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Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole: Episode 2


  • Episode 14 - Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole


    Will all the rumor and scuttlebutt whirling about the league as we approach the trade deadline, did you really think that we'd let it all go whizzing past us without sitting down to record one of our scintillating discussions? Of course not. So with that, we offer the latest episode of Live From The Five Hole, once again recorded by our exceedingly patient engineer/producer/candy procurer Marina at Optimus in Streeterville. Because we serve up only the finest guests, we were lucky enough to have Spector aka Lyle Richardson, P.E.I.'s finest hockey maven, who has his finger on the pulse of any and all transactions in the league, and has numerous outlets for his thoughts, namely Spector's Hockey, Fox Sports, and The Hockey News. And on top of all of that, you'll get our usual dose of wit and banter and numbskullery, all of which can be found via the direct download below, or from RSS or iTunes. Put our hockey thoughts in your ears, even though actually looking too closely at us would burn every hole of your eyes

  • Episode 13 - Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole


    Now before you get all "ehhhhhhh" about this being the first podcast we've done in about a month and a half, I'm going to tell you to slow your roll right f'n now. First, the Hawks had a home-intensive schedule which made it difficult to find an night wherein everyone was available and Sam did not have an Indian deadline to work toward. Second, it was the Holiday season, and we all had various familiar obligations. And lastly, as we had mentioned previously, we were efforting a for real, grown up studio to record in, and we were finally able to manage that. My wonderful girlfriend put us in contact with her cousin who is a profession in these sorts of things, and was ever benevolent in helping us out. We hope you notice a significant difference in the sound quality, particularly during our interview, which this week is with Sean Leahy of the venerable Puck Daddy on Yahoo! as we discuss Sid's non-violent protest to violent head shots, as well as some curiosities in the Western conference standings. We also loo

  • Episode 12 - Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole


    With the Hawks now back at home after the long road trip, you had to know it was only going to be a matter of time before you were subjected to yet another one of these, didn't you? In this installment we take a look back at the results from the Circus Trip, as well as ahead to a home-intensive month for the Hawks on West Madison. We HAD recorded an excellent interview with Ryan Lambert, a.k.a., Two-Line Pass, he of Puck Daddy, his eponymous blog, and also a member of Flames Nation with some weapons-grade vitriol for his favorite team...but, there were...issues. Pretty much the instant we concluded the interview, I realized that the phone call recording utility we use had crashed halfway though the interview, and the whole thing was lost in the ether. So as a result we apologize to both you the listening public and Mr. Lambert, as this episode will be filed away in the annals of history with the couple of "lost issues" of the Committed Indian. As always, you can download the podcast directly via the ink belo

  • Episode 11 - Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole


    Don't look so surprised.You had to know we'd get another one of these in before they hit the road, didn't you? This time around, we were fortunate enough to have Tracey Myers, Comcast SportsNet's Hawks beat reporter join us. Hopefully, she'll be able to keep her position after associating her self with us publicly now that this is posted, but given the excellent work she does, I don't forsee it being an issue. Tracey gave some great insight regarding Coach Q's relationship with Stan Bowman while the Rockford Shuffle continues, and also some good info on what to watch for with Marty Turco, since she'd spent quite a bit of time covering the Stars prior to her time here. And if you don't like the lyrics, you can press fast forward.

  • Episode 10 - Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole


    Due to the condensed schedule to start the season, we had to wait a couple days longer than usual to record our latest podcast because of Sam's hectic writing schedule for the Indian. But much like wine, White Castle, and the resultant farts from combining those two, some things just improve when they're allowed to age a bit. For this edition we once again welcome Al Cimaglia of Hockey Independent and XM Radio, this time to discuss the Hawks predictably up and down first 10 games of the season. Also among the things discussed: Sun Chips, Yeungling, and things found on my epitaph. Your role in this is very clearly defined.

  • Episode 9 - Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole


    You didn't really think that we'd let the season start without an actual season preview podcast did you? You did. Well fuck. I guess we deserved that. In any event, we've got a full podcast complete with season previews, predictions, and an actual guest this time around, none other than the man who solicits the wonderful, insightful comments over at Puck Daddy- the man himself, Greg Wyshynski. We get his thoughts as the regular season opens and make him defend some of the picks he made today for the Western Conference, as well as get a sneak peek at what the East will look like tomorrow. Oh, and Killion actually managed to lock his car properly this time. As always, you can get it via iTunes, RSS, or the link below. When I chirp, shorty, chirp back.

