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Monthly podcast featuring interviews, comedy, poetry and music around the theme of mental health.


  • Best of mentally Sound (cover episode)

    06/09/2017 Duration: 02h05min

    This is a best of edition of our award winning mentally sound show, talking all things Mental Health, which includes an introduction by host Steven Hesse explaining the delay uploading shows, including illness and how mays show never got recorded. Apologies for all involved in mays show, which we plan on redoing by the end of the year. Enjoy!

  • Spice Fm Pilot Episode!

    05/05/2017 Duration: 01h53min

    We are back! Steven (@Geek_Apocalypse) and Ricky (@vividricky) host our brand new show, live every second friday 12 to 2pm on our new home at spice 98.8 fm! This podcast is the full unedited radio show with music! We play some unreleased pre records, talk about our past history, share a few funny stories and get excited about our new partnership with spice Fm and of course, talk about mental health!

  • Mentally Sound show 15 (11/5/16)

    25/05/2016 Duration: 01h47min

    Steven Hesse (@geek_apocalypse) and Ricky Thamman (@VividRicky) broadcast our 15th show, live on gravity radio north east on 11th may 2016! Todays Episode features Shelagh & Lucy, from ‘Pass It On Parents’ - parents/carers charity - chatting on looking after vulnerable children Matthew King, operations manager of ‘West End Food Bank’ - chatting about biggest food bank in UK serving vulnerable people & recent news developments Jina Lewallan, social worker & university lecturer, chatting on difference between American & British social work Phillip Heslop, social worker & university lecturer, chatting about adopted children's mental health Ilana Mitchell, curator of ‘Opera Helps’, chatting about singing initiative service to vulnerable & low mood plus 2 pre recorded interviews from Silverstone (Cygnets Service User Awards 2016) -Alice from NHS England and Mike one of the judges as we were nominated for an award! with hilarious consequences!!

  • Mentally Sound show 14 (8/4/16)

    25/05/2016 Duration: 01h49min

    Steven Hesse (@geek_apocalypse) host our 14th show broadcast live on gravity radio north east on the 8th April 2016! todays episode includes Steve Odriscoll pre interviewing Steven Weatherburn about Atos Heathcare and Employment Support Allowance and then Steven joins us live in studio to talk more about his situation! we talk also to Politician Kevan Jones live in studio, Cherlie and Adele join us to talk 'If you care? share!' Foundation, we talk to Carol Butler from Barnados 'orchard mosaic' and wrap the show up with Steve and Mental Health News!!

  • Mentally Sound Show 13 (11/3/16)

    01/04/2016 Duration: 01h34min

    Steven Hesse (@geek_apocalypse) and permanent co-host Ricky (@vividricky) present our 13th 1 year anniversary show, broadcast live 11/3/16 on gravity Radio north east. Featuring interviews with Sharna from Citizens Advice Bureau Callum Carr from South Tyneside against Bullying David Coombes on his new book about sectioning Steve on mental health News jeremy from Children North East and more!

  • Mentally Sound show 12 (12/2/16)

    21/02/2016 Duration: 01h48min

    Steven Hesse (@geek_apocalypse) and guest host Richard Kirby present our 12th show, broadcast live 12/2/16 on gravity radio. Featuring Lexie talking research on anorexia nervosa,Lynn Gibson from Dementia friends Colin Dolan talks football and mental health projects in the north east and Lisa and Helen talk to us about Newcastle Carers. We also have Mental Health News with Ricky Maggie Douglas with prof. Douglas Turkington on Schizophrenia research and novelist David C talks upcoming roleplaying events with launchpad! really great episode!!! one of the best we have done!

  • Mentally Sound Show 11 (8/1/16)

    13/01/2016 Duration: 02h02min

    Steven Hesse (@Geek_Apocalypse) and guest host Ricky (@Vividricky) present our 11th award winning show broadcast live 8/1/16. Featuring live interviews with artist/poet Sean Burn, Jenny Wallwork from Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, David Hill who talks Work Experience, Mental Health News with Steve,Joe Kirwin (DepaulNorth) and Pat Hearon from unison Women and jules reads some poetry! Also Featuring an exclusive podcast only pre recorded interview with Stephen Luke about NHS in the north east and steve interviews David before his ASDA work Experience.

