20-sided Death



A group of friends who play D&D and like to have a good time while doing it. Derailing the DM's carefully crafted campaign is the most important quest these adventurers will ever go on.


  • Episode 76 - The Battle of Blads

    29/12/2014 Duration: 01h03min

    Mr. Pickle wraps up the the last episode for Theron. The party begins their final journey into Blads. What will happen when they encounter The Lord of Blads?

  • Episode 75 - Mind Bullets

    26/11/2014 Duration: 02h17min

    Ushi and Theron sort out some differences. We fight Mindflayers. There's also something mysterious about that mirror.

  • Episode 74 - Exporing the Old Ruins in the Underdark

    03/06/2013 Duration: 02h12min

    After defeating the grells our party finds and investigate some old ruins. What could have drawn the grells to this place?

  • Episode 73 - Break-Faced Floating Tentacle Monsters from the Far Realm

    27/04/2013 Duration: 01h44min

    Encounter: As our party descends deeper into the Underdark Thoradin begins to have more dream about Squid Beard. We finally find the creatures that are messing with Thoradin's mind and prepare to destroy them.

  • Episode 72 - Under the sea... of Steel

    12/04/2013 Duration: 01h33min

    We leave the abandoned city and we have a new robotic companion W1L50N. As we make our way to Blads we go way... way down and find some rockers who are extremely metal.

  • Episode 71 - The Abandoned City

    11/03/2013 Duration: 01h14min

    RP and Encounter: Our party cleans out the collapsed tunnel and makes their way top-side. They find an abandoned city and by the looks of it, the citizens did not leave peacefully. What secrets lie here....BOO!

  • Episode 70 - Duer Die

    30/01/2013 Duration: 01h14min

    Encounter: Our party stumbles onto a group of Duergar. It seems that they won't be willing to just let us pass, so our adventurers prepare for combat!

  • Episode 69 - To the Underdark!

    16/01/2013 Duration: 01h38min

    RP: After defeating the dragon our party heads back to Arnair to plan they next move. They have to go to the Isle of Blads but how will the they there? Hint: It's in the episode title!

  • Episode 68 - Ridiculous After Show!

    09/01/2013 Duration: 01h32min

    Live show: We have a special episode this week. It's the after show we recorded after the recap! We get kicked off of YouTube and start the show TWICE! We'll be back next week the continuation of our epic saga

  • Episode 67 - Super Special Recap

    01/01/2013 Duration: 45min

    Live show: This is a full recap of the story thus far. This was done to get any new listeners caught up on the core of the campaign. We had EVERYONE in the studio, INSANE!

  • Episode 66 - This Fight's Dragon On!

    19/12/2012 Duration: 02h04min

    Encounter: Our parties dragons problems aren't over. It's time to fix Arnairs drakes problems once and for all!

  • Episode 65 - Wagon Dragons Be Draggin' Wagons

    12/12/2012 Duration: 02h06min

    Encounter: As the party makes their way up the mountain in search of a dragon they hear rustling in the brush. It appears some drakes and kobolds have come to do some fighting. Also Thoradin demeans a drake.

  • Episode 64 - Drakes, Drows, and DNA

    05/12/2012 Duration: 01h45min

    RP: Victorious Ushi released the tribe and our party behind making plans to reach to Island of Blads. Our adventurers arrive at a bustling city in search of a way to Blads and hopeful that they will create an abomination known as an Umberhampster

  • Episode 63 - All About Ushi

    07/11/2012 Duration: 01h45min

    RP: With the Kraken defeated the party continues on to Melisand. However on this continent one does not simply dock their vessel. Lots of RP and fisticuffs in this one!

  • Episode 62 - Let's Get Kraken

    31/10/2012 Duration: 01h30min

    Encounter: On their way to find The Island of Blad our adventurers pause and they notice something in the water. Surprise, It's tentacles!

  • Episode 61 - The Temptation of Billy

    23/10/2012 Duration: 01h10min

    RP:Our adventurers now have the third orb in their possession. Just one more remains before the group can close the Living Gate. Also boats, new continents, and Thoradin gets weird with the new intern.

  • Episode 60 - Hard Up for Experience

    03/10/2012 Duration: 01h42min

    RP:After the death of the fomorian our party decides what to do next. They do some normal party maintenance and try to figure out some way of getting a few more experience points. Short episode!

  • Episode 59 - The Fomorian the Better

    26/09/2012 Duration: 01h42min

    Encounter:Hot on the fomorians trail our party continues down the cave system. They hear noises in the next chamber. I wonder what it is... just kidding it's the fomorian.

  • Episode 58 - Cyclobber

    12/09/2012 Duration: 01h42min

    Encounter:Stepping over a pile of dead drow our adventurers investigate the gaping hole in the "hallway". They quickly discover that they aren't alone. This battle was tough...

  • Episode 57 - This isn't a Vault it's a Hallway!

    05/09/2012 Duration: 01h42min

    Encounter:Shortly after discovering a breeze in the "vault" the party notices a large hole in the wall. As T'Zat tries to sneak further to investigate a shuriken strikes the wall by his head.

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