Live From The Five Hole

Episode 12 - Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole



With the Hawks now back at home after the long road trip, you had to know it was only going to be a matter of time before you were subjected to yet another one of these, didn't you? In this installment we take a look back at the results from the Circus Trip, as well as ahead to a home-intensive month for the Hawks on West Madison. We HAD recorded an excellent interview with Ryan Lambert, a.k.a., Two-Line Pass, he of Puck Daddy, his eponymous blog, and also a member of Flames Nation with some weapons-grade vitriol for his favorite team...but, there were...issues. Pretty much the instant we concluded the interview, I realized that the phone call recording utility we use had crashed halfway though the interview, and the whole thing was lost in the ether. So as a result we apologize to both you the listening public and Mr. Lambert, as this episode will be filed away in the annals of history with the couple of "lost issues" of the Committed Indian. As always, you can download the podcast directly via the ink belo