  • Mentally Sound Show 10 (11/12/15)

    14/12/2015 Duration: 01h33min

    Steven Heslewood (@Geek_Apocalypse) and guest host Sharon Race present our 10th award winning show broadcast live 13/11/15 featuring live interviews with Gary Pollard,Zoe Murta + Mental health news, peerfest, Tony Russell from positive practise in mental health awards, Eddy Stanforth from Sunderland Community Team and Jules and Victoria review Its a wonderful Life!

  • Mentally Sound Show 9 (13/11/15)

    16/11/2015 Duration: 01h46min

    Steven Heslewood (@Geek_Apocalypse) and guest host Sophie present our 9th show broadcast live 13/11/15 featuring Richard kirby,Mental Health News, discussion, Mad studies, Northern Spirit and the hosts read mental healthy day letters.

  • Mentally Sound Show 8 (9/10/15)

    15/10/2015 Duration: 01h46min

    Steven Heslewood (@Geek_Apocalypse) and guest host Ricky (@vividricky) present our 8th show broadcast live 9/10/15 Content includes Introducing Ricky: Steven talks to ricky about the podcast they did together, benwell and welcome people to the show. Bootham Park Hospital closure (York) and impact on NE - David Smith (H&EY MIND) recorded interview with victoria. Lexie Thorpe – LIVE overview of her series looking at how does local university research in psychology. WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY - Saturday 10 October 2015 - recorded interview with Helen Mackay CEO Mental Health Matters MH News – LIVE – with Sophie helplines – LIVE Catherine (+1) from Tyneside Samaritans Talk about World Suicide Day, new number and closure of other helplines. Danny Bowman – LIVE Talk about latest campaigns and his own background body dysmorphia, mh minister MH in the Workplace - Charles Tyne Recruitment – LIVE Mark Charlesworth service user / owner.

  • Mentally Sound Show 7 (11/9/15)

    14/09/2015 Duration: 01h33min

    Steven Heslewood (@Geek_Apocalypse) and guest host Sophie (@SophieMJSYPE) present our 7th show broadcast live 11/9/15 Content includes Introducing Sophie: Steven introduces Sophie to the show and talk blogging and being a carer! Victoria peer support item with karen, research manager from mcpin support group! Steveo live chat and recorded piece David live interview talking roleplaying and his new group gaming with launchpad!! bill scott interviewing 3 individuals from NE together about service users and the road to their success. Ricky mental Health news blavo and co mh solicitors: victoria interviews ashley coates and kirsty stewart at their new gateshead offcies which is biggest mental health solicitors in england! Blavo and Co are running a free law clinic at Mind Wellbeing Centre at Dunsbuir Grove, Bensham from 12th October, 1pm – 3pm and then on a monthly basis. Stevens reads blog about his bipolar disorder!

  • Mentally Sound Show 6 (14/8/15)

    18/08/2015 Duration: 01h28min

    teven Heslewood (Hesse) and guest host Sharon Race present our 6th show broadcast live 14/8/15 Content includes Introducing Sharon: Steven catches up with Sharon and her laughter for lasses project! Sharon And guest Julie do comedy: Sharon and her comedy friend Julie perform some sketches that have come out of Sharons project We sit down and interview Julie about comedy. John Lawlor interview part 3 - Chief Exec NTW the last part in the series of interviews MH News –Ricky talks through some mental health related news with the hosts Ricky and the hosts interview War veteran Jason about PTSD and the crew debate issues with treating anyone with mental health and if war heros should get special treatment. We had technical issues throughout so alot of the show is live, apologise to any pre recorded content we couldnt play.

