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  • Supply Chain Intelligence from Octopart

    07/07/2021 Duration: 44min

    Octopart, the premier data platform for electronic components, handles at least 5 million unique searches every month. In this episode, together with Daniel Schoenfelder, head of Octopart, we will dive into the importance of having reliable access to electronic part data.  We specialize in democratizing electronic component data and helping engineers, designers, and buyers make better decisions faster. - Daniel Schoenfelder, head of Octopart Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics Watch the video, click here. Show Highlights: Introduction. The impact of the pandemic on Octopart Octopart’s vision: “Democratization of Information” New features: BOM tool in Octopart and Altium 365 Embeddable Experience Global Price and Availability Inventory alerts Comprehensive Part Data - Core User Experience Lifecycle on Octopart.com CAD Models Lead time How Octopart fits into NEXAR—underpinnings of what’s available in the supply domain Shortages, State of Industry—saturation and duration Search V

  • Macrofab: Modern EMS Solutions in North America

    29/06/2021 Duration: 38min

    “Working to reduce risk and provide a better customer experience in electronics manufacturing.” - Chris Church Macrofab offers a better electronics manufacturing experience for the customer, from PCBA manufacturing to complete product assembly, testing, and fulfillment. Chris Church is here to explain the inspiration behind Macrofab, the solution it offers to design engineers, and the value they add to get your product out fast and efficiently. Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics Watch the video, click here. [link to website live page] Show Highlights: Chris Introduction and overview of Macrofab (“Pool of Capacity”) The how and why of Macrofab’s innovation and the value proposition to the electronics hardware market:  Macrofab offers seamless solutions to electronics manufacturing challenges “AWS” of manufacturing. A fully managed marketplace Technological capabilities and faster turnarounds Customer demographic and addressable market (North America, Engineering and Purchasing professiona

  • ASC Free Technical eBook and Webinar Series

    22/06/2021 Duration: 33min

    Learn any issues upfront before sending your board design to manufacturing. In this episode, we are honored to have both Anaya Vardya and John Bushie of American Standard Circuits, Inc. They will share the inspiration behind their popular technical Ebook series that help design engineers to design a manufacturable circuit board. Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics Watch the video, click here. Show Highlights: Introduction and overview of American Standard Circuits, Inc (ASC) The eBook series answers the frequently asked PCB design questions Four Books overview: Fundamentals of PCB Technologies Flex and Rigid-Flex Fundamentals Thermal Management: A Fabricator Perspective Fundamentals of RF/Microwave PCBs Creating manufacturable circuit boards, more than once Technical Webinar series Lifelong learnings that will benefit every PCB designer Links and Resources: Anaya Vardya on LinkedIn John Bushie on LinkedIn Free eBooks on ASC Website Technical Webinar Series (Free and On-demand

  • Component Shortages Report from IHS

    03/06/2021 Duration: 21min

    Joining us in this episode is Greg Wood of IHS Markit, a global information company serving financial, automotive; energy and engineering; product design and manufacturing industries. Greg will share his 20 years of experience in the electronic parts management space to help design engineers like you cope with the current electronics components shortage. Stay tuned for tips and ideas to expand your opportunities to acquire inventory. Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics Watch the video, click here. Show Highlights: Daily Distribution/Manufacturing information provided to IHS (Audit/Clean up reports) Aggregate counts lead times remaining for active parts for part types Average lead times for counts, regular basis—since covid Presentations: spreadsheet, graphs, trends Monthly report on lead times, pricing, inventory quantities (products this summer) Webinars What’s driving component shortage? “The Crazy” Findings, learnings, stories—use cases. Coping strategy for design engineers Impa

  • Reinventing the Business of Electronics

    26/05/2021 Duration: 42min

    In this Ontrack episode, Altium’s Chief Ecosystem Officer, Ted Pawela, and Altium’s Chief Software Architect, Leigh Gawne, join us to give us information about the launching of Nexar. Who is Nexar for? What’s the vision behind it and the strategy (the Why) of this new business unit? They explain how Nexar addresses critical needs for design engineers and delivers direct and frictionless access to the entire ecosystem of electronics tools and service providers.  Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics Watch the video, click here. Show Highlights: The first year of Altium 365: adoption trajectory, feedback, latest advancement, and plans Launching of Nexar: What is Nexar? (Open Ecosystem, zero cost) Nexar ties together with Altium 365, APIs released April 30th (Octopart), and Partner Dashboard. What can be expected in the following weeks and months?  Types of partners, goals for those partners, and access to users/Octopart Benefits and opportunities for both users and partners Mcad slide (work

