Objects Under Surveillance - Audio



Panelists include Simon Baker (Curator of Photography, Tate), Katy McGahan (Curator, British Film Institute), Neil Paterson (Manager, the Metropolitan Police Historical Collection) and Jann Matlock (UCL French Department and Film Studies Space). The Film Studies Space at UCL is sponsoring the first in a series of events engaging representations of surveillance and policing technologies. This Museum Roundtable, entitled Objects under Surveillance, brings together a group of museum professionals to discuss the intersection of modern policing and cultural representations in the museum. The panelists will discuss topics ranging from the ways that museums today preserve the history of everyday policing; the history of surveillance objects; the utilisation of representations of surveillance in the public domain; and the social and cultural implications of the popularisation of surveillance media. The roundtable will explore themes addressed by the two current projects within the UCL Film Studies Space--Cinematic Memory, Consumer Culture, and Everyday Life, and The Work of Film—and kicks off a series of events relating to “The Cultures of Surveillance.” We are grateful to acknowledge funding from UCL’s Research Challenges Grants and the Faculty of the Arts and Humanities Institute of Graduate Studies.


  • Objects Under Surveillance - Round Table - Audio

    09/03/2011 Duration: 57min

    A Round Table follows the presentations where Jann Matlock, Simon Baker, Katy McGahan, Sue Woods, and Neil Paterson discuss issues relating to the curating and preserving of objects, photography, and films connected to policing and surveillance.

  • Objects Under Surveillance - Neil Paterson - Audio

    09/03/2011 Duration: 17min

    Neil Paterson, Manager of the Metropolitan Police Historical Collection discusses everyday policing and the museum collection that preserves photography, film, oral histories, and objects related to the past of the London police. He also gives background on the recent attempt to create a London “blue light” museum and some of the photography and objects he shares with the audience.

  • Objects Under Surveillance - Katy McGahan and Sue Woods - Audio

    09/03/2011 Duration: 20min

    Katy McGahan and Sue Woods, Curators of Non-Fiction Film at the British Film Institute (BFI) discussed the different ways that films related to policing and surveillance come to be part of the national collections. Woods discusses the process of acquiring and preserving films, then McGahan talks about two films that the BFI holds, the 1935 Evidence, believed to be the first police surveillance film in the UK, and film footage used in the trial related to "Bloody Sunday" (1972).

  • Objects Under Surveillance - Intro - Audio

    09/03/2011 Duration: 17min

    After an introduction on the range of meanings of "surveillance," Jann Matlock, Co-organiser of UCL’s Film Studies Space, turned the floor over to Simon Baker, Curator of Photography at the Tate Museums, who talked about his recent show, Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance, and the Camera.