Attract The Life You Desire

Encore of Beyond The Secret



So you have watched the movie The Secret and have begun visualizing what you want, but it doesn't seem to work. We will talk about the content from the new DVD with Bob Proctor, called Beyond the Secret. This movie picks up where The Secret left off. We will also talk about how our beliefs factor heavily in creating the life we want and how we can create new beliefs to live a life of abundance -- our birthright. Our special guest is Leslie Flowers, personal growth facilitator. After studying- and partnering with Bob Proctor and Paul Martinelli, Leslie began teaching the principles of success, universal natural and spiritual law, and levels of awareness to groups of business masterminds. With Think & Grow Rich and the principles of success at the core, participants learn and apply Carnegie's principles in solving real-time business challenges. Leslie also trains and mentors personal growth facilitators in business masterminds. Leslie became a certified speaker in 2009 from Gove Speech Workshop and continue