Trashley Talks



Weekly podcast hosted by Ashley N, or Trashley. Trashley refers to herself as a trash person on a regular basis, and felt it was time to share her trash thoughts with the world. The podcast will feature current events and fun human interest stories as well as some amazing weekly segments. Some of these segments are Drunk Science, Taking out the Trash: Talking Tinder, and Explaining Rap lyrics


  • Episode 5: Guilty Pleasures, CRISPR, and Catfish

    Episode 5: Guilty Pleasures, CRISPR, and Catfish

    15/12/2017 Duration: 01h08min

    Ashley, Ben, and Joelle talk about some of their guilty pleasures in the world. Things they are kind of ashamed that people will now know about them. Once again, Trashley gets political and talks about Al Franken resigning and how sexual harassment/assault should not be a partisan issue. The gang discusses their hot takes, and drunk science revolving around CRISPR-Cas9. Finally, we talk about catfishing, and provide a protip for tinder users... Guilty Pleasure songs: Joelle's: Ben's: Crispr: Contact us: email:; Twitter: @TrashleyTalks (podcast), @TurboForWhat (personal)

  • Episode 4: College Football, Science Cowboys, and Breakup Lines

    Episode 4: College Football, Science Cowboys, and Breakup Lines

    01/12/2017 Duration: 01h02min

    Trashley and Allison catch up after a week off for Thanksgiving. We talk about college football rivalry weekend, and what the current football rankings are and then jump into their Thanksgiving breaks. We discuss turkey fryer fires and what states have the most reported claims of these fires. We also discuss our hot takes for the week. After, we get to drunk science where we talk about science cowboys and pills with microchips. Finally, we talk about pickup and breakup lines! Tuskegee syphilis data: Contact me! email:; Twitter: @TrashleyTalks (podcast), @TurboForWhat (personal) Cover art by @ABG_Gfx