Live From The Five Hole

Episode 13 - Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole



Now before you get all "ehhhhhhh" about this being the first podcast we've done in about a month and a half, I'm going to tell you to slow your roll right f'n now. First, the Hawks had a home-intensive schedule which made it difficult to find an night wherein everyone was available and Sam did not have an Indian deadline to work toward. Second, it was the Holiday season, and we all had various familiar obligations. And lastly, as we had mentioned previously, we were efforting a for real, grown up studio to record in, and we were finally able to manage that. My wonderful girlfriend put us in contact with her cousin who is a profession in these sorts of things, and was ever benevolent in helping us out. We hope you notice a significant difference in the sound quality, particularly during our interview, which this week is with Sean Leahy of the venerable Puck Daddy on Yahoo! as we discuss Sid's non-violent protest to violent head shots, as well as some curiosities in the Western conference standings. We also loo