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You got me, your big ol' gay geek host Edward, ranting and rambling about whatever pops into my head while Joseph tries desperately to keep me on track. Opinions, News, Vlog, and whatever entertainment pops into my head at the time.Listen for comic books, sci-fi, horror, table-top games, gay shows, cats, drag queens, author news and much more. Keep your hands inside the interwebs, do not feed the hosts, and children should be accompanied by adults at all times.


  • Episode 36 - The Return. Of Sorts. (reload)

    09/10/2013 Duration: 16min

    (The file went wonky when uploaded.  Sorry about that.  Let's try again.) It has been like what, weeks since we have posted?  A month or more?  Dang!Anyway.This is a mini episode to let you know that we are coming back.  I ramble on a little about life as of late and things I have found and run into.  It is quick, as I was driving at the time.  Yup.  I was jeopardizing my safety for you all.We will be back to normal next week, and until then, I hope this at least reminds you why you love us!And thanks for sticking around.  It means a lot.

  • Episode 35 - Puttin' It Out There

    12/09/2013 Duration: 20min

    Yup.  Late.Just me this time.Explaining why this is late, why it is just me, and what is going to be.And most of all, thanking you all for being there.

  • Episode 34 - Cheap and Lazy

    28/08/2013 Duration: 39min

    Another week without Karen.  This time is was my fault - i was so apathetic this week, not wanting to set up the equipment, and so I wasn't even sure there was goign to be an episode I didn't go get her.  I know...bad nerd!  I shall endeavor to not do that again, my friends. So, how lazy was I?  So lazy that we did this weeks episode using my phone!  Hey, I didn't have to fight with the sound this week. So, Joseph and I go through a run-down of geekeries on our mind. Marsheila Rockwell booksOrigami YodaJ. K. Rowling mysteriesLegion of Super-hero disappointmentsMarvel InfinityIncognegroBatfleck rageProject RunwayAmerica's Next Top Modeland of course, Twerking. All from the comfort of bed. Listen and enjoy!and as always, comment, like and rate!

  • Episode 33 - It Is What It Is, or Adventures in Tautology

    20/08/2013 Duration: 01h18min

    Karen had an obligation and Joseph and I were suddenly aware of not being prepared.  So this is more of a stream of consciousness episode.Books, TV, Comics, Life and a's all here. And we are also filled with questions.  Feel free to give us answers!Thank you for listening and catch you next week! oh yeah!Delilah Dawson is out of Georgia - thank you Joseph.and Marco's store is Pop Culture Paradise.  Sorry about that...

  • Episode 32 - David Hasselhoff Is Not Mentioned

    13/08/2013 Duration: 02h02min

    Karen, Joseph, and I get together and in general wing-it! Joseph gives us the skinny on the D23 convention - and for those of you know don't know, that is some sort of Disney thing. Karen shares a new author that she enjoys - an author whose work she has not read yet. I start casting my black-hole of talent movie. And somehow, we talk about football and yachting. of course that isn't all.  There is Buffy, Project Runway, Jordan Summers needs women, cocktails and other stuff. Listen, enjoy, and leave comments! and as always, thank you. (oh, and you may notice - how can you not? - that we are back to having sound problems.  This is what happens when you are focusing on getting all the microphones to work and not on the actual sound.  Just gotta fix those mikes, darn it)

  • Episode 31 - Holy Guacamole, Do We Talk About Vampires!

    06/08/2013 Duration: 02h50min

    We all get together on the porch, since Karen is between abodes right now. Things start out normal, but then come the vampires and they take over the joint! Dracula. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. I am Legend. Blade. The Hunger. Count Duckula. White Wolf's Vampire the Masquerade. Musicals. I even figure out a Super Pet of the Week (although the vampires sucked out almost all our bumpers!) of course there is other stuff Project Runway, Doctor Who announcements, and plenty else.thank you for listening and feel free to leave comments.  And help Karen and I understand the alure of Buffy - Joseph has sadly tried but I am resistant, I guess. And check out our buddies...Gini Koch - www.ginikoch.comJordan Summers - www.jordansummers.comSamurai Comics - www.samuraicomics.comJoshua Tree Feeding Program - www.jtfp.orgHero Initiative -

  • Episode 30 - Joseph Went to San Diego Comic Con and We Stayed Jealous

    30/07/2013 Duration: 02h42min

    Hey, I just realized that somehow we skipped episode 1 and 20.  I wonder what we should do about that...Anyway, Joseph is back from San Diego Comic Con and he has stories!Smurfs!Beware the Batman!Gini Koch!Cartoon Network!LGBT Comics!Superman vs. Batman!Sergio Aragones!Leanard Maltin! Plus crackpot theories with the Legion of Super-Heroes, an Inhuman introduction to a superpet, sexy talk of Jordan Summers, and Joseph reacts to Project Runway.  Oh, and some traveling pants make a mention.And we love Delilah the Horn Bill at the San Diego Zoo! oh, and the correct names/words are Mycroft Holmes, "dearth", and Diedrich Bader -- insert where needed.Thank you for staying with us and as always, we love your comments! Check out -- Gini Koch at www.ginikoch.comJordan Summers at www.jordansummers.comSamurai Comics at www.samuraicomics.comand Joshua Tree Feeding Program at links to Comic Con pictures will be up soon)

