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Educating Jeremy is a movie podcast hosted by Jeremy from Podcasts We Listen To and Deana Marie from TwistedPhilly. Deana Marie (forces) asks Jeremy to watch movies he's never seen but she loves. They discuss what they liked about the films, what he didn't like and occasionally there's a throat punch reference somewhere in between. Jeremy and Deana Marie discuss all genres of movies - horror, science fiction, action, etc. If you love movies and hosts who have fun smack talking each other, then you'll love Educating Jeremy!


  • Rear Window

    11/09/2019 Duration: 01h08min

    This week Deana Marie and Jeremy head "back in time" to 1954 with the Hitchcock classic Rear Window starring Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart. This is Jeremy's FIRST Hitchcock film.  Deana Marie thinks it's a sure bet because she knows in her heart Jeremy has become a classic film fan, but what will Jeremy say?  Is this thriller chilling enough for Jeremy's taste?  And what will he think of his first experience with the master of cinema, Alfred Hitchcock?  There's gushing over our stars, lots of great trivia, spoiler free and spoiler filled segments plus our hosts wonder how you use the bathroom when you've got a cast from your toes up to your waist!

  • The Bank Job

    28/08/2019 Duration: 55min

    This week, Deana educates Jeremy about the 2008 Jason Statham film The Bank Job! Terry Leather and his crew embark on a bank heist that goes awry when, it turns out, one of the crew has ulterior motives for suggesting the plot. Between the police, other criminals, and the British goverment, will Terry and the crew survive? More importantly, will Jeremy like the movie? Listen and find out!

  • Enchanted

    07/08/2019 Duration: 01h14min

    This week, we talk about the 2007 movie Enchanted! Enchanted stars Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, and Idena Menzel in a somewhat different take on the old Disney Princess theme. The film also features actors like Susan Sarandon, Timothy Spall, Rachel Covey and more! This movie is high on the list of all time favorites for Deana and her daughter. Will Jeremy like it as much? We'll see...

  • NOS4A2

    24/07/2019 Duration: 01h13min

    This week, Deana and Jeremy talk about the AMC series NOS4A2. An adaptation of the Joe Hill book by the same name.    Both of them are big fans of Joe Hill. Did they love it? Did they hate it? Or was it just...meh?

  • Young Frankenstein with a very special guest

    03/07/2019 Duration: 01h20s

    This week, we took Jeremy's son Ian to see Young Frankenstein at Laurel Hill Cemetery's "Cinema in the Cemetery"! This was going to be an Educating Ian episode but, as it turns out, Jeremy had not seen this one either!

  • Horns

    19/05/2019 Duration: 48min

    In this episode Deana Marie and Jeremy watch and discuss the 2013 film Horns starring Daniel Radcliffe, based on the second novel by horror author Joe Hill.  Both hosts read the book, Jeremy barely remembers it and Deana Marie gushes over our author and the star of the film. This one is filled with a few more laughs than usual, even more clips thanks to Jeremy's sound board and lots of conversation about Deana's favorite author. Enjoy!

  • Night of the Comet

    29/04/2019 Duration: 41min

    Deana Marie and Jeremy head back to the 80s with the 1984 sci-fi apocalypse film Night of the Comet, starring Kelli Maroney and Catherine Mary Stewart.  Night of the Comet is one of Deana Marie's special selection of lesser known 80s films, a movie Jeremy thinks is filled with all the trappings of a typical 80s movie, but maybe with a little more to offer.  Leave your Mastercards at home because the stores are open!

  • Us Movie

    02/04/2019 Duration: 55min

    WARNING: If you have not seen Jordan Peele's new movie Us, do NOT listen to this episode!  It is filled with SPOILERS! Deana Mare and Jeremy change it up in this episode, discussing a new release movie: Us, written and directed by Jordan Peele.  Our hosts were thrilled for the release of Us, but were they thrilled when they left the theater? While the movie is new, the format is the same; our hosts share their thoughts about the latest installment from a new master of horror, they laugh and curse, share trivia and Jeremy seems to be mastering the sound board. But again, if you have not yet seen US, do not listen! You've been warned!  Also please forgive our scratchy voices, we were both sick!

  • Episode 18. The Neverending Story

    27/02/2019 Duration: 36min

    This episode we talk about one of the quintessential movies of the 1980's! 1984's The Neverending Story!

  • Episode 17: The Wizard of Oz

    30/01/2019 Duration: 52min

    The Wizard of Oz is Deana's favorite movie of ALL TIME! If she could only have one movie to watch for the rest of her life, it would be this one. Turns out, Jeremy had never seen it...kind of... BUT! It came to the theater down the street for a special 80th Anniversary showing. So, of course, we had to go see it.    Last episode, we promised a 80's fantasy movie. But this was a "movie emergency" as Deana put it. Have no fear though, next episode is all about the 80's!

