Spirit Minded



A study through Colossians to keep Christians focused on the spiritual realities as well as the mission of the church.


  • Standing Mature

    Standing Mature


    What are some key relationships we need in order to mature as a disciple of Jesus?  We explore Paul's answer to this question by studying his final words to the church in Colossae. Speaker: Aaron Yoder

  • As For The Lord

    As For The Lord


    How do we live out our Christian identity in the secular workplace, especially when that task becomes really difficult?  We dig into this relevant question as we study Paul's words to 'bondservants' and 'masters' in Colossae. Speaker: Aaron Yoder

  • At Home

    At Home


    Guest Pastor, Caleb McClarren, digs into the topic of how to foster Spirit-minded families as wives, husbands and children relate to one another in a Christ-centered home. Speaker: Caleb McClarren

  • Bound Together

    Bound Together


    How should Christians treat one another within the local congregation, especially as frustrations arise?  Head Elder, Troy Teater digs into this relevant topic as we continue our series through Colossians. Speaker: Dr. Troy Teater

  • Dealing With Sin

    Dealing With Sin


    How should Christians deal with the sin which easily lingers in our lives?  We all struggle with some alluring temptation.  So how should we respond when those moments arise?  We dig into this relevant topic as we also emphasize how dealing with sin is different from the moment of salvation. Speaker: Aaron Yoder

  • Free To Be

    Free To Be


    What freedom is given to those who place their trust in Jesus?  We explore this topic as our series through Paul's letter to the church in Colossae continues. Speaker: Tom Linderman

  • Essential Traditions

    Essential Traditions


    Should the church have traditions?  If so, what should they be and what should they celebrate?  We dig into this relevant topic as we consider the Apostle Paul's warning to the Colossians to be aware of the 'empty deceit according of human traditions.' Speaker: Aaron Yoder

  • Maturing



    What are some tangible ways to grow in spiritual maturity?  We study Paul's words and example as he continues his letter to the Colossians to understand some essentials for growth. Speaker: Aaron Yoder

  • Our Hope

    Our Hope


    Why should we place our hope in Jesus Christ?  The answer may seem obvious for those who have been part of the church for decades.  However, through this passage in Colossians, we uncover some of the theological obstacles which tend to keep people from rejoicing in the Lord. Speaker: Aaron Yoder

  • Praying For Knowledge

    Praying For Knowledge


    What is the will of God for my life and how can I ask the Lord to reveal it to others?  Guest Pastor Paul Walles digs into these questions as we unpack the Apostle Paul's prayer for the believers in Colossae. Speaker: Paul Walles

  • The Fruit of The Gospel

    The Fruit of The Gospel


    What is the identity of a person after they've placed their trust in Jesus?  This question is particularly relevant when we feel insignificant in the world or within the purposes of God.  We study this question at the beginning of this series - looking at the Apostle Paul's opening words to the church in Colossae. Speaker: Aaron Yoder