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Backstage Journal Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by musician and YouTuber Rhett Shull. Each episode features a different guest and focuses on open discussion ranging from life as a working musician to starting and growing your own YouTube channel to turning your creative passion into your full time career.


  • MARK LETTIERI: Snarky Puppy, Strats & The Modern Funk Guitar Sound

    01/04/2021 Duration: 01h19min

    Mark Lettieri is one of the most loved guitar players around today, his time spent playing with bands like Snarky Puppy, The Fearless Flyers and other artists like Kirk Franklin have made him and his playing style popular with tons of guitarists today. In this interview I talk to Mark about his upbringing, his education, how he landed his gigs and his new signature PRS Fiore guitar. Check out Mark's new single "Star Catchers" here​ Follow @Mark Lettieri​ on YouTube Mark's New PRS Fiore​ Thanks to our editor Kevin Nolan, check him out on YouTube here​ -----My Podcast Recording Rig---- Shure SM7B Mic (affiliate link)   Cloud Lifter In Line Gain Boost (affiliate link)   Universal Audio Apollo Solo (affiliate link)   ——-Subscribe to Backstage Journal on Spotify——-   and on iTunes

  • David Ryan Harris | Artist, Side Man & Producer How He Does It All

    03/03/2021 Duration: 01h15min

    David Ryan Harris is a modern day renaissance man, from writing, producing, continuing his solo career and playing guitar with John Mayer he does it all at a very high level. Originally from Atlanta, DRH quickly found his voice on guitar and writing songs, from there he went on to build one of the most successful modern music careers. In this interview we talk about his upbringing, his guitar playing, writing and producing process, touring with John Mayer and some of his favorite gear. @DavidRyanHarris on Instagram and YouTube David's music on Spotify

  • Charlie Starr | Single Pickup Guitars And The Southern Rock Sound

    18/02/2021 Duration: 01h15min

    Charlie Starr and his band Blackberry Smoke are working to keep the Southern Rock sound alive and well. Charlie has a deep understanding of the sounds and traditions that make up the classic guitar sounds of those great bands. In this interview we talk about Charlie's upbringing in Alabama and how he started playing guitar and writing, as well as what it takes to keep a band going in these modern times, his love of single pickup Gibson guitars and how he goes about writing new material. Check out Blackberry Smoke on Spotify Charlie Starr on Instagram Check out my editor, Kevin Nolan @kg_nolan on Instagram Kevin's YouTube Channel for more episodes. -----My Podcast Recording Rig---- Shure SM7B Mic (affiliate link)

  • Pete Thorn | Building A Modern Guitar Career, From Chris Cornell To YouTube

    11/02/2021 Duration: 01h29min

    Pete Thorn is a true modern career guitar player, from touring with big names like Chris Cornell and Don Henley (just to name a few) to being one of the first guitarists to adopt YouTube as a way to teach and share his expertise, he has shown younger players a way to make a great living as a guitarist in 2021. In this episode we talk about Pete's upbringing on guitar, how he landed a dream gig and what drew him to YouTube over a decade ago.    Subscribe to Pete's YouTube Channel Pete Thorn on Instagram   -----My Podcast Recording Rig---- Shure SM7B Mic (affiliate link) Cloud Lifter In Line Gain Boost (affiliate link) Universal Audio Apollo Solo (affiliate link)   ——-Subscribe to Backstage Journal on Spotify——-  and on iTunes   Follow me on Instagram @rhettshull   Email the podcast    

  • Jared Scharff | What 13 Years On Saturday Night Live Will Teach You

    04/02/2021 Duration: 02h03min

    Ive followed Jared Scharff for the better part of a decade during his time as the house guitar player for Saturday Night Live. After 13 years on the show, he left to explore the next phase of his career as a writer/producer in the pop centered world of LA. 13 years on any gig will teach you a thing or two and Jared has lots to share about lessons learned for other musicians to take note.    Follow Jared on Instagram @scharffishere  Check Out Pearl Lion (Jared's original music) on Spotify  My Links:   Rhett Shull Studio on YouTube   -----My Podcast Recording Rig---- Shure SM7B Mic (affiliate link)   Cloud Lifter In Line Gain Boost (affiliate link)   Rodecaster Pro (affiliate link) Universal Audio Apollo Solo (affiliate link)   ——-Subscribe to Backstage Journal on Spotify——-    and on iTunes     This week's original song submission:

  • Greg Koch-His Techniques, Gear & Wisdom For Musicians

    28/01/2021 Duration: 01h26min

    Greg Koch is the textbook definition of a badass musician, his colossal ability on the instrument combined with his lightning fast wit and wisdom gained from decades of real world experience have made him one of my personal guitar heros. I sat with Greg on zoom to pick his brain about his career so far, how he developed such a unique tone, his advice for young players and his love for gear old and new.    Follow Greg on Instagram @gregkochmusic Greg's Website Greg's YouTube Channel   My Links:   Rhett Shull Studio on YouTube   This week's original song submission:    

  • Tosin Abasi On Moving The Guitar Culture Forward

    21/01/2021 Duration: 01h26min

    Tosin Abasi and I are very different musicians, which is exactly why I wanted to start season 3 of the podcast by talking to him. Tosin has managed to do one of the most difficult things as a guitar player which is creating his own unique voice on the instrument, and I wanted to learn more about how he did it.    You can follow Tosin on Instagram @tosinabasi Animals As Leaders Abasi Concepts Guitars Follow me on Instagram @rhettshull Rhett Shull Studio   This week's original song submission: Sugartooth by Levi Henry

  • What It Takes To Write A Massive Pop Hit | Kevin Kadish

    02/12/2020 Duration: 01h27min

    Kevin Kadish is a Nashville based songwriter and producer who came up in Baltimore MD and after years of playing in bands found his path as a songwriter, quickly finding success in the writing world he went on to co-create one of the most influential pop hits of the last 10 years, All About That Bass. 

