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Fortunes and Families. Two opposing forces in the lives of entrepreneurs. One network of podcasts to bridge the gap and make your Marriage Worth Millions and Increase The R.O.I. in the Boardroom and the Bedroom. Your Marriage Made Easy - Gina Judd, wife of a life-long entrepreneur and successful marriage therapist teaches the foundational tools and skills you need to make a marriage as fantastic as possible against any odds. PEP Talks - hosted by Brett Judd, looks at the tools, insights, and systems needed to build High Production Teams with the Practice Leadership Formula programs he coaches on. PEP talks addresses the four stresses of dental practices - staff issues, patients, cash-flow, and stress related emotional and mental health. Brett brings the skills and understanding of team development and human behavior to PEP Talks and has been called The Practice Therapist by many. Whether you are the entrepreneur or married to one, Fortunes and Families network of shows will help you build a Profitable Ethical Practice and a Marriage Worth Millions. Go to or to learn more.


  • Fortunes and Families Ep. 04 Disconnection And How To Avoid Them

    04/05/2015 Duration: 29min

    Brett and Gina Judd - The Love Entrepreneurs teach you how to avoid the Disconnection Disco and build a Marriage Worth Millions.   Disconnection can destroy a marriag and business.  Learning to navigate potential disconnection and break the "disconnection Disco" is a sure way to "Increase The R.O.I. In The Bedroom".  Learn to apply this in the workplace, and employees and customers will increase their loyalty with you.

  • Fortunes and Families Episode 03 - Can't. Scarcity, and Fear. The deadly trio to success

    27/04/2015 Duration: 29min

    Brett M. Judd MSW of The Love Entrepreneurs goes indepth into the the deadly trio of success, Can't statements, Scarcity mentality, and Fear. He gives you useable tools to change these mental bariers and develop the winning attitude and minset of Will, Abundance, and Courage. 

  • Fortunes and Families Ep 02 A.R.E. you there for them?

    20/04/2015 Duration: 28min

    Brett and Gina Judd - The Love Entrepreneirs - uncover the secrets to MAking a Marriage Worth Millions. Don't Let Bussiness Bankrupt the Marriage, learn how to increase the R.O.I. in the boardroom AND the bedroom. Relationships thrive when we can honestly say "We A.R.E. there" for our partners. In this episode, Brett and Gina Judd uncover the truth about thriving business and how the same A.R.E. principles drive the customer and employee relationship as well.     

  • Episode 01 - Treating Business Like a marriage

    15/04/2015 Duration: 30min

    Brett and Gina Judd - The Love Entrepreneurs, coach you in the ways of Making A Marriage Worth Millions.  Don't Let Business Bankrupt the family when you learn these tools. In this episode, Brett and Gina discuss the way taht business and marriage are alike and who, when you learn to master the marriage, ou have mastered the relationship skills needed in business.  Please like our show and rate us.  Then share with your friends.   

  • Are you committed or interested in success.

    11/04/2015 Duration: 29min

    Mindset Mastery coach Brett M. Judd MSW discusses the deep difference between being comminted and just interested.   Not the clasic chicken versu pig committed versus involved - this looks at the difference that only being interested in success can have on your wealth and happiness.

  • Comfort or Complaceny

    25/03/2015 Duration: 24min

    Comfort is the killer of security and when we are comfortable we become stagnant and complacent.   This episode of Break Throughs explores the challenge of staying out of the comfort zone and how being comfortable builds a prison around success.  In part two, Brett explores the powerful statement "I couldn't, EVER" as expressed by one of his clients.    There is a special bonus with this episode.  Go to for more.

  • Asking for Connection and Closeness | Marriages Worth Millions

    09/03/2015 Duration: 29min

    The distance and disconnection that entrepreneurial activities can cause in the relationship can be devistating. Our partners need connection.  They need more than our money and our industry. Learning to lift up from the activity of business is success stragtegy - just like sales - that every entrepreneur needs to learn.  Marriages need to have engaement.  Spouses will express need and when we fail to respond can leave them feeling abandoned and betrayed. Brett and Gina explore a recent possible disconnection when Brett had emotionally/mentally pulled away due to exhaustion from a 30 hour road trip trying to get home from Dallas. Gina remained vulnerable and stepped into the disconnection and asked for the closeness that she was longing for.  Tune in and find out how they managed to side step a major relationship failure through remaining Accessible, Responsive, and Engaged.    Be sure to Like and Share the show.   Want your copy of Marriages Worth Millions 5 tools to a deeper relationship?  Go to Fortunesand