  • Mentally Sound Show 5 10/7/15

    15/07/2015 Duration: 01h43min

    Steven Heslewood (Hesse) and guest host Richard Kirby present our fifth show, broadcast live 10/07/15. Content includes Introducing Richard: Steven talks to richard about the challenges he did to raise money for MIND charity. John Lawlor interview part 2 - Chief Exec NTW the second part in the series of interviews MH News –Ricky talks through some mental health related news with the hosts Children’s mental health treatment –Ricky talks to Sally about the mental health treatment of children. David Coombes [LIVE] interview – Creative writing group at Launchpad MH and relationships- Steve O – discussion with his mother about how his MH/substance abuse & recovery affected her Bill S – Gateshead Clubhouse official opening=bill goes to official opening and talk to the people behind it. Jules “life story” recorded with Bill

  • Mentally Sound show 4 12/6/2015

    20/06/2015 Duration: 01h33min

    Steven Heslewood (Geek Apocalypse) solo presents the podcast showcasing all the best pre recorded content from show 4, as the live recorded segments were lost due to technical issues! still a great show! please go to to find more info on LD events happening right now! Content includes: Bill interviews Sue Taylor from Sight Service about helping the Visually Impared with mental health issues, her recent funding success and what sight service provides. Selma Starr: live recording of 2 songs of Selmas live gig in Liverpool doing beatles covers! john lawlor interview part 1: part of a three part series where Victoria and becky interview john Lawlor, Chief executive of the northumberland tyne and wear NHS trust, about the difficulties treating mental health and mental being treated just as important as physical health. carol interviews Reese and Steve about self harm and how to receive help Mental Health in Cinema with Wayne and Victoria: the life and career of orson welles! awesome p

  • Mentally Sound show 3 8/5/2015

    13/05/2015 Duration: 01h43min

    Steven Heslewood (Hesse) and Sharon Race present our third show, broadcast live 8/05/15. Content includes: Carol and anthony interview: Carol interviews anthony about bipolar disorder and how it affects families and relationships. live interview with Marty: Sharon and Steven interview Marty in the studio about is relationship with his friend Fran who deals with bipolar disorder across the pond, his book about helping friends care for friends with the illness and we have an open debate about coping mechanisms! Alistair interviews the creators of little cog theatre about mental health, and the approach to these issues in entertainment. live interview with poet jules in studio who reads some poetry interview with Yusef Abdulla Mental health and Islam with Bill: bill interviews Yusef about islams approach to dealing with mental Health. Wayne continues mental health in film by discussing one of his favourite films: shutter island!

  • Mentally Sound Show 2 10/04/15

    15/04/2015 Duration: 01h50min

    Steven Heslewood (Hesse) and Carol Robinson present our second show, broadcast live 10/04/15. Content includes: Scott Latty Mental Health in the Workplace: Scott monologues about employers attitude and experiences with mental health Poetry from Hazel Mclead Becky interviewing Kyle about eating disorders and the gender discrimination associated with anorexia. LGBT pride: Alisdair interviews support group from LGBT about the support available and the mental health issues gained by being discriminated against with sexuality Self-harm-Carol interviews her friend Steve about self harm, how to recover, and the positives steps to take to have a better, more positive life. plus, live studio interviews with: Black Dog Runner (mental health news), Ricky and jules who reads some poetry!

  • Mentally Sound Radio Show #1

    18/03/2015 Duration: 02h24s

    Steven Heslewood (Hesse) and Carol Robinson present our very first show, broadcast live 13/03/15. Content includes: Bill and Scotty discuss ADHD and Mental Health in the Workplace. Alisdair Cameron (Launchpad) interviews Sean McDermott about his poetry. Clinical Psychologist Nick Hartley speaks to Robert about how CBT helped with OCD, and then to Leyla, a CBT practitioner. Hesse inteviews comedian Sharon Race about comedy in mental health and about the recent "Laughing Lasses" stand up show at the Cluny. Mental Health in Cinema with Wayne and Victoria: The psychology of Batman in the movies. Sophie and Ricky talk about blogging. Peter (aka @blackdogrunner) and Becki discuss student mental health. ------------------------------- Show Development: Gareth Cooper Production: Victoria McGowan, Kelly @ Gravity Techical: Danny @ Gravity

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