  • Episode 29 - It's All Fun and Game Till Somebody Loses an Eye - Then It Is Comedy Gold

    23/07/2013 Duration: 02h10min

    Joseph is in San Diego Comic Con, so Karen and I are left to hold down the fort by ourselves.  And Karen is prepared (and I think trying to fill Joseph's absense with an eyeroll or two.)Let's see...what comes up...Men's PantsKrullHunger GamesBattle RoyaleLeaking Strip ClubsProject RunwayPontypoolPancakesand I also give a Primer on Table-Top gaming - what's the difference between Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, and Harry Potter Monopoly?  I try to tell you.And of course, so much more...And next week Joseph will be back and we will regale you with Comic Con news!In the meantime, if you are looking for a movie experience this weekend, check out our friends at Atomic Age Pictures.  They are having a movie premier this Saturday night, and you can go and experience 1953 red carpet glory.  Click bellow for more information and to buy your tickets before they are all gone. if you find you have some spare time in your podcast li

  • Episode 28 - Sometimes Much More Geek Than Gay

    16/07/2013 Duration: 01h57min

    Karen has never seen "Mudd's Women"!I can't believe it!Anyway, we are together another week and this time there were cookies!I go on about Trinity War in the New DC Universe (NewU) and toss out a crack-pot theory tied in with the Legion of Super-Heroes, before I launch into the New Quantum & Woody title.  And guess what bouncing Marvel kitty is the Super-pet of the week!Joseph reveals his trip to San Diego Comic Con with Gini Koch and his busy week with Joshua Tree and in a wedding dress.Karen makes her mother bake cookies and doesn't cry during Pixar's "Up".And there is a bunch of comments about the abandoned "Wonder Woman" pilot.  Did we like it? (The answer "yes" is not an option here)And there is other stuff of course, including the announcement of an impending contest!Thanks for listening and tell a friend!

  • Episode 27 - Life in a Time Warp

    09/07/2013 Duration: 02h37min

    Well, it has been two weeks - or more, or less, depending on when you listened. But for us, two weeks because of technical difficulties. I know! right?Therefore (a fancy way of saying 'so') we have two weeks of stuff gurgling to get out!But we also now have segments! Now it is easier to find your favorite stuff. This week we have --Movies - Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Muriel's WeddingTelevision - Star Trek and Battlestar GalacticaDisney!Books - Gini Koch, Marcheila Rockwell, and Stephanie MeyersComic Books - The Wasp, Marvel's Captain Marvel,Streaky the Supercat, and Comic Book Reading ClubGay Shows and Gay Stuffand Sports?And you know us, this is far from being everything we talked about. Listen and Enjoy.And as always, leave your comments here, on, on iTunes, or hunt us down on Twitter and the new Facebook page (that is still under construction).Check out - Joshua Tree Feeding Program - www.jtfp.orgEquality Walk AZ - www.equalitywalk.orgSamurai Comics - www.samuraicomics.c

  • Crap, another anouncement

    07/07/2013 Duration: 06min

    I think the title says it all.

  • Episode 26 - We Digress

    30/06/2013 Duration: 01h57min

    We had a plan.We had a list.It was going to be a shorter episode.Something different happened.Let's see, there was Star Wars, Richard Matheson, Disneyland, Stark Laboratories, Superman, Dazzler again, Spoilers for House by the Cemetary, Sinbad, Handmaids Tale, Utopias, microphone many things that I can't remember it all.  Listen and let me know what I forgot.And as always, I thank you all for listnening and welcome any and all comments. Catch you next Saturday!

  • Announcement

    26/06/2013 Duration: 03min

    Awww...I miss Eddie Guerrero. Anyway...a quick announcementCatch you all Saturday!

  • Episode 25, The Trilogy - Maybe it was all a Dream- a Tommy Wiseau Production

    19/06/2013 Duration: 01h51min

    Quick!  Place your bets on how long it takes before I stop the recording for a bathroom break!Anyway, this episode is proof that joseph and I am need to get more sleep.  I cna't even guess how many things we ended up talking about.  I don't think there is a subject that reached its natural end - new subjects just pop up in their place.  And I did a horrible job of monitoring the sound; unlike what I say in the intro, it was more than just Karen's mike.  And that overlap at the beginning was pure my bad.So what do we talk about?      -- Charity Money and No Cake (it was a lie, I tells ya)     -- The Joys of Apartment Hunting     -- Ex Drama     -- Unspoken Announcements     -- The Doctor Who/AbFab Connection     -- Mutant Disco Diva, Dazzler     -- Comic Book Book Club     -- Unbridled Love of Xanadu, and its Unrequested Unfilmed Sequel     -- Superman Shaky-Cam     -- And so much More!Thank you all for your support.  We are steadily growing every week!  Tell all your friends and we can grow into a mighty migh

