Sunday's Message At Freedom Christian Center



Our call is to Save, Train, Activate and Release God's people to achieve the destiny He has for their lives.


  • Hold on to the Promise

    Hold on to the Promise

    16/05/2010 Duration: 36min

    God wants you to inherit the Promise/promises. Be patient while you wait. Let God have the perfect work in you. Prepare while waiting. Increase your faith by increasing your relationship with Him.

  • Mothers Day-Growing With Mary

    Mothers Day-Growing With Mary

    09/05/2010 Duration: 47min

    The good news today. It is all about relationship. If you have a strained relationship - you can take steps to make it better. If you have a good relationship, make it great. If you have lost a child through Jesus Christ and Him alone you can meet again. Sons and daughters - if you are with your moms today, make it count. If you are not and you can call, make that call. Make them special. If your mother is no longer with your family, make her memories live-honor her by remembering. Honor her by sharing. Three of todays points are closely connected to separation, which brings to a mother internal pain. Mothers this will help you to understand some of those feeling that you have or will experience. Children - let this help you understand your moms today. Learn to see her heart.

  • The Roar that Silenced Lions

    The Roar that Silenced Lions

    02/05/2010 Duration: 01h37s

    God is Roaring this morning-who will hear the call? If your heart is dead come running? If you have been ensnared in the dragons lair, come out-come running? Hear the roar and live.

  • An Extraordinary Family Life

    An Extraordinary Family Life

    25/04/2010 Duration: 53min

    This is the last session in the series by Bill Gattle titled, "An Extraordinary Family Life".

  • Generation to Generation

    Generation to Generation

    18/04/2010 Duration: 42min

    We are living in a time when we are seeing families shaken! Parents are being tested on every side by the culture that surrounds them and children are being overcome by a culture that only desires to enslave them.

  • Zechariah - The Lord Remembers

    Zechariah - The Lord Remembers

    11/04/2010 Duration: 49min

    Guest speaker, Pastor Larry Booth from Our Fathers House, speaks while Pastor Tim Franklin is away with a missions team in Haiti.

  • Who Stole Jesus?

    Who Stole Jesus?

    04/04/2010 Duration: 54min

    Everyone at some point will be raised - believers and non-believers alike. Some will be raise to eternal life just as the scripture has said. Others will be raise to eternal death - forever separate from God, and that pain will never cease. If Mary could have taken Jesus at his word she never would have lost Jesus or experienced mistaken identity. I am encouraging you today, take Jesus at his word: you will be raised, rest assured of that. What you will be raised up to is your choice today.

  • A Firery Jesus in Search of Firery Followers

    A Firery Jesus in Search of Firery Followers

    28/03/2010 Duration: 45min

    When we look at His focus at the end of his ministry, yes the cross is in site but he looked through it to the other side. He endured it, scorning its shame - because he could see the other side. His eternal eyes are gazing into your heart this morning! He knows your secrets. He knows your shame and short comings. He knows what you can be if you can only surrender to Him. Passover was preceded by a time of cleansing in the house. We should clean house this morning in our hearts in preparation of the Passover celebration in Christ Jesus - the Lamb that was slain yet lives!

  • The Blood of Sprinkling.

    The Blood of Sprinkling.

    21/03/2010 Duration: 48min

    Luke 22:14, Ex 12:13

  • After You..

    After You..

    14/03/2010 Duration: 14min

    After you. Words that spoke volumes, and often heard from Billy Graham.

  • Selfishness


    07/03/2010 Duration: 26min

    A message about the last supper and selfishness.

  • Now is the Time - Understanding the House of Prayer

    Now is the Time - Understanding the House of Prayer

    28/02/2010 Duration: 51min

    Zechariah 1:16 'Therefore thus says the Lord:"I am returning to Jerusalem with mercy; My house shall be built in it," says the Lord of hosts, "And a surveyor's line shall be stretched out over Jerusalem." - NKJV

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