Courage: The Ultimate Guide To Overcoming Fear And Building Your Self Confidence

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Do you struggle with fear and self-confidence?
Is it ruining your life or relationships?
Do you want to know the secret to building courage, so you can face your fears and defeat them?
Many of us face times in our lives when we lose the courage to face a situation and deal with it effectively. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we are cowardly or lack morale fibre, it may just mean that we are unsure about how to cope with it.
In this book, Courage: The Ultimate Guide To Overcoming Fear and Building Your Self Confidence, we look at ways in which courage can be rebuilt, through chapters on:
- Courage Basics
- Know Your Strengths
- Think Positively
- Look At All Points Of View
- Have Persistence
- Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone
- Connect Spiritually
Armed with the advice in these chapters, you will discover that we all have courage somewhere deep within us and that it can be found in some unlikely places.
By finding your strengths and working to improve them, you will then overcome your weaknesses and with Courage you can take the first steps.