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From the writers and creators of Independent By Design: Art & Stories of Indie Game Creation, the Indie By Design Podcast is the show that goes behind the scenes and explores the world of game design and game designers.


  • IBD #05 - Freejam Games

    IBD #05 - Freejam Games

    19/04/2017 Duration: 51min

      The UK-based Freejam Games has catapulted itself to fame in recent years thanks to the success of Robocraft, a shooter in which you build your own robot and take it online to do battle with and against other creators. With player numbers in the millions and Freejam expanding from its initial handful of founders to a studio now boasting over 40 employees, the team makes for an excellent case study regarding the continued success of the UK independent games industry. Here we talk to CEO Mark Simmons and art director Richard Turner, two of Freejam’s founders, about the origins of the company, their approach to growth over the short and long term, the lessons learned from listening to community feedback and much more. We begin our interview with Mark Simmons explaining the earliest origins of Robocraft. Richard Turner, for reference, is the speaker with the deeper, slightly louder voice. Brought to you by the writers and creators of Independent By Design: Art & Stories of Indie Game Creation, the Indie By D

  • IBD #04 - Mode 7 Games

    IBD #04 - Mode 7 Games

    12/04/2017 Duration: 59min

    UK-based Mode 7 Games was founded by Paul Kilduff-Taylor and Ian Hardingham and is best known for creating top-down turn-based tactical combat titles, Frozen Synapse and Frozen Synapse 2. They’ve also applied the turn-based strategic treatment to a futuristic sports title in the form of Frozen Cortex and, before any of that, they created Determinance, a sword-fighting multiplayer title in which you fly around crossing blades and wits using one-to-one mouse movements to drive combat. In addition to developing its own titles, Mode 7 is making forays into publishing games. Tokyo 42, developed by creative partnership Smac Games, is the first game to be released by Mode 7 acting in a publisher capacity. Here, Paul Kilduff-Taylor talks about his creative roles as musician, writer, designer and business developer, the useful lessons of perceived failure and how to stand out from the crowd. He begins by explaining how Mode 7 transitioned from flying sword-fights to turn-based tactics. Brought to you by the writers an

  • IBD #03 - Roll7

    IBD #03 - Roll7

    05/04/2017 Duration: 01h04min

    UK studio Roll7 is best known for Not A Hero and its OlliOlli series, but the three-man team has been involved in the creation of games for many more years than its number of high-profile releases indicate.  Directed by Simon Bennett, Tom Hegarty and John Ribbins, Roll7 has worked with the UK government on educating young people in game design, worked on advertising projects with large brands and dabbled in the creation of games based around brain-interface technology. Here we talk to John Ribbins, chief game designer at Roll7, about his earliest memories creating games, his entry into Roll7, the studio's diverse history and 'house style' and more. Brought to you by the writers and creators of Independent By Design: Art & Stories of Indie Game Creation, the Indie By Design Podcast (IBD) is the show that goes behind the scenes to explore the world of game design and game designers. Visit us at - Twitter: @indiebydesign - Facebook/independentbydesign Music by Ben Prunty. 

  • IBD #02 - Introversion Software

    IBD #02 - Introversion Software

    29/03/2017 Duration: 56min

    Introversion Software was founded in 2001 by three friends not long out of university. Together, Chris Delay, Mark Morris and Tom Arundel pooled their varied skill sets and talents to help fuel the creative process and to enter a competition to write a business plan, the grand prize for which was £10,000. It was to prove a pivotal moment in the fledgling company’s history. While they didn’t win the competition, it did enable the founding members to begin to establish the creative and managerial blueprint they would use over the next decade and a half. In that time, Introversion Software has grown through the many lows and highs of independent game development against the ever changing backdrop of this creative medium. Here, Mark Morris talks about Introversion’s outlook on game creation, the dangers of design by committee and how the company’s greatest strengths have come to light over time. He first outlines the company’s early days and how the roles of the three founders, alongside that of company co-direct

  • IBD #01 - Devolver Digital

    IBD #01 - Devolver Digital

    22/03/2017 Duration: 01h03s

    Devolver describes itself a purveyor of entertainment created by independent artists from around the world. Some of its best known game releases include Hotline Miami, the Serious Sam series, Not A Hero and Luftrausers, with developers such as Dennaton, Croteam, Roll7 and Vlambeer counted as amongst its game development partners. Devolver's founders had previously started Gathering of Developers, a publisher fuelled by the idea of creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem between independent game designer and publisher, in which the creator would retain full control over their project. After it was acquired in 2000 by Take-Two Interactive, Gathering of Developers quickly disintegrated. The founders left and the publisher’s operation was blended into the Take-Two owned 2K Games brand. Devolver Digital shares the same core philosophy of Gathering of Developers, the focus being on allowing independent creators to showcase a work that they retain full control over. Graeme Struthers, part of the small core team tha

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