Buckle Up for some bull s**t. Hello and welcome to the gayest hour of your week! We see you, sitting there wondering why two flawless narcissists think they should be talking into a microphone at you every week? First of all, thank you! And we are SO glad you asked! We met our Junior year of High School and have been sistas ever since. The only thing we care about more than ourselves is each other and BEYONCÉ. Every week hear us talk about a lot of wild s**t we know nothing about all in a haze of smoke, drink, mirrors and glitter! Yes we're doing ok why does everyone keep asking that?! Can't reiterate enough that we really have no idea what we're talking about so occasionally we'll convince someone who does to have a kiki. Every episode also features our producer Leif. He's white and straight so don't worry about him! You should take us extremely seriously and do everything in your power to make us SCARY famous. Oh and if you don't like us we'll die. K? You're welcome!


  • EPISODE 148: ACTRESS FIRST: Burlesque

    07/05/2020 Duration: 01h02min

    It’s the thousandth day of Quarantine so we did our gay homework!! Court is confused by bad reviews, Wil is giving Naughty Girl and Leif took Single Ladies for granted! That’s right our ACTRESS FIRST series continues because we watched BURLESQUE!! Moulin Rouge WISHES, Chicago COULD NEVER, Carmen a Hip-Hopera... WAS BETTER. We had never seen Burlesque so up top we ask WHAT IS OUR PROBLEM?! The Wigs ALONE! Who needs continuity when you’ve got Stanley Tucci and Alan Cummings!!! You can tell a rich gay wrote this movie because it’s all about AIRSPACE LADIES!! Xtina is EVERYTHING even if she twerked with her shoulders and the lack of Oscar buzz for Chad Michaels is homophobic!! WE ARE REFRESHINGLY RAUNCHY SO LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and I’m just gonna write this Postcard... OH RIGHT NOBODY LOVES ME!!!

  • EPISODE 147: THIS B*TCH: Lady Gaga Pt.7

    01/05/2020 Duration: 01h23min

    It’s the FINALE of THIS B*TCH LADY GAGA!!! What a journey we’ve been on with this effortlessly talented ITALIAN American ITALIAN!! Strap on your bubble dress girls cause we’re all fragile today! Joanne! Fibromyalgia! Oprah! Vegas! A STAR IS BORN!!! YAS GAGA get that OSCAR B*TCH!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and wash yo damn hands!!!

  • ReRelease: THIS B*TCH: Rihanna Pt. 3

    23/04/2020 Duration: 01h26min

    Originally Aired 8/21/2018:  It’s the FINAL installment of the Rihanna x The Narcisistas THIS B*TCH series so to the Rihanna files we go! Courtney is cracked out in a YSL coat and her urban friend Wil is thickkk because the food is BOMB so let them lead the wayoncè through 2012 Ri to present day diva mogul. She gave us the strip club anthem, worked out some demons with Eminem, gave us BBHMM complete with a movie, titties and blood! Just when you think it couldn’t get any better she gives us the most “Rihanna” Rihanna hit of all time WORK! Anti! Fenty Beauty! Wild Thoughts! It’s all genius… but most importantly… the LOOKS! We go through the looks!!! The CFDA  Fashion Icon outfit ALONE is everything this podcast represents, team titty, nude illusion, smoky eye and Swarovski Crystals! We died and then were brought back to LIFE by the effortless original chic that is this b*tchhhhhh! If you like what you hear then suck our cockiness and while you’re at it make sure to rate, review, subscribe and visit www.narcis

  • EPISODE 146: THIS B*TCH: Quarantina BONUS EP

    23/04/2020 Duration: 59min

    Girls!!!! We missed you!!! Check in up on it with your Narcisistas before we get back to businA$$ as usual in an UNUSUAL WORLD next week!! Beyonce appearances! Home remodeling! Alcoholism! TV!! Whoever said Whites don’t have culture didn’t watch TIGER KING!! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and LADY GAGA PT.7 out NEXT WEEK!

