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  • R.S. #69 - Airships vs Acrocanthosaurs

    R.S. #69 - Airships vs Acrocanthosaurs

    07/03/2008 Duration: 47min

    Being an experiment in tandem podcasting. For more steampunk and dinosaurs, listen to The Voice of Free Planet X (aka Jared Axelrod).Song 1: The Lives of Captured Scientists - The Craft Economy (from All On C)[MySpace] [on Boingboing.net]Steampunk!As definied on WikipediaThe League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan MooreThe Diamond Age by Neal StephensonPerdido Street Station by China MievilleOn Flickr - The Guild of Justice-Minded Citizenry! (as seen on Boingboing.net)Steampunk Spectacular podcastThe Clockwork Ball - Ringside, Durham, NC (Saturday, March 28)Song 2: Airship Pirate - Abney Park (from Lost Horizons)[MySpace] [iTunes]Dinosaurs!Paleo-blogs: Tetrapod ZoologyLaelapsOn Flickr - Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New DiscoveriesCladistics on WikipediaNorth Carolina State Museum of Natural SciencesSong 3: Age of the Fern - George Hrab (from [sic])[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes]

  • R.S. #68 - Blood and Treasure

    R.S. #68 - Blood and Treasure

    26/02/2008 Duration: 45min

    WARNING: This episode of Random Signal contains snarky Liberal ranting about the state of American politics and the 2008 presidential election. Not Safe For Work, Children, or Easily-offended Republicans.Song 1: Dick Is a Killer - rxVideo 1: Imagine - rxSong 2: The Happiest Place on Earth - Desaparecidos (from Read Music/Speak Spanish)[MySpace] [iTunes] [PMN]Song 3/Video 2: Exit Strategy - Valient Thorr (from Legend of the World)[MySpace] [iTunes] [PMN]Song 4: W's Duty - Jonathan Coulton (from Thing a Week One)[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes] [PMN]JoCo on ObamaVideo 3: The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song - The Flaming LipsVideo 4: Dr. Who on Holiday - Dean GraySong 5: When The President Talks to God - Bright Eyes[MySpace] [iTunes] [PMN]

  • R.S. #67 - Hometown Tunes

    R.S. #67 - Hometown Tunes

    25/01/2008 Duration: 36min

    I've been called out by listener Brandt for "shenanigans" because this episode is coming one month and one day after my last show. But you know what, Brandt? I don't care because I got a new job! That's right, I am the newest project manager at Newfangled Web Factory in Carrboro, NC. To celebrate, all of today's music is by local bands. Song 1: Dark Horse - Bowerbirds (from Hymns For a Dark Horse)[MySpace] [Emusic]Song 2: Terrier - The Moaners (from Dark Snack)[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes]Song 3: Say You Will - The Honored Guests (from Tastes Change) [MySpace] [iTunes]Song 4: Give It Away If You Can - Tad Dreis (from Play To Remember)[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes]Song 5: For All I Know - SNMNMNM (from Crawl Inside Your Head)[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes]

  • R.S. #66 - All Aboard the Christmas Train!

    R.S. #66 - All Aboard the Christmas Train!

    24/12/2007 Duration: 01h05min

    It's Christmas! To celebrate, I bring you an extra-long episode filled with wine, women, and song. And chocolate cookies. All songs by Beatnik Turtle from The Song of The Day podcast.00:00 The Christmas Train (Song of the Day for 12/10)04:00 I welcome my two special guests: Jared Axelrod, host of podcasts The Voice of Free Planet X and Aliens You Will Meet, and JR Blackwell, host of Voices of Tomorrow.08:58 JR is a runner-up in Violet Blue's list of the Top Ten Sexy Geeks of 2007!11:44 How to tell if your waiter is Wolverine.18:33 Christmas Is Coming To Your House (Song of the Day for 12/9)21:06 We discuss "Comfort and Joy" the Justice League Christmas special. For the record, the Ultra-Humanite was voiced by Ian Buchanan, not Kelsey Grammer. 28:25 The Ultra-Humanite vs NPR34:18 Fun with Mythology Pt. 1A short reading from Classical Myths That Live Today (Silver, Burdett & Co., 1927) by Frances E. Sabin (who was a woman, incidentally).Question for discussion: Is classical mythology a "girl

