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Inspired Choices Network Is your life calling you to more? Do you sense that even though you have some things in your life that you desire, and despite being grateful for all that you have, you still wonder ‘What Else’??? Have you ever wondered why living isn’t way more fun? Laurie Laursen http://www.laurielaursen.com/


  • Change is possible!!


    How often have you heard 'Things will never change'  or 'They will never change, they have always been that way!'.  I used to think that way also.  My experience in life now is that change is possible with others, with work, with all areas of life.  If you are interested in change in an area of your life, or don't believe this is possible and want to hear more, I would love to have you join me on my show where I will share stories on how change has been possible for me, and tips & tools that you can play with to see what is possible for you in your life. www.laurielaursen.com

  • Crazy Creation with guest Christel Crawford


    What is creation to you? Is it painting, ceramics, or something crafty like that? What if creation is SO MUCH MORE!!?! What if it is about creating your life? Things like money, fun and possibilities? Christel is brilliant at creating this in her life. Join me and Christel and she shares what creation is to her and how you can have that in your life!! www.laurielaursen.com www.christeljoycrawford.com

  • More Money Please!


    What is fun to know about money?  How much fun would it be to have more money?!  Lets go on an adventure together and see what else is possible?! Are you coming to play?  I sure am and would love for you to play with me too! Lets adventure together, playing with tips & tools to create more money please!! www.laurielaursen.com

  • Girls! Girls! Girls!


    Sisters, friends, mothers, daughters, co-workers, etc....  What is it that can make these relationships with other girls/women that can be so amazing, fun, contributive or make us absolutely crazy, confused, angry?  Or all of the above?  Join me as I dive into the realm of women and our relationships with each other, and offer tools and tips that could create more for us wonderful beings.

  • Are you willing to HAVE money? – Guests Katherine & Cory Michelle


    Katherine & Cory Michelle LOVE money and have created it in their lives and businesses in phenomenal ways! It wasn't always that way for them. They had to see where they were unwilling to receive money, where they did not feel worthy to receive it and they were unwilling to receive judgements that come with having money. One's like 'You are a Rich Bitch!' We will be talking about how they turned this around for themselves and how you can do it too for YOU! How does it get any better than that!? www.laurielaursen.com www.corymichelle.us www.katherinemcintosh.com

  • Nurturing Trust in YOU – Guest Lisa Murray


    Do you trust that you’ll have enough money? Do you trust that you’ll be able to enjoy your day? Do you trust that no matter what shows up, you’ll handle it? Are you trusting your inner critic more than you are trusting you? Are you trusting that people will be kind and honest because you are? Or do you worry that there won’t be enough… Do you worry about everything that could go wrong? Do you worry about (not) being able to cope? Do you worry about so many things that you never get to enjoy your life? Join me as I talk to and ask questions of Lisa Murray who has herself at a place where she truly trusts herself and what she can create in her life.  If she can have it, why not us all too?!?!  How does it get any better than that?! www.laurielaursen.com www.creativitylab.tv

  • The Beauty of Gifting & Receiving


    Most of us are used to the words giving and taking, yet the words and act of gifting & receiving is so much richer and full of possibilities.  Join Laurie as she talks about what else is possible for you and your life as you invite gifting and receiving into your life with your relationships, animals and so much more. www.laurielaursen.com

  • The $5000 tool!! Interesting Point of View


    At a class I was at a few years ago the facilitator shared 'If I could charge $5000 for this tool I would'.  I could perceive she was saying that others would recognize the value of this tool if $5000 was charged for the use of it.  This really made me stand up and notice the gift and potency of the tool 'Interesting Point of View'.  I invite you to join me on my show as we play with this tool of IPOV and how I have used it, and how easy it is for you to use it too.  How much fun will we have?! www.laurielaursen.com

  • Guilt with Dying & Living – Guest Wendy Mulder


    We often look at how hard it is for us to lose loved ones, and how their death affects us, but have we looked closely at how often those of us still alive feel guilty for living after.  Or how guilty we may feel caring for loved ones who are ill.  And even how about the dying, feeling guilty for leaving their loved ones as they pass on. Wendy Mulder, who has written and published a book called 'Dying Happy, The Gift of Choice' will be joining me on my show today.  Her and I will be talking about this more in depth.  Death, Living and the guilt can come with all of this. www.laurielaursen.com www.kindnesswithgrief.com www.wendymulder.accessconsciousness.com www.facebook.com/livingwithease

