Night's Knights



Severina is an exotic beauty from the jungles of Brazil whose family is brutally murdered by the same man she later calls lover. Markham is a simple Irish immigrant striving for the American dream in 1860 when coach robbers cause his untimely death. Julien is a knight who serves as guardian angel to his family but has no clue about his predestined fate.Three vampires on a quest for knowledge attempt to create the perfect offspring, but from the shadows an even more demonic evil threatens their immortality. Will a powerful mortal named Jespa be the one to save them all?Cover art: Christen Kojnok


  • Chapter 1

    07/05/2008 Duration: 26min

    Jespa isn't the kind of girl you cheat on. She's the perfect-bodied vixen that men and women fall in love with on sight. Yet, Rafe was stupid enough to screw up.

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