  • Episode 24, The Movie Sequel - Almost Appropriate For Families, a Farrelly Bros. Production

    12/06/2013 Duration: 01h54min

    And the gang is all here as Karen joins our happy team.  We introduce Karen, bring you up to date on our lives, then talk Star Trek, Alien, Tonys, Quantum & Woody, In the Flesh, and plenty of other goodies.We also discuss my problem with fantasy and whether or not someone would kidnap a plant.The math monkeys make a quick appearance as well.I would also like to thank you all for helping make the last episode by far the most successful one yet.  I hope this is a sign that my changes were successful and we can just keep on growing together!(what would a podcast be without a technical difficulty? So, we are still working on getting the microphones balanced, and there is a little bit at the very very end that when I tried to cut it, it currupted the sound on the rest of the audio.  Grrrr.)Don't forget to check out ------ Joshua Tree Keeding Program - Gini Koch - Bitzee Mama's - Samurai Comics - The Satyrsphere - www.satyrsphere.b

  • Episode 23, the Movie - Phoenix ComicCon 13, a Peter Jackson Production

    05/06/2013 Duration: 02h26min

    You Lucky People!You are so getting your money's worth here!This is the extra-sized re-launch of the show!  New theme!  New co-host (with one more coming)! Details about Phoenix Comic Con, including dirty talking, Dean Cain, Nichelle Nichols, John Barrowman molesting a marine, fire evacuations, Gini Koch, Star Trek Continues, and much much more!And I am sure there is a kitten or two involved. There are even clips of the con - although I got the sound almost straightened out here, the sound from the con was unpredictable at best, so earphones might be best.  (and yes, you are not going crazy - the sound does disappear for about two minutes.  It gets better, so stick with it. And I don't know why the song at the end cuts out all the sudden.) I just remembered about the last clip.  We comment on a clip from YouTube (called "Star Spangled Banner Cymbal Fail" available here - ) but I forgot to describe what is happening.  essentially a kid plays a cymbal, the handle brea

  • Episode 22 - It's Complicated, I'll Explain Later

    29/05/2013 Duration: 07min

    here it is, such that it is.Catch you all this upcoming Tuesday!

  • Episode 21 - Pre-ComicKHHAAAAAAANNN!!

    23/05/2013 Duration: 01h10min

    Technical difficulties - thank you for standing by. I went and saw the new Star Trek movie.  What are my thoughts?  Listen and find out. I also talk about the Doctor Who season finale, Joseph's Birthday dinner, over zealous fans, kittens and whatever else pops into my head, including a one-of-a-kind snuff film opening.  You dont want to miss that.  (and you will understand the episode picture after you listen...) Next weeks episode will also be available on YouTube.  Yes, I know what i said before, but this is Phoenix ComicCon weekend, and I want to share.  If you happen ot be able to go to Phoenix ComicCon, you will be seeing me around, but specifically at -- Thursday 10:00pm, Ren. Pueblo, Superhero Headquarters Friday 1:30pm -Room west 105a -Writing romantic relationships 7:30 pm , Room 122 - Comic book live 9:00pm, Room West 105B, Evening Erotica w/ gini and Jordan Saturday 10:30am, Rm:104b, horror, suspense, and thrillers 1:30pm, Room 121 - Dean Cain Sunday 1:30pm, Ballroom 120 - Laurie Holden Line /

  • Episode 19 - The Unknown Episode

    15/05/2013 Duration: 01h04min

    So I am working with new sound equipment, and I am not happy wiht how it came out!  Sorry about the buzz, and the periodic distractionin my voice as I am wondering if the sound is coming out weird.  Oh, and there is that spot in the beginning where it goes all garbly.  GRRRR...I will play with the equipment to see if I can make sure it doesn't happen again. Anyway...long week at work.  But there was Mother's Day and a Phoenix Comiccon Meeting!  I get to moderate the Dean Cain panel!  woo!  I will post my moderator schedule bellow. There is an update on the Kitty, and I babble on about comics, Doctor Who, Dancing with the Stars, the garden and more.  What are you doign reading this?  Go and listen to it already! And here is the Phoenix ComicCon Schedule (for me) Thursday - 10 pm, Superhero Headquarters Friday - 1:30 pm, Writing Romantic Relationships (I think Gini Koch is in this one...not sure) - 7:30 pm, Comic Book Live - 9:00 pm, EVENING EROTICA with Gini Koch and Jordan Saturday - 10:30, Horror Suspens

  • More Geek Than Gay - Bonus Episode!

    10/05/2013 Duration: 39min

    A collection of miscellaneous music for you all to enjoy, as a thank you for helping me get this far.  Enjoy!

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