  • Best Gear For Church Players & How Your Parents Influence Your Musical Taste

    08/10/2020 Duration: 01h05min

    In this episode, we're taking on our backlog of voicemail questions from the listeners, and get deep into what gear is best for church players as well as how your upbringing and generation impact your musical taste. As always thanks to everyone who submitted a question, and dont forget to leave your voicemail question for the next Q&A episode by calling in at (470) 222-5851    

  • How Nathaniel Murphy (Zeppelin Barnatra) Became One Of The Best Guitarists On Instagram

    24/09/2020 Duration: 58min

    Zeppelin Barnatra aka Nathaniel Murphy is one of the best guitar players on Instagram, his unique playing style and feel have gained him almost 300 thousand followers on instagram, and got him connected with Chicago Music Exchange. In this episode we talk about how he started his guitar playing journey, his move to the united states, his future as a professional guitarist and his gear of choice.    Follow Nathaniel on Instagram @zeppelinbarnatra    

  • The Guitar Boom of 2020, I Thought Guitar Was Dead?

    10/09/2020 Duration: 52min

    This week, the New York Times posted an article titled "Guitars Are Back, Baby!" in which they state that guitar sales have exploded during the pandemic. This is just a few years after the Washington Post wrote an article claiming that guitar as a whole, was dying. In this episode Tilly and I Rhett discuss their thoughts on what this means for the future of guitar, and whether or not people will actually stick with the instrument long term.    The New York Times Article

  • How Josh Smith Started Gigging At 12 Years Old And What Lead Him To Becoming One Of The Best Guitarists Alive Today

    21/08/2020 Duration: 01h07min

    Josh Smith is a living guitar legend, who started his journey at the age of 6. By the time he was 12 years old, he was out playing gigs with adults and soon after fronting his own band touring regionally in Florida. After high school he moved to LA with his new wife and began a career as a touring & session guitarist, as well as continuing to front his own original projects. Josh is hands down one of my favorite guitarists around today, in this episode we talk about how came up as a young guitar player, what its like making a living today and his favorite gear to use on stage.    Follow Josh on Instagram @joshsmithguitarzan   his website    

  • New Podcasts, Staying Creative and The Closing Of Songbirds Guitar Museum

    15/08/2020 Duration: 01h01s

    After a week off from the show we're getting caught up discussing the Backstage Live show from last week, working on new projects and answering your voicemail questions. Also we recap our last visit of Songbirds guitar museum.    

  • Guitar Legend Tom Bukovac On Making It In Nashville & on YouTube

    30/07/2020 Duration: 01h05min

    Tom Bukovac has been on of Nashville's top session guitarists for going on 20 years. His unique style and approach to guitar have made him successful as a touring player, helped him play on thousands of records and most recently start a successful YouTube channel. In this episode, Tilly and I talk to Tom about his career in Nashville, his approach to music and how he decides what gear to use on a song.    Find Tom's channel on YouTube @501chorusecho    

  • The Story Of Novo Guitars With Matthew Timmons

    22/07/2020 Duration: 01h11min

    Matthew Timmons was Novo guitars first employee, and has been with the company as they have exploded in popularity over the last few years. In this episode we talk about Novo and their place in the industry, as well as the future of the brand and what it takes to run an independent guitar business.    You can find Novo guitars online at and on their instagram @novoguitars.    

  • Josh Scott Talks Pedal History, The "Boutique" Thing and The Benefits Of Coconut Water

    15/07/2020 Duration: 01h13min

    Josh Scott started JHS Pedals not knowing what it would become today, but in the process of building his company he discovered a passion of the history and stories behind a lot of the gear we love as guitar players. In this episode, Tilly and I talk with Josh about his passion for collecting pedals as well as the history behind the guitar gear culture and we get in deep about why we all love cycling so much. 

  • Convincing My Wife That I Need An Ibanez JEM

    06/07/2020 Duration: 01h20min

    In this week's bonus episode my wife Tilly and I take a few questions and end up discussing the best ways to talk to your significant other about buying new gear, the best and worst ways to handle a situation like that. Also the importance on spending money on good cables, as well as the pros and cons to attending music school.    Let us know what you think of two episodes per week, on Twitter  @rhettshull @this_tilly    

  • Joey Landreth On Touring, Playing & Making Your Own Way In Music

    01/07/2020 Duration: 01h20min

    Joey Landreth has already had an amazing career as a guitarist, singer and songwriter, in this episode Tilly and I talk with him about his hometown, his career thus far and what he thinks his career looks like moving forward post covid.    Follow Joey on Instagram @joeylandreth

  • WE'RE BACK! Restarting Old Projects & Kicking Off New Ones

    24/06/2020 Duration: 56min

    After a few months, the BSJ podcast is back! In this episode Tilly and I talk about why the podcast stalled and what we've been working on in the background for the past several months. 

  • How Tom Quayle Became One Of The BEST Guitarists On The Internet

    01/04/2020 Duration: 01h27min

    Tom Quayle is without a doubt one of the best guitarists on the internet today, and he was also one of the first people to jump into making guitar based YouTube content in the early days of the platform. In this epsiode, Tom and I discuss his learning process on guitar, why he tunes in such a strange way, why guitar players shouldn't be fearful of music theory and what we both love about modeling amps. Subscribe to Tom's YouTube channel here   The TONE COURSE is now available for preorder check it out here!   This Episode is sponsored by distrokid, click the URL below for 7% off your first year's membership

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