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  • R.S. #15 - Chicken  Dumplings

    R.S. #15 - Chicken & Dumplings

    30/08/2005 Duration: 30min

    It's late, so just links tonight... Lulu.com and The Lulu Podcast "One Minute Mile" by Eyes to Space from the compilation New Frontiers The Signal Podcast "Earth is the Best" by The Phenomenauts 365 Tomorrows flash fiction blog Podcasters galore at Dragon*Con! -Mur from Geek Fu Action Grip -Steve Eley from Escape Pod -Michael & Evo from The DragonPage and Slice of Sci-Fi -Michael Stackpole from The Secrets Podcast -Derek and Swoopy(?) from Skepticality -and, of course, me!

  • R.S. #14 - Knock on Wood

    R.S. #14 - Knock on Wood

    22/08/2005 Duration: 21min

    So far so good... Again, I'm very sorry about show #13! It's safe to say that I've learned a lot from my many mistakes. Tomorrow I start my new job! Lulu.com "Peter Pan's Revenge" by Seth - third son of Albert (from the WHYME podcast) My brother's homecoming and a feeble rant about the war in Iraq. "Mr. Brocolli" by Tall Dwarfs Belated apology to Tad Dreis for mispronouncing his name. A reminder about the podcasting panel at Dragon*Con! (Atlanta, GA, Sept. 2-5) And last but not least... My Odeo Channel (odeo/0bea6da7496d8a2d)

  • R.S. #13.4 - Fixed, for real this time!

    R.S. #13.4 - Fixed, for real this time!

    17/08/2005 Duration: 20min

    Ok. Fourth time's a charm.Thanks to everyone for bearing with me. Show 14 will be a different podcast, I promise!

  • R.S. #12 - Returning to the Forest of Love

    R.S. #12 - Returning to the Forest of Love

    28/07/2005 Duration: 27min

    I'm going to be on a podcasting panel at Dragon*Con with Mur from Geek Fu Action Grip and Steve Eley from Escape Pod! It's even possible that Michael Stackpole from The Secrets podcast, and Michael and Evo from The Dragon Page will be there too. I go on for a bit about celebrities I've seen while at work. (Unfortunately I haven't yet been able to locate my promotional Forest of Love perfume, but I know it's around here somewhere!) -"Doing Your Dishes" - Tad Dreis Shout out to Seth from WHYME -"Back Spasm" - Seth - third son of Albert I failed miserably to get Audacity to play nicely with the two voice mails I wanted to include. If anyone out there has any advice, I'm all ears. Shouts out to Neil Gorman from Comicology and Kenneth Newquist from Nuketown Radio Active -"Baby It's Over" - Tall Dwarfs (They will be performing in Chapel Hill, NC at Local 506 on August 4!)

  • R.S. #11 - Its One Louder, Isnt It?

    R.S. #11 - It's One Louder, Isn't It?

    26/07/2005 Duration: 32min

    Chapel Hill, North Carolina gets the show cranked up all the way to eleven! Apologies for the mysterious background static during the talky parts. I didn't do anything differently during editing, so the only possible explaination is that Audacity decided it doesn't like my microphone. That must be it. After some lame excuses for not podcasting more frequently, I get right into some local music. 1. Good For You - Tad Dreis (www.taddreis.com) 2. Sympathetic Thrill - Can Joann (www.canjoann.com, www.myspace.com/canjoann) 3. Ma Tutrice - Kapow! Music (www.buhananrecords.com, www.kapowmusic.net) 4. Ships As Friends - North Elementary (www.northelementary.com, www.sit-n-spinrecords.com) 5. Destructive Behavior - Eyes to Space (www.eyestospace.com, www.myspace.com/eyestospace) Happy birthday Mur!

  • R.S. #10 - Einstein on a Mission

    R.S. #10 - Einstein on a Mission

    17/07/2005 Duration: 15min

    The universe seems to have been conspiring against me these past couple of weeks, but I'm back up and running - both physically and technologically. Here's the rundown: -"Einstein, Albert (1879-1955)" - Artichoke -Last week I returned as Mur's special guest on Geek Fu Action Grip #31! -Books and comics: Harry Potter 6 Runaways by Brian K. Vaughan Batman : Year One by Frank Miller

  • R.S. #9 - Pink Eye To Space

    R.S. #9 - Pink Eye To Space

    05/07/2005 Duration: 22min

    Today is the day we celebrate our independence day! (It's an in-joke, sorry.) -I talk a little bit too much about my conjunctivitis, and not nearly enough about watermelon margaritas. -"In an Unfamiliar Land" - Eyes To Space -Bumper-stickers, superstitions, and me. -The groovy Communist-Bloc-meets-School-House-Rock stylings of Red Shadow. The song "Understanding Marx" comes courtesy of The 365 Days Project. --- Geek Fu She Said, He Said Radio Clash The Last Radio Station

  • Random Signal #8

    Random Signal #8

    30/06/2005 Duration: 17min

    More geek music! I play two songs (with permission) by the band Artichoke: "Anning, Mary (1799-1847)" and "Darwin, Charles Robert (1809-1882)." Both are from the amazing album 26 Scientists Volume One: Anning-Malthus. --- Buy the CD! Learn more about Mary Anning!

  • Random Signal #7

    Random Signal #7

    26/06/2005 Duration: 12min

    My wife and I went to the North Carolina Symphony tonight to see the phenomenal band Pink Martini. I will return to geek and/or indie rock soon, I promise! --- NC Symphony Pink Martini

  • Random Signal #6

    Random Signal #6

    21/06/2005 Duration: 22min

    I continue the geek music thread that Mur and I started in her newest installment of Geek Fu Action Grip. I also list my 5 geekiest CD's and play "Fett's Vette" by MC Chris. (Sorry about the volume levels!) --- Geek Fu Action Grip Homestar Runner MC Chris

  • Random Signal #5

    Random Signal #5

    18/06/2005 Duration: 14min

    Recorded late at night with no apparent trace of our previous technical difficulties. You must see Batman Begins! Yes, I mean you.

  • Random Signal #4

    Random Signal #4

    15/06/2005 Duration: 11min

    I had so much trouble getting this one recorded, that I was beginning to wonder if last week was a fluke! I'm having Audacity and/or mic problems, so sorry if this one sounds worse than my previous podcasts. Last night's Camper Van Beethoven/Modest Mouse show, mainly. Next time, Batman Begins! --- Modest Mouse Camper Van Beethoven

  • Random Signal #3

    Random Signal #3

    10/06/2005 Duration: 15min

    The Pixies reunion tour. pixiesdiscs.com (for the 2005 shows) CDbaby.com (for last year's shows)

  • Random Signal #2

    Random Signal #2

    09/06/2005 Duration: 16min

    I have an argument with myself over the relative mertis of earthquakes and hurricanes, talk about my job, and float the idea of a Geek Bar Guide. --- The Duck-Rabbit Brewery

  • Random Signal #1

    Random Signal #1

    07/06/2005 Duration: 10min

    My first podcast in which I attempt to introduce myself, describe the kinds of things this show will be about, and explain how it is I got this far in life without any real understanding of these "computer" devices. Thanks Mur!

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