  • R.S. #65 - Sounds from the Bottom of the World

    R.S. #65 - Sounds from the Bottom of the World

    12/12/2007 Duration: 33min

    November ended badly, and I'm not quite up to my normal geeky ramblings. Therefore, RS65 is wall-to-wall music. Enjoy. Song 1: Tip of My Tongue - Tall Dwarfs (from Weeville) [MySpace] Song 2: Boy With a Coin - Iron and Wine (from The Shepherd's Dog) [MySpace] [iTunes] [PMN] Song 3: Science VS Romance - Rilo Kiley (from Take Offs and Landings) [MySpace] [iTunes] [PMN] Song 4: My Favorite Book - Stars (from In Our Bedroom After the War) [MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes] [PMN] Song 5: Revenge! - Spoon (from 30 Gallon Tank EP and the Wired Magazine CD) [MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes] Song 6: The Love I Crave - The Blow (from Poor Aim: Love Songs) [MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes] [PMN] Song 7: So What - Space Mtn (from A Drawing of a Memory of a Photograph of You) [MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes] Song 8: Feathers - Man Man (from Six Demon Bag) [MySpace] [Emuisc] [iTunes] Song 9: Bottom of the World - Tom Waits (from Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards) [MySpace] [Emuisc] [iTunes] [PMN]

  • R.S. #64 - The one where Ryn gets bitten repeatedly by our cat

    R.S. #64 - The one where Ryn gets bitten repeatedly by our cat

    11/11/2007 Duration: 51min

    The lovely (and giggly) Ryn joins me once again to talk about what's new in the world of television.Song 1: Let the Cool Goddess Rust Away - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah)[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes] [PMN]Promo: 7th Son and Heaven on Podiobooks.comRyn and I run down the pros and cons of the Fall TV season.Torchwood (Jason: Yes/Ryn: No)Bionic Woman (Jason: No/Ryn: No)Journeyman (Jason: No/Ryn: No)Pushing Daisies (Jason: Very Yes/Ryn: Yes) Dirty Sexy Money (Jason: Maybe/Ryn: Yes)Damages (Jason: Yes/Ryn: Yes)Moonlight (Jason: Very No/Ryn: Yes)Big Bang Theory (Jason: Yes/Ryn: Yes) Chuck (Jason: Maybe/Ryn: Maybe)Reaper (Jason: Maybe/Ryn: Maybe)Song 2: Fake French - Le Tigre (from Feminist Sweepstakes and the Wired Magazine CD)[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes] After we finish up our TV discussion, we review Guitar Hero III for the PS2.Song 3: Helicopter - Bloc Party (from Silent Alarm and featured in Guitar Hero III)[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes] [PMN] Song 4: Wasp Nest - The National (from Cherry

  • R.S. #63 - Monsters, Music and Mayhem

    R.S. #63 - Monsters, Music and Mayhem

    31/10/2007 Duration: 31min

    Welcome to the Third Annual Random Signal Halloween Music Spectacular! Let's get right down to tonight's tracks...of TERROR!!!Song 1: All Hail the Horror Host - The Creeping Cruds (from The Incredibly Strange People Who Stopped Living and Became...)[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes]Song 2: House of Mysterious Secrets - Calabrese (from The Traveling Vampire Show)[MySpace] [iTunes] [PMN] Song 3: Zombie Love Affair - Johnny O and The Jerks (from Taking Out the Trashabilly)[MySpace] [PMN]Song 4: Fiend Without a Face - Aliens and Strangers (from Fiend Without a Face EP)[MySpace] [PMN] Song 5: Bloodlust - The Quintessentials (from Legends From the Grave)[MySpace] [PMN]Song 6: Mother Was a Carpegian - Reverend Glasseye (from Our Lady of the Broken Spine)[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes] Song 7: The Cemetery - Get Three Coffins Ready (from S/T)[MySpace] [PMN]

