Poise How To Attain It

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Poise is a power derived from the Mastery of Self from the PREFACE: All efforts directed toward the correcting of temperamental or mental blemishes or defects and nervous conditions are of benefit to humanity. In producing this book the Author's purpose was to help mankind to overcome these weaknesses, which are a serious impediment to mental development, and hinder personal advancement and general progress. The aim of the Publishers in issuing this translation is to put into the hands of those who wish to overcome their failings, become masters of themselves, and command the attention and respect of others, a work that has been thoroughly tested abroad and one that will be found of exceptional service in attaining the end in viewthe securing of a perfect balance. This book is written in two parts. The first points to the need of Poise in daily life, indicates the obstacles to be overcome, and discusses the effects of Poise on personal efficiency. The second instructs the reader how to secure that evenness of temperament which is the chief characteristic of Poise. It includes, in addition, [pg 4]a series of practical physical exercises to be used in acquiring Poise. If such a work as this is to do good, if the reader really wishes to benefit by the advice that it gives him, it must be read thoughtfully and diligently, not fitfully and forgetfully, and the reader most steadfastly keep before him the maxim of the AuthorPoise is a power derived from the Mastery of Self. THE PUBLISHERS. CONTENTS:PrefacePART ONEPOISE: ITS NEED, ITS ENEMIES, ITS EFFECTI. The Need of Poise in LifeII. The Enemies of PoiseIII. War on TimidityPART TWOHOW TO ACQUIRE POISEI. Modesty and Effrontery ContrastedII. Physical Exercises to Acquire PoiseIII. Four Series of Physical ExercisesIV. Practical Exercises for Obtaining PoiseV. The Supreme Achievement


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