  • Unleashing your High Density PCB Designs

    18/05/2021 Duration: 21min

    Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics Watch the video, click here. Show Highlights: Understanding Semi Additive Process (SAP) and Modified Semi Additive Process (MSAP) MSAP isn’t new, but it’s growing to adoption, what’s driving that? What makes MSAP especially applicable now? Benefits of Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) for PCB designers and manufacturersWhat are the design implications and benefits? What exactly can you do with it? The methods/materials used for this technology?Chemical Technology, Averatec Ultra-thin copper, Insulectro Links and Resources: Insulectro Webinar on MSAP Insulectro Website (Insulectro Webinars Library available near the bottom of their homepage) Chris Hunrath LinkedIn profile Averatek Podcast on Additive Manufacturing   Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

  • Troubleshooting EMC from Your Workbench

    13/05/2021 Duration: 31min

    EMC expert Ken Wyatt joins us in this episode to answer frequently asked EMC questions—a sneak peak to his EMC Book Series. Watch the video, click here. EMC book series: Volume I: Create your own EMC Troubleshooting Kit What inspired you to write this book and why is this information important to your clients? Will you share some examples of common “blindspots” you observe with your design engineering clients relative to EMC? Can you share a few specific use cases? Volume II: Radiated and Conducted Emissions book will soon be published. What can readers expect to learn in this latest release? If you could share 1-2 tips for our listeners about radiated and conducted emissions, what would they be? Where can listeners find this book? Volume III: Immunity Testing What is Immunity Testing and why is it important? What are your plans for publication for this book? Will you come back again when volume 3 comes out? Wrap up. Links and Resources: Wyatt Technical Services (EMC Seminars) Ken Wyatt’

  • How to Build a New Data Management System

    04/05/2021 Duration: 56min

    Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics Watch the video, click here. [link to website live page] Show Highlight - Pro Tips!  How do you build a new data management system?  Build templates and defaults (files) and remember to always do this FIRST - copy the Altium defaults and set them up from there. Please review all the parameters and learn how they flow. Then check in to Concord / Altium365. Review and organize your categorization system. Make templates. Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be. Restrain yourself from over-organizing. Build up a test project and test it out. Bonus: Use the drafting system; it is awesome. Show Notes: Why did you start using Altium 365 Pro?  Flat data model is dead Database and programmable access to a managed data system Version control within the new data management system Part availability and shortages and crosses Better than Digi-key in some cases :) What solutions/benefits did this offer to the organizations you are involved in? Dig

  • Taking Simulation to a New Dimension

    20/04/2021 Duration: 42min

    Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics Watch the video, click here. Show Highlights: Background, Avishtech Featured tools: Gauss stack 2D, Gauss stack There are many simulation tools, what makes Avishtech’s offering standout? First product ever endorsed by industry Signal Integrity Expert, Lee Ritchey. (PCB stackup simulation, PCB dimensional stability and warpage) What pain points exist and how does Avishtech address these? What’s been the early feedback? Share use cases. What’s coming: Roadmap Links and Resources: Avishtech Website Avishtech Webinar Kashev Amla’s LinkedIn Profile Tarun Amla’s LinkedIn Profile Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

  • New Printed Circuit Engineering Course: PCE EDU

    19/04/2021 Duration: 43min

    Today's guests are Rick Hartley and Mike Creeden Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics Watch the video, click here. Show Highlights: Introduction, Rick Hartley and Mike Creeden Printed Circuit Engineering Course: PCE EDU Why not PCB-EDU Who is this course for? What is contained in the course, and the inspiration behind it? Who authored the course and where can Design Engineers sign up? How will this course be proctored for certification purposes? PCE EDU will be offered in universities Closing remarks Links and Resources: Eptac PCE EDU Course page PCEA (Printed Circuit Engineering Association) Rick Hartley’s LinkedIn Profile Mike Creeden’s LinkedIn Profile   Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