  • Special Bonus Episode 005 - Interview with Randy and Jason from Beatnik Turtle

    Special Bonus Episode 005 - Interview with Randy and Jason from Beatnik Turtle

    21/09/2007 Duration: 44min

    Back in July, Mur and I had the pleasure of interviewing Randy and Jason from prolific geek band Beatnik Turtle. (Recorded live during brunch on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Center in downtown Chicago--"the most recognized building in the world.")All songs featured in this show are from BT's The Song of the Day podcast.1. This Is Chicago (Theme To 849)2. Ants3. Until My Parents Were Called4. Bunsen Burner

  • R.S. #62 - Cease and De-Cyst

    R.S. #62 - Cease and De-Cyst

    13/09/2007 Duration: 36min

    It's been a strange, busy summer, but we're back! Song 1: Young Folks - Peter, Bjorn, and John (from Writer's Block)[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes] [PMN] Song 2: Rock n Roll - A. Rex (from Moving Backwards)[MySpace] [iTunes] [PMN]Song 3: Oh Christy - The Moaners (from Dark Snack)[MySpace] [Emuisc] [iTunes]

  • Promo: This Day In Alternate History

    Promo: This Day In Alternate History

    01/08/2007 Duration: 47h00s

    Here's our new promo for the TDAH video podcast. If you're a podcaster, please feel free to play it in your show. In fact, play the heck out of it!

  • R.S. #61 - Can Voldemort Stop the Rock?

    R.S. #61 - Can Voldemort Stop the Rock?

    20/07/2007 Duration: 50min

    Today is my 33rd birthday!Song 1: Misfit Out of Time - SNMNMNM (from Exploderama)[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes]Working hard at Lulu.TV...This Day In Alternate HistoryZombies In the WorkplaceWriter StalkingGeorge Hrab live at BalticonJoin The Order of the Digital Trebuchet, Christiana Ellis has!Song 2: Our Haunt - Palomar (from All Things, Forests)[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes]I've finally got around to checking out a few things...Ninja WarriorMan vs Wild (see also, Man vs Child by Tee Morris and Paul Fischer )The Geologic PodcastSong 3: This Book is So Awesome - Harry and the Potters (from Harry and the Potters and the Power of Love)[MySpace] [iTunes]Ryn and I discuss theories about Harry Potter Book 7, such as:Is Snape evil?Who will live and who will die?Is Harry a Horcrux?Song 4: Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock - Harry and the Potters (from Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock!)[MySpace] [iTunes]

  • R.S. #60 - Pirates and Puritans

    R.S. #60 - Pirates and Puritans

    26/06/2007 Duration: 44min

    Song 1: Eyes to Space - Eyes to Space (from From the Bureau of Robotic Affairs)[MySpace] [Emusic]Bonus website-only video track! Peelander-Z!!! This Week In Alternate History - My new daily (well, weekdaily) video podcast that I do with Mur Lafferty. Available only at Lulu.TV.Movie review - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's EndSong 2: Get Up Get Out - The Rosebuds (from Night of the Furies)[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes]Comic review - Gutsville by Simon Spurrier and Frazier IrvingSong 3: Ain't It Hard - Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings (from Dap Dippin' with the Dap-Kings)[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes]Thanks to Mark and Andrew for entering the Death Cab for Cutie contest. The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band (and/or The Magical Mystery Tour) was, of course, the correct answer.