  • ReRelease: This B*tch: Rihanna Pt.2

    16/04/2020 Duration: 01h19min

    Originally Aired 2/14/2018:  Oh NA NA… Rihanna that B*TCH! The Narcisistas are BACK with part DEUX of our Rihanna “This B*tch” series! We can’t get enough of this woman!! She’s been through it all and now she’s transformed herself to be the beacon of light we all needed (with a little help from our friends at Doritos) From the David Guetabutt collab to the full head of RED HAIR. THE HAIR! THE RED! She might not be the only girl in the world but she’s certainly the most influential. We didn’t drink coconut water until RiRi told us to! We partied hard in the Loud era because RiRi told us to! British people had never even been to the Carribean until RiRi sent them on her Navy!!! We all wanted to be pretty bondage, Grammy owning, Chart topping, Britney Spears collaborating, trend setting, ribbon puking, don’t give a f*** Rihanna so let’s TALK ABOUT IT! If you like what you hear make sure to rate, review, subscribe and visit for more! Next week is the final chapter of our Rihanna story so soak

  • ReRelease: This B*tch: Rihanna Pt.1

    09/04/2020 Duration: 01h27min

    Originally aired, 02/08/2018. The “This B*tch” series continues with the one and only… her Army is the Navy… the Island Princess herself MISS ROBYN RIHANNA FENTY!!!! OH YA YA YA! The Narcisistas have SO much to say on this Part ONE of THREE episode series about our beautiful gift from god! Beyoncé is the sun, Solange is the moon, Mariah is the wind and RIRI IS FIREEEE! She is the ORIGINAL street style icon… from literally selling clothes on the streets of Barbados to serving us early 2000’s Def Jam satin halter dress REALNESS this icons hair tells the whole story. From Military Tomboy to accidental Beauty Queen to getting Christina Milian’s leftovers to her big break with “Bring it On: All or Nothing” it’s the beginnings of our generations legend queen! Who needs Neyo’s vocal lessons when it’s really about THAT BOB!!!! Don’t forget our FIRST LIVE SHOW is coming up March 3rd in Brooklyn! Oh and because we run this town make sure after you listen to rate, review, subscribe and visit for mor

  • ReRelease This B*tch: Mariah Carey Pt. 2

    02/04/2020 Duration: 01h36min

    Originally Aired: 1/18/18.  It’s part deux of our deep diva dives with the elusive chanteuse herself Miss Mariah Carey! We are covering Mariah from 2001 when she was reborn a Virgin records artist to present day NYE legend. TRL takeovers, Precious makeup touch-ups and Glitter dreams, call your senators folks this b*tch needs to be running the country! Courtney’s fully dunked in the tub, Wil is getting these dusty hoes together and Leif is SMASHING everyone! Listen we all know Jermaine Dupree is a witch and Nick Cannon can run around a pu$$y but we reveal some facts you may not know about the queen of Christmas! The episode ends with an EXCLUSIVE kiki with Dick Clark NYE production coordinator, Miss Tara Turner!! From Mimi Drew Carey to Irish girl group sensation Bewitched this episode is almost as legend as Mariah herself. Take a listen! If you like what you hear please rate, review, subscribe and visit, www.narcisistas.comfor so much more!

  • ReRelease THIS B*TCH: Mariah Carey Pt. 1

    26/03/2020 Duration: 01h14min

    Originally Aired 1/11/18 :  Look in the sky! It’s a Butterfly! It’s a Rainbow! No it's gift from God MARIAH CAREY! Ladies and Lambs it’s our first EVER THIS B*TCH DIVA DEEP DIVE! Naturally the first diva we chose is legendary vocalist Mariah Carey! Me and Mariah go back like well let’s just say NOT Mekhi Phifer’s hair piece in 8 Mile. The girls did their homework this week and we’re bringing you all the Mariah TEA! Our first EVER Mariah check in (sorry Bey)! Wil is feeling like he went from gutterbutt to NYE, Courtney is a titty, Beyonce is the universe and Leif is the new Carson Daly! What a journey this episode is! We all know Mariah is our most viable democratic presidential nominee for 2020 but did you know Mariah suffered from stage fright early in her career? Well until she slayed MTV’s Unplugged From dealing with racism as a child to serving white fish at the top of the charts Mariah Carey’s Cinderella story is nothing short of iconic. Reminisce on all EIGHTEEN number ONE HITS and take a second for tha