  • 3 Key IPC Rules to Know, Follow and (sometimes) Break

    12/04/2021 Duration: 30min

    Listen to this episode with Gerry Partida. Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics Watch the video, click here. Show Highlights: Introduction to Gerry Partida and Summit Interconnect Why knowing and following IPC standards are critical for Design Engineers AABUS: What is it, and when to use it (Edge clearances) Removing non-functional pads Watch for 3.5 mil minimum dielectric rule IPC 2221. Work around How to access standards, talk to your fabricator: IPC Expertise CTA: Follow Gerry on LinkedIn for tips and tricks Summit Interconnect Website IPC website Links and Resources: Gerry’s LinkedIn Profile Summit Interconnect Website IPC Website DFM Article: PCB Front-End Engineering   Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

  • Four Commonly Held Myths of EMC Design

    29/03/2021 Duration: 38min

    “Don't get your ground plane, there's never really a good reason to do that.” - Dr. Todd Hubing   Dr. Todd Hubing debunks the EMC myth. Dr. Hubing has authored or co-authored over 200 papers and presentations on electromagnetic modeling, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and the design of reliable electronic systems. In this episode he shares with us 30 years worth of knowledge, tested and proven facts about EMC. Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics Watch the video, click here. Show Highlights: Introduction. Get to know Dr. Todd Hubing. Learn EMC, Resources and Courses EMC question of the week from 2017 - 2020 compiled in a book, available now. EMC design guidelines: Top 4Solid ground planes should be gapped between analog and digital circuits. The decoupling capacitor should be located as close as physically possible to the IC’s power pin. On multi-layer boards, the best stack-up is ... To suppress common-mode noise, the power input on a circuit board should have a common-mode choke

  • The What, Why and How of Data Management

    10/03/2021 Duration: 38min

    More than 15 million components to choose from to design your board, where do you begin? Today’s guest is John Watson, a seasoned PCB designer with 40 years of experience in the electronic industry and now Altium’s Customer Success Manager. He will talk about everything you need to know about library management and how you can successfully keep it organized and functional for your PCB design needs. Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics Watch the video, click here.  Show Highlights: John Watson, 40 Years in Electronics, 22 Years in PCB Design, 5+Years PCB Design Manager for a global team of 65 Design Engineers What is Data Management and who are the stakeholders that use it? It’s the management of part data throughout the entire process of PCB design and manufacturing. Part Choices (Electrical Engineers-Circuit Designers, Schematic) MCAD (Mechanical Engineers) Procurement (Purchasing and Material Management) EMS Supplier (Suppliers) Recent data management webinar: Office Hours - Compon

  • Automate Front End Engineering Processes with Kent Balius

    23/02/2021 Duration: 22min

    How can we become more efficient as an industry? Kent Balius is here with us to discuss the importance of automating Front End Engineering processes. His company EPIC Front End Engineering promotes intelligent processing by reducing human interactions and eliminating labor-intensive administrative processes. This episode is all about smart engineering. Learn how an automated process can help increase your profits and revenues. Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics Watch the video, click here. Show Highlights: About Kent Balius: 35 years of front-end engineering at PCB fabricators  Viasystems/TTM, Global standardization plant-to-plant Data Package Collaboration between OEM designs and Fabricators (Seamless Global Transfer) EPIC Turn unstructured Data and convert it to Intelligent Data-Driven Processes  IPC-2581 Adoption and drive automation  What are the current challenges in the Industry: archaic, manual, intensive administrative process Dumb-data: Gerbers Effects on Revenues and Profi

  • Looking Forward: 2021 Industry Trends and Events to Watch for

    16/02/2021 Duration: 54min

    Where are we going in these crazy times? Mike Buetow, an exceptional journalist in the electrical engineering space, gives us the state of the industry—what to look out for, the current trends, and what will help you be a better design engineer in 2021. This is an episode full of valuable information about major industry trends. Make sure to check the extra resources below, and watch the full episode or listen on the go on any of your favorite podcast apps! Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics Watch the video, click here. Show Highlights: What lasting effects will the pandemic have on Trade Shows? PCB East and PCB West: Game On! in Massachusetts and California 3 Major Industry Trends to watch for:Component Shortages, Caps, Resistors, Memory, and Microchips Smart Manufacturing: Offshore Giants like Universal Scientific have achieved Industry 4.0 in scale Geopolitical Impacts: Keep your eyes on Taiwan! Links and Resources: PCB East PCB West TTI Market Eye ESD Alliance (EDA market stats

