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  • Quit Your Day Job

    31/12/2008 Duration: 33min

    Are you relying on big business to secure your future? Prepare yourself to be able to Quit Your Day Job! People are so scared to go to work they are having heart attacks. Learn how you can Pre-Play your Future and not Re-Play your past. 7 traits to develop that will allow you to Quit Your Day Job. Join Carla McNeil for the Terrific Tuesday Teleclass every Tuesday 5:30 PM Pacific 1 - 218 - 486 - 7200 Bridge 5370 Feed Shark

  • 6 Benefits of Giving

    24/12/2008 Duration: 26min

    We all have our different reasons for giving. Whether we give a little or give a lot, it all makes a difference to someone. Making a difference in this world is an awesome way to live your life. Learn 6 reasons why giving is a good thing and how it can benefit you in more ways that you realize. One of the reasons I am building my home business is to be able to foster through The Plan 100 children. What's your dream?

  • 7 F's To Mastermind On

    17/12/2008 Duration: 25min

    Picture of my first mastermind team, they are very faithful and kept me in the game when the chips were down. I have progressed. Financial success is a fairly clear measure of how the power of your mastermind can make a difference. The support for creating and designing new possibilities are expanded with the power of a mastermind. What could be working better in your life? A mastermind can help! Feed Shark

  • Intensity - Crank it Up!

    14/12/2008 Duration: 30min

    You have no choice or control over that which you are unaware. Once you become aware of something, however, you have choice over it. You can exercise some control. We cannot always control our thoughts, but we can control our words, and repetition impresses the subconscious, and we are then master of the situation." Jane Fonda I love this picture of my Dad, if he was not being intense and focused he would be very WET! You're Invited To Terrific Tuesday Teleclass 1-218-486-7200 Bridge 549706 Feed Shark Every Tuesday at 5:30 Pacific

  • Emotions, Who Controls Them?

    10/12/2008 Duration: 33min

    Our emotions can be very powerful and can drive us to do things we didn't believe were possible. However do you control your emotions or do they control you? Stress and depression are two results that happen when you let your emotions control you. Have a listen, learn a couple of simple actions you can take to that you can head down the path of controlling your own emotions. I am in the last seat on this Disneyland Space Mountain ride - lots of emotion here !!! Feed Shark

  • 2 Ways to Build Success Habits

    27/11/2008 Duration: 31min

    The topic for discussion on tonite's call was all about building the success habits that you need in order to obtain your financial freedom. A great question to ask yourself Am I putting a lot of effort into NOT getting my dream? Carla delivers two exercises to assist you in getting started putting the effort into actually getting that dream. You're Invited To Terrific Tuesday Teleclass 1-218-486-7200 Bridge 549706 Every Tuesday at 5:30 Pacific Feed Shark

  • Out With The Old - In With The New

    20/11/2008 Duration: 31min

    An old phrase which we can employ to take our lives to a different level. Your beliefs are simply what you have learned. Are you ready to learn about the beliefs and habits of the rich and no so famous and retire a millionaire? "Forget about the consequences of failure. Failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success." Dr Denis Waitley Feed Shark

  • Ruddy Ortiz Success Interview

    12/11/2008 Duration: 01h12min

    Ruddy Ortiz is a successful business man on the internet. His story is moving and inspiring. During this interview Ruddy Ortiz discusses critical success habits, facing challenges and advice on how to get started building your own home based business. Or as Ruddy says, doing business in your pajamas.

  • Stress - Use It or Lose It

    03/11/2008 Duration: 33min

    Are you stressed out with this economy? Learn techniques where you can use that stress to create financial freedom for you and your family. Learn how you can use your stress to build a home based business - you too can retire a millionire. This picture is from the Green Slide Competition at the Beaches Boscbel Resort in Jamaica. A huge amout of stress coming down this slide the first time!! John Di Lemme who came in 4th on this competition and because I am his elite student I am now using stress to drive me forward. YOU can too! Feed Shark

