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Nurturing Trust in YOU – Guest Lisa Murray



Do you trust that you’ll have enough money? Do you trust that you’ll be able to enjoy your day? Do you trust that no matter what shows up, you’ll handle it? Are you trusting your inner critic more than you are trusting you? Are you trusting that people will be kind and honest because you are? Or do you worry that there won’t be enough… Do you worry about everything that could go wrong? Do you worry about (not) being able to cope? Do you worry about so many things that you never get to enjoy your life? Join me as I talk to and ask questions of Lisa Murray who has herself at a place where she truly trusts herself and what she can create in her life.  If she can have it, why not us all too?!?!  How does it get any better than that?! www.laurielaursen.com www.creativitylab.tv