Big Gross Movies



Comedians Dave Atkinson and Meg Mackay invite hilarious guests to go back in time to study the popular culture and history of a year and then watch the highest grossing movie of that year to try and find out why it was that year's Big Gross Movie.


  • BGM-023-1971-The French Connection with Andrew ivimey

    02/09/2015 Duration: 01h39min

    This week the new parts come in for the time machine so we run her in heading to 1971 to check it out and watch it's big gross movie: The French Connection.  We talk about Bangladeshi independence, an alarmingly reasonable prison riot, parliamentary swearing and the confusing plate of mysterious movie goulash that is The French Connection with Andrew Ivimey, comedian and boss guy at texts from superheroes.

  • BGM-022-2015-Mad Max: Fury Road with Will Noye

    26/08/2015 Duration: 01h05min

    This week we leave the Time machine absolutely alone and review our favorite movie of this summer: Mad Max: Fury Road. War Boys! Immortan Joe! Explosions! FURIOSA! WE WILL RIDE THIS PODCAST SURROUNDED BY FLAME INTO VALHALLA, SHINY AND CHROME! with special guest Will Noye! So come on in, have a listen.

  • BGM-021-1975- Jaws with Rebecca Kohler

    19/08/2015 Duration: 01h21min

    This week we strap some yellow barrels to the time machine and shoot back to 1975 to have a look-see and watch their big gross movie: Jaws.  We talk about Vietnam, trying to kill Gerry Ford a few times and then talk about this kid Stevie Spielberg's little fish movie called Jaws.

  • BGM-020-1989-Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with Nigel Grinstead

    12/08/2015 Duration: 01h31min

    This week we fly the time machine through a gale of birds and land in 1989 to watch it's big gross movie: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with our Indiana Jones specialist co-host Nigel Grinstead.  We talk about the bummer history of 1989 and go over a movie about James Bond and Han Solo melting Nazis.  What more can a moviegoer ask for?

  • BGM-019-1988-Rain Man with Ben Miner

    05/08/2015 Duration: 54min

    This week we skip the time machine back to 1988 and watch its Big Gross movie: Rain Man.  We discuss wars, elections, inventions, and which meat product most resembles Dave's nipples.  With special guest Ben Miner. 

  • BGM-018-1968-2001: A Space Odyssey with Jordan Foisy

    29/07/2015 Duration: 01h17min

    This week we fly the time machine through a kaleidoscopic rendering of the very fabric of existence and land in 1968 to watch its big gross movie: 2001: A Space Odyssey.  We discuss a year of awful, awful shit and discuss a movie that really hurts your brain with our special guest Jordan Foisy.

  • BGM-017-1998-Armageddon with Jeff McEnery

    22/07/2015 Duration: 01h09min

    This week, we pull 12gs and explode the time machine into 1998 and watch its big gross movie: Armageddon with our special guest, comedian Jeff McEnery.  Mostly, we yell at it and call it names.

  • BGM-016-1986-Top Gun with Troy Stark

    15/07/2015 Duration: 01h02min

    This week we navigate the time machine right into the danger zone, then cunningly pilot out of it to land in 1986 and see its big gross movie Top Gun with our guest Troy Stark.  We discuss an awful space disaster, an awful nuclear disaster, and the most homoerotic mainstream navy aviation themed film ever made.

  • BGM-015-2015 Progress Report

    08/07/2015 Duration: 27min

    This week the piece of garbage time machine poops out so we do a progress report on the big gross movies of 2015 so far, some of which we have never goddamn heard of. Listen along as Meg realises her life's ambition is to live in a cottage with Michelle Rodriguez and Chris Pratt with a nearby Raptor Paddock and Dave feels strong things about Gasoline in the desert.  We also talk about women in movies and how there aren't very many.

  • BGM-014-1994-The Lion King with Amanda Brooke-Perrin

    01/07/2015 Duration: 01h25min

    This week, we spin the time machine wheels back to 1994 and watch its big gross movie: The Lion King! We talk about A mostly awful year, make light of OJ Simpson and revisit various childhood traumas with our very special guest Amanda Brooke-Perrin!

  • BGM-013-2001-Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone with Nile Seguin

    24/06/2015 Duration: 01h42min

    This week we drown the time machine in unicorn blood and visit the uncomfortably crappy year of 2001 and watch it's big gross movie: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.  Learn about crazy Nepalese stuff, awful songs and enjoy as we run over a year at a jarringly negligent wizard school with our special guest Nile Seguin.

  • BGM-012-1953-Peter Pan with Ryan Horwood

    17/06/2015 Duration: 01h21min

    This year we crank the atomic engines on the time machine back to 1953 and go over its big gross movie: Peter Pan. We Talk about Eisenhower, Nukuler test 'splosions, awful music and an offensive romp through the opium dreams of Edwardian Children raised by a magic dog with our guest Ryan Horwood

  • BGM-011-1973-The Exorcist with Amanda Day

    10/06/2015 Duration: 01h14min

    This week we sail the old ship time machine into 1973 to examine it and its big gross movie: The Exorcist.  With special guest Amanda Day we go over fuel shortages, a landmark in women's rights and a really shitty few months for a little girl and a greek priest.

  • BGM-010-1980- Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

    03/06/2015 Duration: 01h40min

    Join us as we paddle our time canoe back to 1980 and check out its big gross movie: Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back! Come for the Iran Hostage Crisis and Crazy mountain explosion, stay for the discussion about Yoda's bum.  With Special Guest Allison Dore.

  • BGM-009-1991-Terminator 2: Judgement Day

    27/05/2015 Duration: 01h34min

    This week we throttle the time machine to medium and skip back to 1991 and watch its big gross movie: Terminator 2: Judgment Day with comedian Shawn Hogan.  The Soviet union collapses! The (first) Gulf War! An awful murderer! Also, the best action movie that features time travelling murder robots falling into a vat of orange drink.

  • BGM-008-1958-South Pacific with K. Trevor Wilson

    20/05/2015 Duration: 01h16min

    This week we plant the time machine in 1958 to examine Whoopsy Nukes, Bertrand Russel's hippie insignia and the BS Georgia pulled on Maurice before talking about itès big gross movie: South Pacific with our Guest K. Trevor Wilson

  • BGM-007-1993-Jurassic Park with Tim McDonald

    13/05/2015 Duration: 01h09min

    This week we take a short hop in the time machine to 1993 and talk about who cares DINOSAURS!  We watch Jurassic Park with special guest Tim McDonald from the Back to Degrassi Podcast.

  • BGM-006-1969-Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with Fraser Young

    06/05/2015 Duration: 01h24min

    This week we pour a gallon of LSD into the time machine and visit the very busy 1969 and its big gross movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with our guest Fraser Young.  Amongs a lot of other stuff, we talk about jump jet pricing, historical concert deaths hilarious and otherwise and the incredible Butch and Sundance.

  • BGM-005-1976-Rocky with Alex Wood

    29/04/2015 Duration: 01h24min

    This episode we pedal the time machine into the morass of disco and flags that is 1976 and its Big Gross Movie: Rocky.  With our special guest Alex Wood we talk the Turkey maneuvre, Mick and the Chicken-leg scourge and the emotional dams that are hats.

  • BGM-004-2009-Avatar with Diana Bailey

    22/04/2015 Duration: 01h16min

    This week we take our shortest trip yet in the time machine and visit 2009 and its Big Gross Movie: Avatar.  We discuss James Cameron, the mechanics of Navi lovemaking and much more with special guest and stand-up comic Diana Bailey

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