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Welcome to Movies with Ron, a new podcast for those who haven't the time or $$ for the cinema, or who just want to catch up on a film they normally would never see. Each week, Ron recaps a new release for Chris, who works long hours for little pay. Rick runs the sound, and everybody else just wants a little entertainment. Hilarity and mishaps ensue. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD: proceed at your own peril...


  • Ep. 169 - Big Trouble in Little China

    20/08/2023 Duration: 01h56min

    Everybody relax, Ron's here to look that big ole John Carpenter right in the brown eye and recap some pure 1986 magic: Dude, Where's My Truck? So sit tight, hold the fort, and remember what old Egg Shen says at a time like this, "Wasn't easy!"

  • Ep. 168 - Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

    18/06/2023 Duration: 02h18min

    Two men enter; one man recaps our favorite "death on foot" played by Mel Gibson, with Tina Turner hot on his tail in a gold phallus. So bring a diaper, a sax, and a gut full of fear. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Max Max Beyond Thunderdome is here! Recap starts at 00:10:30

  • Ep. 167 - Evil Dead Rise

    14/05/2023 Duration: 01h19min

    It's a theatrical episode! Did you think Ron could go see the new Evil Dead and not tell us about it? So sit down, shut up, fuse with a couple family members, and let's do this!

  • Ep. 166 - Night of the Comet

    09/04/2023 Duration: 01h19min

    This week, Ron wipes out most of life on Earth with his recap of a quintessential 80s favorite starring Catherine Mary Stewart, Kelli Maroney, and Robert Beltran. Recap starts at 00:08:40

  • Ep. 165 - Warlock: the Armageddon

    19/02/2023 Duration: 01h44min

    This week, he's not a "Ron," he's a witch! And the gang writes a proper love letter to Julian Sands with the help of a special mystery co-host... Recap starts at 00:09:20  

  • Ep. 164 - The Stuff

    08/01/2023 Duration: 01h23min

    Things get real sticky this week when Ron recaps that one movie everyone saw on the shelf in the video rental store, and ain't no lamp oil gonna fix it. Recap starts at 00:12:00 *spoilers ahead*

  • Ep. 163 - The Thing (1982)

    23/10/2022 Duration: 01h34min

    This week, Ron's head finally opens up like a flower and spurts a spooky recap all over. You're gonna need a towel. Happy Halloween, folks! *major spoilers ahead*

  • Ep. 162 - The VelociPastor

    27/08/2022 Duration: 01h09min

    ...for God said unto Ron, "make a new recap," and he did, and it was pretty good!

  • Ep. 161 - Remo Williams

    03/07/2022 Duration: 01h28min

    This week's a "backwards dick" kinda week as Birthday Boy Ron does his absolute best to give Fred Ward a proper send-off without somehow recapping Tremors 2. *major spoilers ahead*

  • Ep. 160 - No Escape

    05/06/2022 Duration: 01h31min

    No guards. No walls. Endless dicks. Join us as Ron embarks on the greatest sausage-fest ever told. *major spoilers ahead*

  • Ep. 159 - Alligator

    08/05/2022 Duration: 01h42min

    Ron brings that good good 1980 stuff with Alligator: an Alopecian Story, starring Robert Forster, Robin Riker, and the biggest damn lhasa apso you ever saw.   *MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD*

  • Ep. 158 - Legend

    20/03/2022 Duration: 01h55min

    Oh Mother Night, protect us in your big black embrace as we take on an 80s recap of epic proportions and attempt to answer the age old question: What is light without dildos? *major spoilers ahead*

  • Ep. 157 - Gremlins 2

    06/02/2022 Duration: 01h52min

    You know something, Mean Gene, you don't have to remind me and my Ronmaniacs that Gremlins 2 is Joe Dante's true masterpiece, starring Haviland Morris, Tony Randall, and the lovable John Glover. You just have to ask yourself one question: What are you gonna do when the Ronster runs wild on YOU!?

  • Ep. 156 - Santa Claus: The Movie

    19/12/2021 Duration: 01h36min

    Santa shakes his belly like a bowlful of jelly, watches his worst employee cheat on him with John Lithgow, then goes around the world with a homeless minor! Come unwrap this recap with Ron and the gang. Do you know how to say, "Yo?" *Major Spoilers Ahead*

  • Ep. 155 - Nightmare at Noon

    09/10/2021 Duration: 01h13min

    In a special request episode, Ron's recap of this '80s straight-to-video gem starring Bo Hopkins and Wings Hauser will definitely have you questioning that next cup of coffee. *Major spoilers ahead*

  • Ep. 154 - Showdown in Little Tokyo

    22/08/2021 Duration: 01h34min

    Hold on to your milk because Movies with Ron will never be the same again. Our favorite recapper spews a 90's action flick starring Dolph Lundgren, Brandon Lee, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Vernee Watson, and Takayo "Do the thing" Fischer. *MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD*

  • Ep. 153 - Warlock

    11/07/2021 Duration: 01h26min

    This week, Ron (of empty crib and stillborn foal) makes the undoing of the cosmos sound pretty great in one of our favorite "man out of time" recaps starring Julian Sands, Richard E. Grant, and the beautiful Lori Singer. *MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD*

  • Ep. 152 - Solarbabies

    13/06/2021 Duration: 01h36min

    Nurse Candy returns (!) just in time for a beloved 80s stinker starring James Le Gros, who plays a socially awkward bad-ass that leads his post-apocalyptic rollerskating team against an army of fascists, and all from a supporting role. Jason Patrick and Jamie Gertz are in it as well. *MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD*

  • Ep. 151 - House

    16/05/2021 Duration: 01h19min

    Hi. Ready to play? Yeah, me neither. Let's all just sit back, relax, and listen to undead soldiers running out of ammunition, because Ron's ready to whip out an 80s horror classic all over us.

  • Ep. 150 - Single White Female

    18/04/2021 Duration: 01h03min

    Bing! Ron's back in the saddle with a story of asses and obsession starring Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Frumpy Leigh.

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