  • EPISODE 145: THIS B*TCH: Lady Gaga Pt.6

    19/03/2020 Duration: 01h07min

    Hey SISTAS (sisters if you White) Mercury is in retrograde and we’re drunk so buckle up! Wil is FASHION because you gotta live your fantasy, Court is hosting SNL cause she does comedy and Leif needs to eat a dang burger! It’s Gaga PART 6!! Where were we... ARTPOP?! We discuss all things Artpop even if Gaga doesn’t remember! Where’s the justice Alaska?!! Blackout is arguable FOR SURE Britney’s best album and hey Cheek to Cheek is no SELF-TITLED but how about a SNL slay, A Thanksgiving special slay, A Julie Andrews slay, A McSteamy McDreamy slay and an American Horror Story... you guessed it SLAY! From Yo-Yo Ma to Gucci Man... Gaga got range! The G.U.Y. WIGGGG, Andy Cohen/Warhol and a Donatella friendship that warmed our hearts. Plus a heavy discussion on underlying pain, a devastating breakup and trauma. Is it Kesha or Ketchup we told you we had ROSÈ! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and don’t forget the whites took away DISCO!

  • EPISODE 144: THIS B*TCH: Lady Gaga Pt.5

    12/03/2020 Duration: 01h16min

    Court is TELEPHONE cause Bloomberg sucks, Wil is Stupid in Love with Gaga and Leif’s look is made of coffee filters!! It’s THIS B*TCH LADY GAGA PT.5!! The PEEYAW is back because the people demanded it so let’s jump right in! From Judas (I’m your holes Jesus) to Edge it Glory (the video that started Coronavirus) all we can say is You and I is our favorite Pink song!! We’re horny for a cornfield and Gaga’s new man so WHO’S A LESBIAN NOW!?! OMG and the VMAS! Britney and Jo Calderon introducing Blue Ivy?!! GAG! Tony Bennett is a Pan Sexual? Black people love mermaids?! It’s called RANGE people!! This episode gives all the “Je Ne Se C*NT” that we love from Gaga! You gotta live your fantasy! Plus! Bill Romance! Gaga Thanksgiving! Coyote Ugly! The Simpsons! A Zara soundtrack! Applause! A life altering hip injury and a very unfortunate conversation about R Kelly. Ugh... LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and BTW IT’S HARD TO BE FUNNY!!

  • EPISODE 143: THIS B*TCH: Lady Gaga Pt.4 w/ Pamela Ross

    05/03/2020 Duration: 01h08min

    Will is on the Edge of Glory, Court is the meat dress (NOW) and Leif is putting together a computer...? It’s Lady Gaga THIS B*TCH Part FOUR! Joining us in the studio is hilarious comedian Pamela Ross! Pamela is working security in the bubble dress giving ICONIC Gaga the good witch! We pick back up in 2010 after QUITE a 2009! Gaga collapses from exhaustion and then THIS B*TCH never slows down! The Telephone video that disintegrated our panties, an Elton John Grammy performance for the ages and apparently Edge of Glory is not NOT about edging!! We learn what to do when your gay acts up, reminisce on Ryan Seacrest trying to not OUT himself during Alejandro and we BOOM KAT talk the team change! Susan Boyle, William Hung and THE EGG! So much about the EGG! Plus! The Madonna beef, the tragic death of Alexander McQueen and a heartbreaking Whitney tribute. We end with the Born the Way video and.... do we really need anymore whites?! Stick around for PART 5 next week but first LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW!

  • EPISODE 142: THIS B*TCH: Lady Gaga Pt.3

    27/02/2020 Duration: 01h08min

    Oh my GAGA it’s Part TROIS This B*tch LADY GAGA! Wil doesn’t remember Artpop but lives for Jewels and Drugs, Court is quite a LOOK in an unstable platform and we’ll circle BLACK to Leif! We pick back up the series in 2009 one of the biggest years in Gaga HERSTORY! Everyone’s Team Gaga in 2009 (Katy Perry wishes) and because we love LOVE we spend some time talking... The MEN. From Lüc Carl to Matthew Perry(?) shoot off your undies and grab a PBR because it’s a whole THING! From the VMA’s that ended the Kanye collab tour to the music FILMS that shifted the culture and made all the girls STEP UP we cover so much this Ep! The Rolling Stones cover! SNL! The HBO Special! Paparazzi! Ke$ha! Move over Lindsay Lohan Fire Tits are the NEW Fire Crotch! Plus the impact, the revolutionary vision and the legacy that is ALEXANDER MCQUEEN. Is that The Little Mermaid? No it’s BAD ROMANCE. PS! The CLAW is from LIAR LIAR... give Jim Carrey her things! Oh yea AND we get cancelled by the Polio community! YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS EP

