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Experience the healing power of the sacred sound current! Ancient yogis used mantra and music to create peace and well-being, and we can do the same. Dr. Ramdesh explores mantra and other forms of spiritual music. Feel inspired, uplifted, and enveloped by devotional music and discover the science of Naad, the sacred sound current.


  • A Community of Love: A Kundalini Response to the Rise of Hate Groups in America

    25/08/2017 Duration: 01h23s

    Ramdesh has a deep conversation with Amanbir Singh and Kenny Hirschmann (Raj Karam Singh) about the rise of hate groups in America and how the Kundalini yoga community and conscious people from all walks of life can become part of the solution to racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and more. Features Snatam Kaur's Ong Namo.

  • Mirabai Ceiba's Sevati: Songs for Troubled Times

    18/08/2017 Duration: 54min

    On today's show, Ramdesh shares songs from Mirabai Ceiba's beautiful album Sevati, including these mantras that comfort during challenging times: Har Ji, Gobinda Hari, Rakhe Rakhan Har, Chattr Chakkr, and Waheguru Wahejio.

  • Harnam: Removing Obstacles

    11/08/2017 Duration: 59min

    Ramdesh interviews Harnam about his album Removing Obstacles and the meditations with the mantras Gobinday Mukunday, Aad Such, and Har.

  • Ganesha Mantra for Removing Obstacles

    04/08/2017 Duration: 58min

    On today's show, Ramdesh Kaur shares music by Ajeet Kaur, Ena Vie, Wah! Luna Ray, and Deva Premal which features the Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha mantra to invoke the energy of Ganesha and remove obstacles in your life.

  • Heart Songs

    09/06/2017 Duration: 59min

    Ramdesh Kaur shares several songs by kirtan artists in English that open the heart space and bring greater, deeper love within. Music by Ashana, Deva Premal, Charanpal Kaur, Snatam Kaur, Mirabai Ceiba, Sada Sat Kaur, and Nirinjan Kaur.

  • Songs for Amma

    26/05/2017 Duration: 01h27s

    Ramdesh Kaur shares various mantra artists' musical offerings to Amma the Hugging Saint and discusses her life's work and the spirit of service. Music by Lee Mirabai Harrington, Donna de Lory, Trevor Pritham Hari Eller, White Sun, and Daniel Bellone. 

  • Gurunam Singh: The Saving Grace of Chanting God's Name

    12/05/2017 Duration: 59min

    Listen in as Ramdesh Kaur and special guest Gurunam Singh talk about mantra, dreams, and the poetry of the Divine. Music includes Gurunam's "My Saving Grace," "Union," "Hummee Hum," "If All Prayers Were Answered," and "Ong Kar Nirankar (Jai Te Gang)."

  • Hari Rai Kaur—"Eternity"

    05/05/2017 Duration: 59min

    Ramdesh Kaur interviews Hari Rai Kaur about her album Eternity, featuring the mantras Ong Namo, Bhand Jameeai, Guru Ram Das, and an instrumental track called "Healing Song." Enjoy this fresh and lovely album from debut artist Hari Rai!

  • Mantras for Transitional Times

    28/04/2017 Duration: 59min

    Ramdesh guides you through several mantras that can provide ease and grace during transitions, including mantras for courage, power, wisdom, and peace. Listen to music by Ajeet Kaur, Nirinjan Kaur, Jai-Jagdeesh, and Saravtar.

  • Breaking the Mask: Normandie Keith

    14/04/2017 Duration: 59min

    Listen in as model turned Kundalini yoga teacher Normandie Keith talks about her transformation after "breaking the mask" in her own life from a socialite to a teacher of the homeless in Los Angeles. Topics discussed include navigating transitions, the LGBT community, and the Aquarian Sutras. Listen in to the Breaking the Mask mantra "Har ji" with versions by Mirabai Ceiba and Gurunam Singh.

  • The Fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga

    31/03/2017 Duration: 59min

    Join Ramdesh with special guests Simranpreet Kaur and Sat Siri to talk about the fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga and Spirit Voyage's upcoming global e-course featuring 23 of the top master teachers in the world.  

  • Ra Ma Records

    17/03/2017 Duration: 59min

    Tune in to music from two volumes of mantra and uplifting songs from Los Angeles-based Kundalini record label Ra Ma Records. 

  • The Divine Leela: Krishna Mantra

    10/03/2017 Duration: 01h31s

    Ramdesh shares stories of Lord Krishna from the Hindu tradition, presenting music that invokes the spirit of love, joy, and wisdom. Music by Masood Ali Khan, Deva Premal, Krishna Das, Peia, and Ena Vie. Hare Krishna!

  • The Sacred Noun, the Divine Verb

    03/03/2017 Duration: 01h05s

    Explore the resonance of the word grace through sacred chants by artists Ajeet Kaur, Snatam Kaur, Gurunam Singh, Luna Ray, Hari Bhajan Kaur, and Singh Kaur. Host Ramdesh Kaur discusses the meaning of the English word and how everyone deserves the touch of grace.

  • The Sacred Sound Current: Shabd Guru

    24/02/2017 Duration: 59min

    Learn about the sacred sound current and the neuroscience of the Shabd Guru. Enjoy music by White Sun, Prabhu Nam Kaur, Hari Bhajan Kaur, Ashana, and Nirinjan Kaur. 

  • Sita Ram: A Balancing Mantra

    10/02/2017 Duration: 01h17s

    Ramdesh talks about the Sita Ram mantra, shares stories of Sita and Rama, and discusses how these stories can relate to our lives, our Kundalini energy, and our spiritual awakening. This balancing mantra eases the divine masculine and Divine Feminine within, purifies the mind and body, and more! Hear music by Luna Ray, Jaya Lakshmi, Tina Malia, Girish, and Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa.  

  • "Ascend" by Shunia (Lisa Reagan and Suzanne Jackson)

    03/02/2017 Duration: 01h08s

    Enjoy the debut album of mantra duo Shunia. Ramdesh chats with these two vocal powerhouses with opera backgrounds and shares their versions of Har Har Mukunday, Ma, Wah Yantee, and Sat Siri!

  • Ashana Sophia—Lumiere

    27/01/2017 Duration: 59min

    Ashana Sophia joins Ramdesh on the show to share her multilingual album Lumiere. Enjoy versions of the Mul Mantra, Gobinday Mukunday, Aap Sahaee Hoa, and English language tracks The Grieving Song and Golden Apple Tree. Enjoy the lyrical spirit of Cajun fiddles, slide and folk guitars with cello, esraj, and harmonium!

  • Mirabai Ceiba: Ojos Como Estrellas

    20/01/2017 Duration: 01h08s

    Angelika from Mirabai Ceiba joins Ramdesh to share songs from their children's album Ojos Como Estrellas ("Eyes Like Stars")! Enjoy Spanish and English songs as well as Native American chants!

  • Ajeet Kaur—Haseya

    13/01/2017 Duration: 59min

    Ramdesh interviews Ajeet Kaur about Haseya, her album that means "she rises." Listen in to tales of recording in Bali and Mexico, and hear the songs "Akaal" (featuring Trevor Hall), "Chattr Chakkr," and "Haseya" (featuring Peia).  

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