Blockchain: The Next Everything

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The perfect book for everybody who's either never heard of Blockchain or simply wants to know more about the technology which is about to transform the world we live in for the better. 

What is blockchain? Why does everyone from tech experts to business moguls to philanthropists believe it is a paradigm-shifting technology, bound to revolutionize society as significantly as the internet? Indeed, why is blockchain touted as The Next Everything?

In this deft, fascinating, and easy-to-digest introduction to one of the most important innovations of recent times, Stephen P. Williams answers these questions, revealing how cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are just one example among dozens of transformative applications that this relatively new technology makes possible. He interprets the complexity into digestible anecdotes, metaphors, and straightforward descriptions for readers who don’t know tech, and explains all of blockchain’s most important aspects: why this so-called digital ledger is unhackable and unchangeable; how its distributed nature may transfer power from central entities like banks, government, and corporations to ordinary citizens around the world; and what its widespread use will mean for society as a whole.

Taking us on a dazzlingly vivid tour through the systems predicted to soon underpin economics, politics, global trade, science, art, and numerous other aspects of our everyday lives, Blockchain: The Next Everything is a truly extraordinary journey into our future.
This audio edition includes a pdf.



  • 001 Blockchain Title

    Duration: 34s
  • 002 Blockchain Epigraph

    Duration: 35s
  • 003 Blockchain Introduction

    Duration: 05min
  • 004 Blockchain Part1

    Duration: 01h03min
  • 005 Blockchain Part2

    Duration: 45min
  • 006 Blockchain Part3

    Duration: 39min
  • 007 Blockchain Part4a

    Duration: 45min
  • 008 Blockchain Part4b

    Duration: 56min
  • 009 Blockchain Credits

    Duration: 42s