  • PCEA is Here to Meet the Challenges of the PCB Design Industry

    09/02/2021 Duration: 26min

    Tomas Chester is back for a Part 2 episode. This time he shares the importance of being involved in the PCB design community through organizations like the Printed Circuit Engineering Association™ (PCEA). He will also explain how the Materials Library in Altium Designer will benefit you as a designer and other stakeholders, including your fabricator. Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics Watch the video, click here. Show Highlights: Why Tomas is using the Altium Designer Materials Library Access to Tomas’ Materials Library Using Simberian's 3D field solver Embedded in Altium Designer Printed Circuit Engineering Association™ (PCEA) is addressing challenges in the Industry PCEA Tri-Chapter Kickoffs Links and Resources: Tomas Chester on LinkedIn Chester Electronic Design Access to Tomas's Materials Library PCEA website PCEA Membership   Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

  • More Designing, Less Distraction with Altium Designer 365

    02/02/2021 Duration: 35min

    “Those who get to choose, choose Altium Designer.” - Lawrence Romine, Altium VP of Corporate Marketing   In this episode, Lawrence Romine is with us to reveal some exciting news about the new Altium Designer Multi-Plan Subscription Programs. He explains the three components that make up the subscription program and how a designer like you can benefit from each option. Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics Watch the video, click here. Show Highlights: Introduction of the new Multi-plan Subscription Plan (Includes cloud solution Altium 365 and service and feature-specific choices. What’s the difference between “maintenance” and “subscription”? Altium making a shift towards Saas (Software-as-a-service), allowing for choosing best-fit solutions Definition Standard vs. Pro subscription plans Perpetual and on-premise subscription remain available Altium 365 enables an unparalleled ability to collaborate across engineering disciplines and with supply chain partners. Links and Resources: Subs

  • Invest in Your Career: Take Time to Explore and Be Creative

    26/01/2021 Duration: 34min

    Get out (or online) and learn! This episode with Tomas Chester is all about engaging and contributing to the design community. He shares with us his motivation to self-educate and how he invests in his career through a dedicated effort to connect with the engineering community. Tomas shares how to make the most of your learning style and utilize educational resources.  Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics Watch the video, click here. Show Highlights: Tomas shares the challenges, opportunities, and what motivates him to contribute to the design community in forums and social media. Get to know your learning style and design style. The welcome road to becoming an Altium Designer Beta group contributor and an Altium Certified Instructor Essentials vs Advanced Course. Utilizing available resources such as Altium Academy and YouTube Channel, free training, Altium documentation on the website. “Playing” with your tools, and learning from your coworkers Time constraints crowd out time for educat

  • Fostering Innovation in a Post-Covid World

    21/01/2021 Duration: 52min

    What’s in your soft skill toolbox? Eli Hughes is a true full-stack hardware engineer and a co-founder of Tzero Brew. He joins the OnTrack podcast to share his insights on how to foster innovation, manage upstream failure, build trust with your fellow engineers and stakeholders, and develop your soft skills—and other non-technical skills we use to communicate with each other and solve problems effectively.  Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics Watch the video, click here. Show Highlights: Intro to Eli Meeting the challenges of working remotely A lesson in engineering from a kindergartener ”Soft skills for hardware”; humanity in engineering  Timing and Perception: Shifting targets as customer needs change Too easy to be negative; finding positivity in global challenges How constraints foster innovation Wants vs Needs: building trust with fellow developers Jeremy Blum’s take on ‘Empathic Engineering’ You make it, you fix it: managing upstream failure Believing in the Mission: how ordinar

  • Common Signal Integrity Pitfalls

    12/01/2021 Duration: 28min

    The OnTrack Podcast welcomes Hans Klos, founder and CEO of Sintecs, a simulation service provider and developer of the HyperLynx® Connector tool. HyperLynx® Connector is a freeware application which seamlessly bridges the gap between Mentor Graphics’ HyperLynx and Altium Designer.  Join us as Hans and Judy discuss the HyperLynx Connector tool, their upcoming webinar collaboration, and common signal integrity pitfalls.   Work from Anywhere. Connect with Anyone. Share and Collaborate. Everything in One Place.   Watch the video, clickhere.   Show Highlights Hans Klos, founder and CEO of Sintec Rethinking Frequency and Rise and Fall times Common signal integrity pitfalls The problem with blindly trusting reference boards The Benefit of Simulation vs. Design & Measure The shift toward board level issues Why IoT devices are driving the need for simulation Sintecs’ HyperLynx Connector How design engineers can access Hyperlinx affordably Syntecs’ free training videos Resources: Hans Klos on L

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