  • Across the great divide | Brett and Gina Judd | The Love Entrepreneurs

    27/02/2015 Duration: 33min

    "Distance makes the heart grows fonder".  The entrepreneur marriage must endure frequent distances.  Travel is part of the process of making a business thrive.   Brett and Gina Judd discuss the comings and goings of the distance in an entrepreneurial marriage.   

  • Close The Closet Door | Brett M. Judd MSW |From Barriers To Break Through

    25/02/2015 Duration: 11min

    Brett M. Judd MSW shares a simple formula for how to eliminate the clutter in life both mentally and physically, why this will enhance your life overall, and ways to increase you life ROI.    

  • Becoming the expert | Owen Hemsath | Brett M. Judd MSW | From Barriers To Break Through

    24/02/2015 Duration: 34min

    Owen Hemseth is CEO of VideoSpot.  He is a YouTube Marketing expert. Owen joins Brett M. JuddMSW to discuss the powerful business transformation that happened when he took command and ownership of his craft and position. Owne is a YouTube marketing expert and assists his clients in making major marketing conversions through YouTube video. You can learn more about Owen at   Brett M. Judd MSW is THE mindset mastery and success coach who has unlocked the barriers to success with hundreds of clients. He teaches his clients powerful transformation tools that unlock the potential in all of us.  You can learn more about his programs, coaching, retreats, and the Break Through Summit at

  • Money Talks | Cash Flow Expert Chris Miles | Brett M. Judd MSW

    19/02/2015 Duration: 33min

    Cash Flow expert Chris Miles joins Brett M. Judd MSW on From Barriers To Break Through to discuss the power in open and honest conversations about money with your spouse. Chris discusses how stability comes when you change how you view money. Chris retired at the age of 28!  After climing out of a major financial hole, he rose to create Money Ripples and be The Cash Flow Expert. In this episode, Chris discusses the following: Establish a routine about money Schedule time to talk about your cash flow Tracking the money Being on the same page with spouse   He also lays out 3 questions that must be answered about money in your relaionship. Finally, Chris Miles shares how Stewards are the only ones who master Cash Flow and that both Savers and Spenders are spenders in different ways.    You can learn more about Chris at You can always learn more about Fortunes and Families and what Brett and Gina are bringing to entrepreneurs to increase the ROI in the baordroom and the bedroom at FortunesandFami

  • Stop Deligate Outsource | Brett M. Judd MSW | From Barriers To Break Through

    18/02/2015 Duration: 33min

    It is an easy and egotistical thing to get into - "no one can do it like I can". While that might be true, it is no way to succed in life or in business. There is a lot of talk about the 80/20 rule.  It is the same in deligation and perfection.  Maybe you can do it 100% perfect 100% of the time, but if you outsource it and get 80% and you can focus on what you really need to do to get you further ahead. Bret M. Judd MSW discusses the power of deligation when moving toward your success.  Learn to leverage others for your good and you will quickly move From Barriers To Break Throughs. Brett is a mindset success coach how brings his clients to break through momnet when they stop self limiting beliefs and habit and begin to live a care free abundant life.  Brett has the ability to help you see where you have locked onto and held succees robbing beliefs and gives you the tools to move through them and find unlimited otential. To work with Brett and to get started in your own break through moments go to www.BrettMJ

  • Intimacy Sex and Affection - there is a difference | Brett and Gina Judd | Marriages Worth Millions

    13/02/2015 Duration: 30min

    Brett and Gina Judd - The Love Entreprenrus - discuss in pt. 2 of their look into intimacy, sex, and affection about how understanding affection is one of the key ways to deepen the intimate and sexual relationship in the entrepreneurial marriage. With the newly released movie that has caused a stir in the social media communities around what is and is not realistic love and affection, Brett and Gina tackle the question so that there is no grey area in your relationship. Be sure to follow them at   Don't forget to like and review our show at iTunes.  