  • R.S. #59 - Second Anniversary Show: Balticon wrap-up, music by podcasters, new house

    R.S. #59 - Second Anniversary Show: Balticon wrap-up, music by podcasters, new house

    16/06/2007 Duration: 46min

    Random Signal is two years old, and I nearly forgot!Who are you to argue with Kilroy 2.0?Song 1: My Generation (live) - The Who (from Monterey International Pop Festival courtesy of Razor & Tie)[MySpace] [Emusic] [PMN]Balticon was totally Airwolf! I got to meet/get drunk with a ton of awesome podcasters. Let's see if I can remember them all...Mur Lafferty - Geek Fu Action Grip, I Should Be Writing, Pseudopod, Lulu RadioJim Van Verth - The Vintage GamerMatthew Wayne Selznick - Brave Men Run, DIY Endeavors, Five Minute Memoir, Writers TalkingJ.C. Hutchins - 7th SonEvo Terra - Podiobooks.comMichael R. Mennenga - Farpoint MediaJared Axelrod - The Voice of Free Planet X, Aliens You Will MeetJ.R. Blackwell - Voices of TomorrowSusan Z and Buscuit - Kulture KastGeorge Hrab - The Geologic PodcastTee Morris - Podiobooks.com, The Survival Guide to Writing FantasySteve Eley - Escape PodPaul Fischer and Martha Halloway - The Balticon Podcast, ADD CastRick Stringer - Variant FrequenciesMatt Wallace - The Failed Cities

  • Special Bonus Episode 003 - Free Comic Book Day, Live at Chapel Hill Comics

    Special Bonus Episode 003 - Free Comic Book Day, Live at Chapel Hill Comics

    16/06/2007 Duration: 12min

    I realize this is about a month out of date, but I recently remembered that I had done some recording at this year's Free Comic Book Day (May 5, 2007) at Chapel Hill Comics, the greatest comic book shop in the world. Special thanks to Andy and Vanessa for letting me stick a microphone in their faces on one of the busiest days of their year!A regular episode of Random Signal is on its way...

  • R.S. #58 - Its Random Signal!! Its been updated!! I cant believe my ears!! Ahhhh!

    R.S. #58 - It's Random Signal!! It's been updated!! I can't believe my ears!! Ahhhh!

    24/05/2007 Duration: 42min

    Song 1: They are Night Zombies!! They are Neighbors!! They've Come Back from the Dead!! Ahhhh! - Sufjan Stevens (from Illinoise)[Emusic] [iTunes]Life's been kinda hectic these days. New house (soon), new job (sorta), Balticon 41.Song 2: License and Registration - Death Cab For Cutie (from Transatlanticism)[MySpace] [iTunes] [PMN]Song 3: Jet Ski Accidents - The Blow (from Bonus Album)[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes] [PMN]Two new ways to find me online:Twitter - HoboZeroLast.fm - RandomSignalSong 4: Average Guy - Beatnik Turtle (from The Song of The Day podcast)[MySpace] [iTunes]Song 5: Secrets From the Future - MC Frontalot (from Secrets From the Future)[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes]One of the very first podcasts I ever listened to, Seth and Jessica's WHYME (Worst Music You Ever Heard) has ended. Thanks for all the great music!Song 6: Jessica Deserves a Quiet Night - Seth - third son of albert[MySpace]

  • R.S. #57 - Aprilween 2: The Son of the Revenge of Aprilween

    R.S. #57 - Aprilween 2: The Son of the Revenge of Aprilween

    17/04/2007 Duration: 37min

    Welcome to the Second Annual Aprilween Music Spectacular! April 17, is tax day for those of us in the US, and, for many, it is the scariest day of the year. To celebrate, I bring you a coffin-full of horrror-themed music straight from the vaults at the Podsafe Music Network. Also, to add to the spooky ambience, keep in mind that I recorded this show at Gothic Duke University.Song 1: Monster Party - The Husbands (from There's Nothing I'd Like More Than To See You Dead)[Emusic] [MySpace]Song 2: Alligator Wine - Killionaires (from ???)[MySpace]Song 3: Miami Surf Graveyard - The Vultures (from The Vultures EP)[MySpace]Song 4: Wolfman - Cakey Face[MySpace]Song 5: The Haunted House of our Love - Evil Wiener (from The Haunted House of our Love)[MySpace] [iTunes]Song 6: Me enamore de una Zombi - Manganzoides (from ???)[MySpace]Song 7: Werewolf - Rusty Springfield (from Werewolf/Cold Beer Single)[MySpace] [iTunes]Song 8: Gothsylvania - Big John Bates (from Take Your Medicine)[Emusic] [MySpace] [iTunes]

