Star Trek actress Julie Caitlin Brown, starts a new segment called "Awkward Moments in Entertainment," gives celeb predictions for 2014 and continues "For The Love of Locklear."

  • 21-The Best Of 2013

    03/01/2014 Duration: 28min

    The Mr. Hollywood podcast has compiled the best moments from the past year and stuffed them into one celebrity infested show for your listening pleasure. Featuring comedian Ari Shaffir, William Shatner, the" Fan or Not a Fan" game and a Netflix Gem of the Week!

  • 20-Hobo Tears

    20/12/2013 Duration: 30min

    On the Mr. Hollywood Holiday Special, Mr. Hollywood interviews famed Archie Comics artist and writer Dan Parent to find out what the Archie kids will be up 10 years in the future. Plus tips for Santa on how he can increase his celebrity status, a special holiday version of the Netflix Gem of the Week and more!

  • 19-Age of Consent Barbie

    13/12/2013 Duration: 24min

    Mr. Hollywood interviews the Walking Dead's Sarah Wayne Callies, gets a little bit closer in his quest to interview Heather Locklear, comes up with celebrity toys for Christmas and rants on celeb themed restaurant chains.

  • 18-F**kability

    06/12/2013 Duration: 28min

    Mr. Hollywood interviews Arrow's Stephen Amell, continues his quest to interview Heather Locklear, gives ideas on how TV shows should end and Johnny Mnenomic is the Netflix Gem of the Week

  • 17-Whoaaa

    29/11/2013 Duration: 27min

    Mr. Hollywood talks with famous anime voice actor Vic Mignogna, gives an update on his quest to interview Heather Locklear and tells you about the time Howie Mandel imitated his voice on the red carpet.

  • 16-The Fire Crotch

    22/11/2013 Duration: 27min

    Mr. Hollywood talks comic books and interviews iconic artist Neal Adams. Plus Jay Baruchel shares a little too much about his love of women and the quest to interview Heather Locklear begins.

  • 15-McConaugheads

    15/11/2013 Duration: 27min

    Mr. Hollywood interviews notorious pro wrestling personality turned TV producer Eric Bischoff, tells you about the time he confused one of Melissa Etheridge's songs... to her face, riffs on actors losing weight for movie roles and introduces you to Gymkata.

  • 14-How Ya Doin' Baby

    01/11/2013 Duration: 25min

    Mr. Hollywood takes you back to the time William Shatner shared a pick up line with him, talks popular web shows and interviews the star of Versus Valerie, Hannah Spears. Plus comedian Kyle Pooler joins the discussion on movie sequels that should get made. All that and Shane Murphy's final send off!"

  • 13-Twerk or Treat

    25/10/2013 Duration: 22min

    On this Halloween special, Mr. Hollywood interviews Dead Before Dawn 3D director April Mullen, welcomes comedian Kyle Pooler to help find out what type of candy celebrities hand out on Halloween and riffs on movie monsters."

  • 12-Larry King Kong

    18/10/2013 Duration: 23min

    Mr. Hollywood interviews comedy legend Mike MacDonald and others at the 14th Annual Canadian Comedy Awards, gives listeners last minute Halloween costume ideas and speaks out on celebrity scents.

  • 11-Pssst!

    11/10/2013 Duration: 27min

    Mr. Hollywood shares exclusive interviews from the 14th Annual Canadian Comedy Awards, tells you why he is the Celebrity Whisperer and rants on reunion tour rip offs.

  • 10-Best Nips In The Biz

    04/10/2013 Duration: 22min

    Mr. Hollywood interviews Air Farce's Don Ferguson, speaks with rapper Wyte Wyne, delivers your "Netflix Gem Of The Week" and discusses what makes a good series finale.

  • 09-My Pants Just Got Tighter

    27/09/2013 Duration: 25min

    Mr. Hollywood gives a preview of the new Fall TV shows, interviews the "Amazing Racist" Ari Shaffir and Shane calls Mr. Hollywood out on his shameless celebrity flirting.

  • 08-What's Your Name

    20/09/2013 Duration: 23min

    Mr. Hollywood finds out what's hot in kid's entertainment, gives alternative Emmy predictions, interviews a My Little Pony voice actress and talks about the time a celebrity wouldn't tell him his name on the red carpet

  • 07-I'd Hit That

    13/09/2013 Duration: 25min

    Mr. Hollywood goes Star Wars as he interviews the original Darth Vader David Prowse and Lucas employee Robert Bailey, tells you about the time Jimmy Fallon read his tweet at the Emmy Awards and more!

  • 06-B*tch!

    06/09/2013 Duration: 26min

    Mr. Hollywood talks the Fifty Shades of Grey movie casting, plays "Star Wars Character or Vibrator," interviews UFC's Sean "The Punisher" Pierson, Daniel Rudy Ruettig and American Idol winner Taylor Hicks!

  • 05-The Road Less Twerked

    30/08/2013 Duration: 26min

    Mr. Hollywood recites a poem about the VMAs, plays a game with fans at Fan Expo, talks to Hulk Hogan and sings with Liv Tyler.

  • 04-Whipping It Out

    16/08/2013 Duration: 24min

    Mr. Hollywood talks the new Trailer Park Boys movie with John Dunsworth, takes you inside Disney star Devon Bostick's hotel room, tells you about a hidden gem on Netflix and much more.

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