  • The Gift of Light & Heavy


    Ever since I found the tools of Access Consciousness and started playing with them in my life every day, there are some tools that stand out for me as creating so much magic in my life.  The one tool that I simply adore is the 'Light & Heavy' tool.  The freedom and the gift that this tool has been for me is beyond words.  Join me on my show as I share what the tool is, how I have used it, and how you can use it too in your life. www.laurielaursen.com

  • Setting Up Your Life to Work for You – Guest Katherine McIntosh


    Setting up your life to work for you is about throwing away the rule book and looking into how your individual and totally unique life and way of looking at things works for you.Your point of view creates your reality so why would you have anyone else's point of view apart from yours?!Do the rules of the famous "they" or this reality actually work? In these three days we're going to investigate what does work and trash the rest - What if you walked away with an entirely new reality and lease on life?What could you create? www.laurielaursen.com www.katherinemcintosh.com

  • Would Business Be Fun for You? – Guest Glenyce Hughes


    Have you always desired to have your own business?  Have you heard whispers in your mind about the possibility of working for yourself?  Do you desire to create change or more in the world?  How would you know if choosing and creating a business would be fun for you, well this is what this show is about.  Join Laurie as she chats with Glenyce Hughes about what got Glenyce started in business and the questions she asked herself, and the steps she took to create a business beyond her wildest dreams. www.laurielaursen.com www.glenyce.net

  • Guilt & Parenting


    When you hold that beautiful new being in your arms overwhelmed with gratitude for the gift they are, you would never imagine that guilt will be a part of your future while raising this child.  Yet it seeps in slowly, or rushes in fast... the comparisons with other peoples children, questioning yourself and how you are doing... I mean where the heck is the manual anyways!!!  And what about having more than one of those creatures and what worked for one doesn't not work for another?!?  Whew.....  Today lets talk about all this and more, and what else is possible to create ease with having less or no guilt around parenting. www.laurielaursen.com

  • Following the Energy with Guest Cory Michelle


    Have you tried to make things work with a lot of resistance?  Have you tried to push or work things into existence?  ME TOO!!! And I have found a different way in life that creates so much more ease, and fun!!  Following the Energy!  Say what?!  What is following the energy?  Well come and join my lovely guest Cory Michelle, who is amazing at this, as we chat and share cool stories about following the energy, what it is and how you can incorporate it into your life!  How does it get any better than that!? www.laurielaursen.com www.corymichelle.us

  • Guilty – To Be or Not To Be


    Do you feel guilty for taking time for yourself?  Do you feel guilty for working if you have children?  Do you feel guilty when you spend money on yourself? What is guilt really?  Are you really guilty or is it that something else?  Join Laurie as she shares a different way to see guilt and tips and tools to help you deal with the guilt you may feel in your life. www.laurielaursen.com

  • Finding the Courage to Create with Lisa Murray


    When you find your courage to create, your dreams begin to expand and multiply. What if you have all the courage you need to create exactly what you can? Would you be willing to take the leap into the unknown with us? Maybe flying is way more fun than you’ve imagined… www.laurielaursen.com www.creativitylab.tv/courage

  • How to Create your day to WIN! with George Carroll


    How many of you would love to get some tools and tips on how to create your day to win??!  George has taken the time to play with ideas and has asked questions of himself to create what works for him. Join George and myself as I ask him questions about how he has created to set himself up to WIN!! www.laurielaursen.com www.georgeiracarroll.com

  • Celebrating All of Life


    The day of this radio show is my daughters 22nd birthday and I was inspired to talk about Celebrating. Celebrating all of life.  It is easy to celebrate the fun things; birthdays, anniversaries, a new job promotion, a new baby. Yet is it possible to celebrate all aspects of life?  Even the events that seem not as fun, a job loss, etc?  Join Laurie as she plays with a different perspective around all of this and so much more. www.laurielaursen.com

  • Intimacy of Being with Guest Tamara Younker


    Trust.  Gratititude. Honour.  Vulnerability. Allowance. Do these qualities feel yummy to you?  Would you love to have more of them in your relationships, and possibly even with yourself? What if creating these qualities gave you the gift of the Intimacy of Being.  Does it sound like I am speaking a foreign language?  Or would you love to know more?  Well then come play with Tamara and myself as we explore these qualities and what they could create for you and your relationships and your life. www.laurielaursen.com  www.accessinfinitebeing.com

  • Starting From Here


    Welcome to Laurie’s first radio show on the a2zen network!  How did she get so lucky?!?! Are you looking to start something new?  Is now the time?  How do you know for you if it is?  Join Laurie as she introduces herself and shares tips and tools about how she came to choose her radio show ‘What Else with Laurie’ www.laurielaursen.com

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