  • R.S. #56 - Under The Radar

    R.S. #56 - Under The Radar

    15/04/2007 Duration: 39min

    This podcast is for Joe...I'm pleased to say that Mur Lafferty finally joins me as guest co-host! Our main topic today is geek music, and Mur has hand picked every song.Song 1: Mason Rocket (Spy Extraordinaire) - Beatnik Turtle (from The Song of the Day podcast)[MySpace] [iTunes]The Joe Murphy Memorial FundSong 2: Heaven Must Be Boring - George Hrab (from Coelacanth)[Emusic] [MySpace] [iTunes]This is the theme-song for Mur's totally Airwolf serial podcast novel Heaven. If you haven't heard it yet, you can get the first two books at Podiobooks.com and, of course, at her own podcast Geek Fu Action Grip.Geo has his own podcast! The Geologic PodcastNext, we take a break from talk of music to really geek out over Dragon Magazine #352 (Feb. 2007) which features China Mieville's world of Bas-Lag adapted for d20 role-playing.Song 3: Bad Influence (live) - Throwing Toasters (from Dork)[MySpace] [iTunes]Intrepid podcast fans my know lead Toaster, Grant Baciocco, from The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd.Song 4: Under The

  • R.S. #55 - Of Beasts and Blogs

    R.S. #55 - Of Beasts and Blogs

    04/03/2007 Duration: 30min

    Song 1: Grizzly Bear - All Girl Summer Fun Band (from 2)[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes] [PMN]Welcome to any new listeners who found this podcast via BoingBoing.net, Craphound.com (thanks Cory!), or 7th Son (thanks Hutch!).Sites of interest:Loren Coleman's Cryptomundo (cryptozoology and news of the weird)*New species of hagfish discovered*Largest colossal squid ever caughtDarren Naish's Tetrapod Zoology (vampire bats, narwhals, and feathered dinosaurs, oh my!)Promo: The Surreal O'Rama Bizarre Lyrics Song Poem Contest(deadline: March 10, 2007)Song 2: It's Carrboro - Billy Sugarfix and Brian Risk [MySpace] [YouTube] Song 3: Disconnect the Dots - of Montreal (from Satanic Panic in the Attic)[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes] [PMN]

  • Special Bonus Episode 002 - Cory Doctorow at Duke University

    Special Bonus Episode 002 - Cory Doctorow at Duke University

    24/02/2007 Duration: 01h01min

    On February 22, 2007, Cory Doctorow--science-fiction author, technology activist, and co-editor of BoingBoing.net--gave a talk at Duke University on privacy. Cory, who is totally Airwolf, allowed me to record the lecture, and I am pleased to present to you "MySpace to Homeland Security: Privacy and the Totalitarian Urge."

  • R.S. #54 - Getting Back On Track

    R.S. #54 - Getting Back On Track

    20/02/2007 Duration: 45min

    Song 1: So Begins Our Alabee - of Montreal (from The Sunlandic Twins)[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes]I'm going to see them in Chapel Hill early next month. Other recent shows I've been to:Yo La Tengo (with The Rosebuds)Squirrel Nut Zippers (with The Old Ceremony)Also, we're thinking about going to Bonnaroo!Song 2: Staring at the Sun - TV on the Radio (from Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes)[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes]A few comics of note: 52, Justice Society of America, Nextwave, Shazam!: The Monster Society of Evil, Fables, ShadowpactPromo: 7th Son Trilogy"7th Son" by J.C. Hutchins is amazing! Speaking of clones, check out Mur's Heaven/7th Son crossover. And speaking of Mur, I recently recorded another story for Pseudopod - Episode #21: Fetal Position.Song 3: The Presidents - Jonathan Coulton (from Thing a Week)[MySpace] [Emusic] [iTunes]Finally, like Kilroy 2.0, these days I am evvvverywhere...LiveJournalFlickrFacebookYelpUpcomingTagworld

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