  • EPISODE 141: THIS B*TCH: Lady Gaga Pt.2

    20/02/2020 Duration: 01h14min

    Court’s got a headband over her bangs all nostalgic for coke, Wil is like DA DA DO DO DOOP the world sucks and Leif is like call me DADDY! It’s THIS B*TCH LADY GAGA PART TWO!! From Grace Jones to Andy Warhol we cover appropriation vs. appreciation people! Appropra-WHA?! This is a college course now! This Allie the Ally is so hipster it hurts so you better give rock n roll hands while you crack a White Claw because her hits keep coming! Just Dance, Poker Face, Disco Stick, Paparazzi and a Wale collab that brings us all the way back! The climb to #1! The Fame! American Apparel! Donny Wahlberg and the Blue Bloods! Pussy, cat, and dolls! Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt! Perez Hilton! Yea Gaga BEEN gay! Boom Kat! We like to celebrate black history month in March SO YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and you gotta STAN JESUS y’all!  

  • EPISODE 140: THIS B*TCH: Lady Gaga Pt.1

    13/02/2020 Duration: 01h03min

    Wil’s all freaky Madea HORNT up, Court is Versace butch realness and Leif is out here in a thong all over some guy he doesn’t know! That’s right MONSTERS it’s THIS B*TCH LADY GAGA PT.1!!!! We’ve got complicated feelings on Gaga and Wil’s black ass can’t read so let’s get INTO IT! This Italian NYC girl is from Italy Italian she’s Italian! She was also a music prodigy with a stripper piano teacher. I mean... we have no choice but to Stan people! From conspiracy theories (we’re Gaga Birthers) to showing up to the all boys school to be the doll we cover IT ALL! Meeting her first gays, writing her first songs and her first big break... all while we’re over here beating off! I’m sure you know Gaga was the weirdo hipster bitch Method acting in biology but did you know she was on MTV’s BOILING POINTS?! This show is important people!!! Plus some heartache, pain, trauma, and the Wild Wild West! YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and legally speaking PATTI LUP

  • EPISODE 139: THIS B*TCH: The Oscars

    06/02/2020 Duration: 01h19min

    It's the 139th Annual Episode of The Narcisistas! Court has the tiniest lil peepee, Wil is trying to get this white institution to LISTEN and Leif showed up late with his own Champagne! It’s THIS (stupid) B*TCH... THE OSCARS! We all know the only thing WHITER than the Oscars is Court’s family reunion but do you know the history of the Oscars and who votes?! This is basically a Schoolhouse Rap for Oscar Bait!!! We’re here to give you all the Oscars tea from La La Land to Moonlight! The Oscar statue is 13.5” long so good luck sitting on it!! Do the dropping ratings have something to do with all the WHITE MEN?! Post HUMMUS nominations how do they happen?! Plus! Meryl! Audrey! Edith! Lupita! YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and stay on the tip of your d*ck for our new movie BLACKED OUT WHITE NOISE!  

  • EPISODE 138: ACTRESS FIRST: The Boy Next Door

    30/01/2020 Duration: 47min

    Court is Obsessed because white women are coming for her, Wil is gone with the wind Ivy Park x Adidas fabulous and Leif is Bigger because we’ll he got BIGGER! Get ready for a lot of pedophile jokes today people because we watched EROTIC THRILLER... THE BOY NEXT DOOR!! The pedestrian wigs ALONE! While Beyoncé was making Lemonade JLo made this Classic SPF (steamy pedophile flick). Let’s just say it’s a REALLY good CSI Miami episode directed by Tyler Perry where JLo plays a white woman AND an ethnically ambiguous detective! Screaming at the range! Notes On A Scandal wishes! Y’all remember when your BFF got murdered because you had to get some 19 year old D**K?? Classic! From veil thin innuendos and Epi Pens in the eye to a Grandpa up-skirt... The Boy Next Door has it all! WATCH THIS MOVIE! You could get it for $4 at your local WaWa DVD bucket but you should spend $100! Don’t be sober! THEN LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and Leif out the partition back up yo

