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A life worth living begins with the seed of inspiration. Every goal worth pursuing needs an empowered soul behind it to step it into highest gear. Kristen and Susan give you the tools to reach your goals with discussion of universal laws including the law of attraction, science, knowledge, quantum physics and sound information from natural health to spiritual well-being. It is our intention to inspire and support you to attract the life you desire.Your Hosts: Kristen Lauter (Holistic Healers Academy)&Life Coach - Susan Bonfiglio (Life Success Consultant)Susan an Kristen are co-authors with Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Paul Martinelli, John DeMartini, Marie Diamond, Don Boyer etc in THE POWER OF MENTORSHIP - THE SUCCESS JOURNAL Details to follow as to how to purchase


  • Encore of Beyond The Secret

    09/07/2010 Duration: 30min

    So you have watched the movie The Secret and have begun visualizing what you want, but it doesn't seem to work. We will talk about the content from the new DVD with Bob Proctor, called Beyond the Secret. This movie picks up where The Secret left off. We will also talk about how our beliefs factor heavily in creating the life we want and how we can create new beliefs to live a life of abundance -- our birthright. Our special guest is Leslie Flowers, personal growth facilitator. After studying- and partnering with Bob Proctor and Paul Martinelli, Leslie began teaching the principles of success, universal natural and spiritual law, and levels of awareness to groups of business masterminds. With Think & Grow Rich and the principles of success at the core, participants learn and apply Carnegie's principles in solving real-time business challenges. Leslie also trains and mentors personal growth facilitators in business masterminds. Leslie became a certified speaker in 2009 from Gove Speech Workshop and continue

  • How to Work with Our Angel and Guides

    02/07/2010 Duration: 31min

    Ever wonder if there are angels among us? Have you ever spoken with your guide(s) to assist in solving a problem?Come discuss with Warren and Susan the topic of opening up to these divine helpers. Call in to share a story or ask a question. 347-826-7906

  • The Power of Imagination

    18/06/2010 Duration: 28min

    Imagination evokes a powerful force within. A creative force so loving and abundant, everything you’ve ever desired lies just beyond your conscious attention. Come dream today… Allow yourself to enter a world of unlimited mindset and realities. Come listen to Kristen Lauter discuss this topic.

  • How to Have a Happy Adulthood

    11/06/2010 Duration: 27min

    There may be lingering thoughts from the past that seem to meddle with your freedom to live a joyous life now. There may be a difficult situation you are facing that leaves you to feel many different emotions. But whatever situation, there are ways to still have a happy life in the here and now. Come discuss with Kristen and Susan 347-826-7906

  • Going for the Gold!

    04/06/2010 Duration: 21min

    I thought I would get your attention! But the gold I’m referring to is far more valuable than the gold you were probably thinking I was referring to, and that is the GOLD WITHIN YOU!!! There is so much waiting to be tapped into, and this show is only the platform from which you may spring forth..with your own creative ideas. But it can be a great starting place. Kristen Lauter will discuss ways you to enhance and accelerate your spiritual growth process. Susan will be back with us soon! We miss and love her…

  • Encore of Empowerment Through Self Love

    28/05/2010 Duration: 01min

    Self Love…WHAT IS THAT? Who has time to care for self when there are dishes to do, buses to catch, a family to feed and errands to run? The thing is, there are consequences if you do not take the time to look out for number one! What have you done for yourself so far this year? Self Love is not just about material luxuries, it also has to do with finding out WHO you really are and fully loving who you've become. Come listen to Kristen and Susan discuss this topic.

  • Living Large

    21/05/2010 Duration: 23min

    Is your standard for living so small you need a microscope to see it? Are you setting yourself up for tiny returns? Isn’t it time to begin living large? Come join Kristen and Susan on this topic and discover how to attract opportunities and begin living like you were meant to live! 347-826-7906

  • Change Your View, Change Your World

    14/05/2010 Duration: 29min

    Our outlook really makes a difference in the way our life unfolds and in the way our world mirrors back to us. Come discuss with Kristen and Susan this important topic in changing our view and watching the world change around us. 347-826-7906

  • Encore of Inspiration vs. Motivation

    07/05/2010 Duration: 29min

    “I should really get moving on the novel I started ten years ago”. “I really need to get healthy this time around”. “I know I should be cleaning out the basement so that we can pay bills by having a garage sale”. STOP THE INSANITY!!! Motivation is much different than inspiration! Instead of finding out what motivates you, lets find out what INSPIRES YOU!!! Kristen and Susan are both away today but want to wish all of our listeners who are mothers a very Happy Mothers Day. Please join us live next week.

  • Succeed at Sticking to Self Commitments

    30/04/2010 Duration: 30min

    We've discussed the importance of self love, and a commitment to honor and give yourself the gift of extreme self care, to reach for your dreams, and create goals. However, we have not talked about sticking to our commitments and following through with what we've set out to achieve. Come discuss with Kristen and Susan 347-826-7906