  • Episode 8 - Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole


    This one's been long overdue. We kept talking and talking about it since June 9th, but it hasn't materialized until tonight, and boy, what a deflating experience you're in for. We went guestless this go-around (unless you count my roommate milling about), and to say that things got off kilter would be a tremendous understatement. But it's pre-season for us too, so slag off! Sorry baby, you know I didn't mean that. You're still the only ones for us. Anyway, as always, enjoy it via the link below, or via iTunes searching for Second City Hockey or Live From The Five Hole. Or at least give it the old college try at enjoying it.

  • Episode 7 - Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole


    I'm not entirely sure why you people want to continually hear the three of us bloviate endlessly on your various audio devices, but as long as you keep listening, we'll keep cranking it out....and we'll also keep producing podcasts. For this episode, we went big game hunting, and came back with the man that you can "thank" for giving us this space on SBN, the Toronto Globe & Mail's very own James Mirtle, formerly of From The Rink. We discuss with him the upcoming finals matchup between the Bloodhound Gang and your Men of Four Feathers, as well as break it down in our own extra special way after recapping the Western Conference Finals with the deposed San Jose Sharks. As always, the 'cast can be downloaded below, and on iTunes by searching for Second City Hockey or Live From the Five Hole. Get your glow sticks, it's time for the extended dance mix.

  • Episode 6 - Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole


    We threatened you with this so don't say you weren't given fair warning. Here's the latest installment of Live From The Five Hole that I know you've all been wet with anticipation to hear. This go around we take a look back at what transpired in the series against the Canucks, speak with a man who has actual, honest-to-f**k credentials in the incomparable Al Cimaglia of Hockey Independent, and take a look ahead to the Western Conference Finals with the San Jose Sharks - a series sure to give us all windburn. As always, the podcast can be downloaded through the link below or via iTunes by searching for "Second City Hockey" or "Live From The Five Hole", and your reaction in the comments is welcomed and encouraged. Let us penetrate your ear holes in a vigorous yet tender manner once again.

  • Episode 5 - Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole


    As promised, we give you another installment of Live From The Five hole, where we take a look back at what was the conference quarterfinal series against the Predators, and take a look forward to the imminent bloodbath between the Hawks and Canucks. Mike Halford from the excellent (in spite of the peckers on the ice they cover) Orland Kurtenblog and Team 1040 in Vancouver was a good sport in joining us in getting a view on the enemy's perspective. The podcast also marks the return of what should be a familiar sounding band from the series against Vancouver from last year. As always, it can be downloaded below, and on iTunes if you search for "Second City Hockey" or "Live From The Five Hole"

  • Episode 2 - Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole


    Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole: Episode 2

  • Episode 1 - Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole


    Episode 1 - our first attempt at a podcast, recorded just minutes after the Canada/USA Gold Medal Game in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

  • Episode 3 - Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole


    Alright my pantsless internet friends, I know you've been anxiously awaiting our next installment of Live From The Five Hole, and I'm happy to tell you that the wait is over. Sam, Kills, and I discuss the quagmire that has been the last two weeks, look ahead to the last few games in the regular season, and Sam and I interview Mike Chen of From The Rink fame. You can get the podcast directly from the link below, as well as on iTunes by searching for "Second City Hockey" or "Live From The Five Hole". Consider it an early Cadbury Egg in audio form in your digital Easter basket....or something.

  • Episode 4 - Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole


    As promised, we've got fresh sound for you in the form of another episode of Live From The Five Hole, and if I may be so bold as to say it, overall, I think it's our best one yet. Given enough whacks at it, we were bound to get it right, right? As if you needed to be reminded again, our guest for this edition is none other than hockey blogging kingpin Greg Wyshinski, know to the unwashed masses as simply Puck Daddy. Click on the link below to find out what he really thinks about Canucks fans, and to get our thoughts about the upcoming series against Nashville. As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.