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Bible teaching by Pastor Brett Meador and other leaders at Athey Creek Christian Fellowship. Brett Meador leads Athey Creek, a fellowship of believers that strive to worship God, follow Jesus, study the Bible, and serve one another.


  • The Battle for the Brain by Brett Meador


    God gives Ezekiel a glimpse inside the minds of the leading elders in Ezekiel 8:7-12, and the thoughts he sees in their heads are nothing short of abominable. And we cannot claim that our thoughts are any better today. However, we can arm ourselves with tools that will help us combat our wicked thoughts and steer our minds to how God would have us to think.

  • Through the Bible (Ezekiel 4-7) by Brett Meador


    God gave Ezekiel some very specific – and somewhat questionable – scenarios to show the people what they could expect to happen as the Babylonians closed in, as they are killed or carted off into captivity, and then what would become of them after these things. As we look at these object lessons in Ezekiel 4-7, we see God’s desire for repentance, the certainty of His wrath, and most importantly, His grace and mercy in offering salvation to all who will call upon the name of Jesus.

  • The Proof is in the Prophecy by Brett Meador


    Ezekiel puts on a strange demonstration to show the Jews how long they will be cursed and driven from their land. As we do the math behind his illustration in Ezekiel 4:3-6, we see the Bible’s perfect predictability regarding past events and how they pertain to things yet to come.

  • Through the Bible (Ezekiel 2-3) by Brett Meador


    Ezekiel had a clear calling on his life to minister to the Jews in Babylonian exile, but God had to equip him first. As we study his preparation in Ezekiel 2:8-3:27, we see the importance of knowing the Word, how the Holy Spirit works in our lives, and how our words should always reflect God’s truth and love.

  • Through the Bible (Ezekiel 1-2) by Brett Meador


    Ezekiel has a remarkable -albeit somewhat confusing - vision of God that he describes in fascinating detail. As we dive into his account of the imagery, we begin to make sense of what he saw and how it paints a beautiful picture of God’s glory and His plan for humanity.

  • Palm Sunday 2021 by Brett Meador


    If you were in charge of planning Jesus’ grand entrance into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, how would you do it? Riding in on a lowly donkey would probably be low on your list. But as we examine why God chose this particular mode of transportation, we see perfect reasons that fulfill prophecy, show us God’s character, and reveal the things He uses to accomplish His purpose.

  • Through the Bible (Lamentations 3-5) by Brett Meador


    If the people had only listened to Jeremiah’s heartfelt pleadings, they would have understood that their unrepentant continual sin would bring about God’s wrath. And, as we learn in Lamentations 3-5, they could have found compassion and mercy if that they just turned to God with repentant hearts and followed His ways.

  • Dealing with Depression by Brett Meador


    A teaching from our through-the-Bible study in Lamentations.

  • Through the Bible (Lamentations 1-2) by Brett Meador


    God very specifically warned Israel time after time, for years and years, of the horrific calamity that would befall them if they failed to obey His Word - and it happened exactly how He said it would. As we study Jeremiah’s sorrowful recap of the situation in Lamentations 1-2, may we heed the Lord’s warning for us to repent before it is too late as well.

  • The Problem with Sin by Brett Meador


    Jeremiah puts pen to paper in Lamentations 1:5-11 to express his sadness over the shocking and sorrowful fall of Jerusalem because of their sins. As we study the repercussions of their actions, we learn how our sin will destroy us in a very similar manner, but also that we can find forgiveness and mercy through Jesus Christ.

  • Through the Bible (Jeremiah 50:35-52:34) by Brett Meador


    The Babylonians have inflicted great pain upon the Jews and left Jerusalem in a state of destruction and desolation. But Jeremiah 50:35-52:34 foretells that their reign of terror won’t last and their fall will come soon enough - bringing severe punishment upon them for their pride and sinfulness.

  • Jehoia-who? by Brett Meador


    Jeremiah tacks on a interesting little addendum about the unexpected fate of Jehoiachin in Jeremiah 52:31-34. But why should we even care to hear about what happened to this seemingly insignificant minor character? It turns out we have more in common with Jehoiachin than we may realize.

  • Through the Bible (Jeremiah 49:1-50:34) by Brett Meador


    Jeremiah continues to prophesy about the nations surrounding Israel and sets them up as examples of what not to do. As we study their bad behavior and subsequent punishment in Jeremiah 49:1-50:34, may we guard our hearts against pride, not trust in our material wealth or power, and always be gracious and loving towards the people God has placed in our lives.

  • The Shepherd by Brett Meador


    God admonishes His people in Jeremiah 50:6 by calling them lost sheep, with poor shepherds, who follow the wrong paths straight to their demise. But this personification isn’t just a passing analogy as the Bible is rife with imagery of the Good Shepherd – Jesus Christ – who lays down His life so that His sheep may be forgiven and free.

  • Through the Bible (Jeremiah 46-48) by Brett Meador


    Jeremiah has a prophetic word from the Lord for the nations surrounding Israel that not only alludes to their more immediate fate but has far-reaching future implications in the Last Days. As as we study Jeremiah 46-48, we see why these things are happening and can learn from their mistakes to ensure we don’t become contaminated, prideful against God, and caught up in worshiping worthless and fleeting things.

  • Through the Bible (Jeremiah 44-45) by Brett Meador


    Thinking they will be safe and secure there, a remnant of Jews flee to Egypt only to find that they cannot outrun or hide from God’s punishment for their wickedness. As we study Jeremiah 44-45, we see why this calamity has come upon them, how their own "logic" only makes the situation far worse and what their fate will be in Egypt because of these things.

  • Down to Egypt by Brett Meador


    Their town is in tatters, most of the people have been carted off to Babylon or killed, and a general gloom hangs over the remnant remaining in Jerusalem in Jeremiah 42-43. As they weigh their future options, they fall prey to letting their fear drive their decisions, which overwhelms their faith and leads them into further trouble.

  • Through the Bible (Jeremiah 39-41) by Brett Meador


    Jerusalem is fully besieged, and the destruction and death Jeremiah had been predicting for 40 years are coming to pass. As we study Jeremiah 39-41 we see that no one can escape the consequences and that what God says will happen will always come to pass without fail and without exception.

  • The Word: A Sure Thing by Brett Meador


    Everything that Jeremiah has been foretelling for the last 40 years is happening in Jeremiah 39:1-7 – Jerusalem is ravaged, on the brink of total destruction, and their leadership has been defeated and carried off. Why didn’t the people listen to Jeremiah before it was too late? Unfortunately, for the same reasons people don’t listen to the truth about impending destruction today.

  • Through the Bible (Jeremiah 37-38) by Brett Meador


    After speaking the Word of God, Jeremiah becomes a victim of the “cancel culture” of his time – which meant being thrown into a muddy, claustrophobic pit to starve to death. However, Jeremiah 37-38 is a reminder that God will turn what was meant for evil into good by allowing His people to show His love, proving His Word is always sure and true, and showing mercy for all regardless of what we have done.

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