  • Episode 16: Love Actually

    26/01/2019 Duration: 43min

    Jeremy and Deana Marie keep the holiday spirit going with the modern Christmas romantic comedy Love Actually, written and directed by Richard Curtis.  Please ignore the fact Deana Marie has to convince Jeremy this film is actually a Christmas movie.  It's got a stellar ensemble cast, a terrific soundtrack and a bigger fan in Jeremy than Deana Marie expected. 

  • Episode 15: It's a Wonderful Life

    23/12/2018 Duration: 41min

    In this holiday episode of Educating Jeremy, Deana Mare and Jeremy share their thoughts and feelings about the 1946 Christmas classic film It's a Wonderful Life, directed by Frank Capra and starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed.  This is the FIRST (and only) Jimmy Steward movie Jeremy's ever seen, while It's a Wonderful Life was a part of Deana's childhood and a long standing Christmas tradition. Will Jeremy love this film as much as Deana Marie? He'd better!

  • Episode 14: ELF

    14/12/2018 Duration: 42min

    This week Deana educates Jeremy about ELF! 

  • Episode 13: Age of Adeline - Educating Deana

    05/12/2018 Duration: 01h04min

    By listener request we have flipped the script!  In this episode Jeremy gets to educate Deana Marie about the 2015 film Age of Adeline starring Blake Lively, Ellen Burstyn, Michiel Huisman and Harrison Ford.  This is the first episode in which Jeremy picked the movie; now its Deana's turn to get educated!  NOTE: Our hosts experienced an unexpected technical difficulty recording this episode and the audio quality isn't what is normally featured.  Thank you for listening nonetheless!

  • Episode 12: Shaun of the Dead

    18/11/2018 Duration: 52min

    We continue our horror movie celebration (yeah, Halloween is over but so what) with the 2004 horror adventure comedy Shaun of the Dead, directed by Edgar Wright, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.  This is the first film in what Deana Marie calls the Trifecta, although its more widely known as one of the Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy.  Deana Marie absolutely loves this unique take on the classic zombie genre.  Jeremy loves the soundtrack, but does Jeremy think Shaun of the Dead is a little bit of fried gold? Tune in to find out!

  • BONUS EPISODE: Nosferatu

    16/10/2018 Duration: 27min

    Deana Marie and Jeremy had a most excellent date night recently; watching the classic horror film Nosferatu outside at Laurel Hill Cemetery, one of the oldest and first pastoral cemeteries in the country.  This film is nearly 100 years old and has influenced so many films and filmmakers.  It's even featured in an episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants.  Turn the lights down low because it's about to get spooky on Educating Jeremy. 

  • Episode 11: Babadook

    07/10/2018 Duration: 49min

    This week, Deana Marie educates Jeremy about what some people call the scariest movie of all time...The Babadook! 

  • Episode 10: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

    12/09/2018 Duration: 37min

    Our trip down the memory lane of 80s movies continue with a listener requested film from 1989: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. How 16 year old Jeremy never saw this movie when it was released is beyond anyone's comprehension.  Yeah, it's cheesy.  Yeah, it's excellent, at least according to Deana Marie.  She loves what she considers a nod to Dr. Who, young Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, and the most epic history presentation of all time.  Jeremy loves.... well, love might be a strong word for this one.  BTW, did you know Deana Marie bakes for Jeremy on every recording day?  Guess those throat punches are meant in love.  Excellent!  Strange things are afoot on Educating Jeremy.

  • Episode 9: Purple Rain

    01/09/2018 Duration: 49min

    Jeremy never watched Purple Rain.  No sugar coating it, he was a little dude when it came out, Deana Marie was almost 15 and although she couldn't see it in the theater, she saw it once Purple Rain hit VHS and she's been watching it ever since.  This film is an homage to the album of the same name, the Revolution and one of the greatest artists of all time.  Jeremy and Deana Marie discuss their mutual love of Prince, how Purple Rain showcases his music and the story of a kid trying to make it in the music industry in Minneapolis in 1984. 

  • Episode 8: The Quiet Man

    15/08/2018 Duration: 55min

    This week Jeremy and Deana Marie take a trip back in time to the days of Technicolor as they watch and discuss John Ford's The Quiet Man, starring Maureen O'Hara, John Wayne, Barry Fitzgerald and Victor McLaglen.  This film was a favorite of someone very special in Deana Marie's life so this episode has a little nostalgia, a lot of laughter, the usual throat punches and some deep discussion about the changes in how relationships are portrayed on screen today vs. 60+ years ago.  There's also a very interesting discussion about Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure at the very end of the episode so be sure to stick around for that!

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