  • EPISODE 137: Celebrity Power Couples feat: Mara Wiles 

    23/01/2020 Duration: 01h12min

    Wil hasn’t showered and he’s horny for his own talent, Court is greasy and she’s doing a photoshoot and Leif... Leif is missing the Anaconda bit! Men! This episode we brought in a 4th to keep things spicy! Ladies and Gents from the Significant Others pod comedian Mara Wiles! Mara is looking for a momager while she slams her boobs against the wall! Today we’re talking Celebrity POWER Couples! The tea is scalding and plentiful B*TCH! Weiner and Huma! Goldie and Kurt! Kelis and Nas! Britney and Justin! Ryan Seacrest and whoever SHE is! Factually speaking every celebrity is a WITCH or a LIZARD person! IMAGINE a world where Jay and B got divorced?! Wait is there a reason Jay-Z is on the minute man remix!?! You gotta hate the same things, know each other’s love language and hey money’s not an issue when you’re broke! PLUS! Celebrity couples you forgot about and a Cher impression for the ages! Oh yea and Wil’s into kids! LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and make

  • EPISODE 136: EnGAYged feat: Josh Rodriguez 

    16/01/2020 Duration: 50min

    Court is Feyoncé because white women ruin everything, Leif is End of Time because JLo is finally over and WIL... WIL liked it... so he put a RING ON IT!!!! We have Wil’s fiancé Josh Rodriguez in the studio with us today! Josh is Lay up UNDER ME because... we don’t be going out like that!! You guys won’t believe the Ep today...Wil is gay... Josh is gay... they’re perfect for each other!! The bachelorette is Nashville!! The beautiful couple runs us through the enGAYgement of a lifetime including some PAJAMA DRAMA!!! We talk the wedding plans, autumnal palettes, Paris proposals, Tyler Perry and THE BLACK WEB (no whites allowed!) most importantly they answer the question burning in everyone’s mind... WHICH ONE WEARS A DRESS?!!! Get yourself a spray tan and LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and don’t forget to FLICK your boss in the CLIT!  

  • EPISODE 135: THIS B*TCH: Jennifer Lopez Pt.7

    09/01/2020 Duration: 01h30min

    Courtney is plunging right into her own.. self, Wil’s got his edges laid at the VMAS and Leif... yea Leif is ANACONDA again. It’s the FINAL JLo Episode y’all! From movies and hashtag commercials to Grammy controversy and performing for a dictator the JLo story never stops! We cover the DEALS on DEALS on DEALS, her EROTIC thriller, lesbian fight club, the Drake situationship and so much more Pitbull! Big BOOTY certainly was a CHOICE! Hello NBC?! KNOCK KNOCK! It’s an ethnically ambiguous cop! PLUS the even more Hispanic West Side Story that is her romance with A-Rod! A bad Motown tribute, the return of the green dress and OMG HUSTLERS!!! JLo is the ICON who gets it DONE!!! Who’s the rude Spanish b*tch NOW baby!!? LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and don’t forget to USE your sexual POWER to RUIN men’s LIVES!!   narcisistaspodcast, thenarcisistas, podcastS, comedy, kiki, brainmachinenetwyork, thisbitch, thisbitchseries, jenniferlopez, jlo, JenniferLynnLopez, ac

  • EPISODE 134: THIS B*TCH: Jennifer Lopez Pt.6

    02/01/2020 Duration: 01h02min

    Wil is hustlin like Ramona, Court is Mrs. Hairloss Worldwide and yes... LEIF IS ANACONDA! It’s Part 6 Jennifer Lopez so let’s get LOUD Y’ALL! We left THIS B*TCH in a lull so let’s get into a new record label, a new album and new sound effects from Leif! Plus... you can’t have two queer powerhouses on one show so American Idol loses Ellen and brings in this generations (sober) Paula Abdul... Jennifer Lopez!! From High Fashion Melina vids to commercials for Blackberry this b*tch never stops working! The On the Floor comeback! A love triangle with Jada Pinkett Smith! A devastating divorce! The door locking at the AMA’s! The first world tour! It’s all about sustainability people! Grab all 14 JLo fragrances and LISTEN TO THIS EP! RATE! REVIEW! FOLLOW! REPOST! SUBSCRIBE! VISIT and it’s not for anyone girl it’s a FIAT!!

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