  • Standing Desk For The Brain | Brett M. Judd MSW | From Barriers To Break Throughs

    12/02/2015 Duration: 33min

    Brett M. Judd MSW - The Business Therapist - shares his journey from a 12 year old kid with a broken leg to total knee replacement surgery at 45. He shares how he is now making dramatic changes through small shifts.  The main one is standing most of the day. Drawing from 2 different NPR shows Fresh Air with Terry Gross, and Radio West with Doug Farizio, Brett shares how this simple shift of standing has begun changing his entire outlook and success.   

  • Intimacy Love Sex - is it really Shades of Grey? | Brett and Gina Judd | Marriages Worth Millions

    11/02/2015 Duration: 30min

    Brett and Gian Judd - The Love Entrepreneurs - discuss the power of true affecion and what sex in a relationship really means.  Nothing Shady or Grey about it. With the release of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, The love Entrepreneurs took the opportunity to educate on what intimacy and sex really mean in the relationship and why this is such an inportnat topc.  

  • Finding Your Passion and Purpose | Tamberli Woolsey | Brett M. Judd MSW | From Barriers To Break Throughs

    10/02/2015 Duration: 30min

    Tamberli Woolsey joins Brett M. Judd on Fortunes and Families | Finding your passion and purpose Tamberli Woolsey is a life coach and entrepreneur who coaches women to find their Passion and Purpose. She and Brett M. Judd discuss her barriers and Break Throughs that have led her to life coaching and the creation of  Tamberli is a strong advocate of finding your "why" and vision.   Brett M. Judd MSW is a entrepreneurial success coach focusing on the Break Through moment that move you from where yor are to where you want to be.   His BT2 programs as well as his C.A.R.E. Practice Development training can be found at No matter our stage in the entrepreneurial process, we all have Barriers To Break Through.  Brett's 20+ years of coaching and counseling combine to bring you the proven and effective tools you need to break down the barriers that keep you from fully realizing the potential you deserve.  Not just another how to sell program, Brett M. Judd MSW gets to the

  • RPM 150 | Ron Papke | Brett M. Judd MSW | From Barriers To Breakthroughs

    29/01/2015 Duration: 31min

    Brett M. Judd MSW - The Business Therapist - talks with Ron Papke about his transformation and how learning to say "I Don't Care" was a turning point for him and hos life.Ron now trains and coaches other who are struggleing to unlock the barriers that keep them trapped in a life spiraling out of control.   Ron can be found at and his book Create Yourself is available there.   Don't forget to follow, rate, and share Fortunes and Families and visit us at  

  • Prison Break | Brett M. Judd MSW | From Barriers To Breakthroughs

    28/01/2015 Duration: 34min

    Many entrepreneurs are hindered from success, not because of lack of ideas and potential, but because of the inner self limiting beliefs.   In this episode, Brett shares the story of one client who went from a convict on a path to life in prison to self employed and successful with a plan to be netting 1.5 million in the next 5 years.  He is well on his way now. Nothing is impossible once you learn to unlock the potential.  Brett gives you a very powerful tool to use at the end of the show to open up your barriers. Don't forget to follow, rate, and share.  And be sure to visit for free training courses and learn more about the powerful coaching programs Brett has available.  

  • Attunement Through Tickling? | Brett and Gina Judd | Marriages Worth Millions

    27/01/2015 Duration: 36min

    Attunement in relationship is the act of remaining close, engaged and tuned in.  Gina H. Judd and Brett M. Judd MSW explore how the act of play and especially tickling can engage the relationship and increase connection and closeness.  

  • Jenn Bryden | Brett and Gina Judd The Love Entrepreneurs | Marriages Worth Millions Ep. 002

    21/01/2015 Duration: 29min

    Brett and Gina Judd - The Love Entrepreneurs are working the make Marriages Worth Millions.  Learn more about them at:   Coach Jenn is the founder of Fastpitch Fit and along with her fiance Jason Starky have devised a way to balance the relationship and business.  Their single question metric for daily assessment keeps them connected and focused on each other and the business.   Increasing the ROI in the boardroom and the bedroom is the goal of Fortunes and Families.  You truly can suceed in both parts of their life. Don't let business bankrupt your family - make a marriage with millions by joining the Love Entrepreneurs.  

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