Artificial Intelligence In Real Estate Investing: How Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Technology Will Cause A Transformation In Real Estate Business, Marketing And Finance For Everyone

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Artificial intelligence is a new buzzword. Everyone is talking about it. It's been implemented effectively in a number of industries. Though it's been slow to get moving in the real estate industry, it has taken over certain aspects of the industry and will grow rapidly in the next decade.
As a real estate agent, real estate owner, or even just a person looking to buy/rent a new house, we're always looking to get the best price, best tenant, or best house that we can afford. And artificial intelligence is the tool that can work for everyone involved.
Here's a few things you can learn from this audiobook:
1. How the real estate industry has evolved to its current state
2. Four different ways machine learning can effectively real estate property and rental prices
3. Will all replace real estate agents? The answer may surprise you
4. Four ways real estate agents use artificial intelligence to improve maintenance and evaluate tenants
5. Efficient artificial intelligence enhanced marketing and sales methods
6. The three different criteria used by machine learning algorithms to determine financing rates for tenants
If you're ready to have a tool that breaks down this complex topic in simple language then this is your chance. Download your copy now so you can get started on what is promising to be a most amazing future.