Mn Sea Grant: Superior Waves



Minnesota Sea Grant's collection of audio relating to Lake Superior and Minnesota's inland waters.


  • Coaster Brook Trout

    10/08/2005 Duration: 09min

    Today we'll learn about a fish native to Lake Superior called the coaster brook trout. Long ago they were incredibly abundant, causing fishing scenes reminiscent of the smelt runs during the 1960s and 70s. We'll investigate what caused their decline and an initiative that's trying to help coaster brook trout rebound.

  • A View from the Lake Boat Trip

    13/07/2005 Duration: 07min

    Today we'll journey aboard the research boat the L.L. Smith Jr. onto Lake Superior. The trip is part of the popular "View From the Lake" program, which offers residents a chance to see what their communities look like from the water and to get hands-on experience collecting water samples.

  • Harbor Corrosion

    29/06/2005 Duration: 08min

    The focus of today's program is harbor corrosion. Just what is eating holes through steel structures in the Duluth-Superior Harbor is a mystery. Thanks to a panel of corrosion experts and funding at state and federal levels, we may find out before the docks and pilings disintegrate much further.

  • Sea Lamprey

    15/06/2005 Duration: 09min

    The focus of today's program is sea lamprey. Lampreys are an eel-like fish considered an invasive species in Lake Superior and the Great Lakes. Researchers estimate about one hundred and four thousand lampreys are swimming around in Lake Superior. Lamprey control costs millions of dollars every year.

  • Rip Currents

    01/06/2005 Duration: 09min

    The focus of today's show is rip currents. The week of June 5 is National Rip Current Awareness Week. If you recall, these currents, which can take lives, have been a hot topic the last few summers.

  • Beach Bacteria

    18/05/2005 Duration: 08min

    The focus of our first show is bacteria found in the water and the Lake Superior Beach Monitoring Program. The monitoring program is about to go into full swing for the season, looking for harmful bacteria along Lake Superior's beaches.

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