  • John Di Lemme Success Interview

    22/10/2008 Duration: 30min

    The Terrific Tuesday Teleclass had a very special guest, my strategic business coach and international bestselling author Mr. John Di Lemme. It was a great interview where John DiLemme shared wisdom about success principles and habits on how to build a home based business. Developing the habit of daily expectation and celebrating the achievement of small goals are two topics discussed in this mind-blowing interview. Please join me each and every week because; You're Invited To Terrific Tuesday Teleclass 1-218-486-7200 Bridge 549706 Every Tuesday at 5:30 Pacific Where we share words of wisdom and develop habits that lead to Retiring a Millionaire. Feed Shark

  • Black and White - How I Used to Live My Life

    16/10/2008 Duration: 30min

    My father always said "my way or the highway", does that sound familiar to anyone? You can either be right or wrong - right? Life is Black and white? or perhaps is there some grey? The benefits of understanding and using the "grey" in your life can be life changing. Carla discusses how to recognize when you are thinking in black and white; and how to change that thinking if it is not producing positive results in your life. Feed Shark

  • Excuses - Which one's Yours?

    08/10/2008 Duration: 34min

    This picture was taken high up over a fjord in north eastern Labrador. I thought of many excuses not to climb out onto that flat rock, but in the end I decided I simply had to do it!! What excuses are holding you back? Are you living the successful life you always dreamed of? Carla provides information on how that can be possible. She is living proof that someone can turn their life around! Building a home based business, the best way in this economy to recession proof you and your family. Are you ready to make a decision and join a winning team? Feed Shark

  • Pressure - Are You Applying Enough?

    01/10/2008 Duration: 32min

    This picture was taken after mother nature had applied an enormous amout of pressure!! The spring thaw and the break up of the Hay River in the North West Territories. Can you see me there in the picture? Are you applying enough pressure in your life so that you are able to step up into success? Or do you stop when the pressure gets too much? Carla discusses what you can do to use the pressure and create a better life for yourself. Feed Shark

  • How Do I Keep the Faith in Myself?

    24/09/2008 Duration: 33min

    One of the big reasons we fail in what we want to do is because we do not have the faith in ourselves to achieve that goal, that financial freedom. Carla McNeil discusses four action steps that you can take to assist you on the success journey. Building a home based business takes a lot of faith in oneself - learn how you can achieve that success in your life. Give it a listen. Feed Shark

  • Do You Fail Forward?

    17/09/2008 Duration: 29min

    Believe it or not my niece and nephew were teaching me how to ride this little scooter. I actually did not fall flat on my face and I eventually was a "winner" on the scooter. Failing Forward!! How do you handle the challenges in your life? Are you a winner. Carla explains 4 ways she changed her own behavior from a quitter to a winner.

  • Are you Tired of Allowing Others to Waste Your Time?

    11/09/2008 Duration: 30min

    Very recently I realized I was allowing others to waste my time. I know how valuable time is; a commodity we cannot replace. I found I was so tired of allowing others to waste my time that I finally decided to do something about it. We have just returned from an event with Live Out Loud and Loral Langemeier, this is how we have chosen to spend the new time we have created!

  • Learning - We Are Always Learning

    04/09/2008 Duration: 31min

    This picture was taken at an awesome learning event, where I met Dr John Maxwell. An absolutely wonderful experience. We are always learning – the question is WHAT are we learning? As human beings we are always growing, the question is in what direction? Many people are committed to their excuses. In many cases the excuses are simply learned behaviour, the best part is we can learn to do things differently!

  • Persistence - Do You Have Enough

    01/09/2008 Duration: 32min

    In order to succeed we need to be persistent, it is the difference between success and failure. Here I sit with my 95 children waiting to be sponsored, I will persist until the task is done. 100% guaranteed. Do you allow your excuses to take you out? I'm too tired. I don't have enough money. I can't do it. "Don't wish for less problems.... Wish for more skills!!" Jim Rohne Listen in for some tips in becoming more persistent, which brings more success in what you do.

  • Do You Have Stinking Thinking?

    27/08/2008 Duration: 31min

    Are your thoughts creating the life you want? Why do we want to say remember rather than forget? We all use words to create our future, whether we say them out loud or not. Are the words you are thinking and speaking giving you the results you really want? Carla *The Champion* McNeil Are your dreams limited by your income? Are you ready for a change? Take Action Now - Call me (778) 835-4032 Visit Changing lives forever – Are You Next? PS: You're Invited To Terrific Tuesday Teleclass 1-218-486-7200 Bridge 549706 Every Tuesday at 5:30 Pacific

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