Ear Epic - Audio Drama Anthologies



Audio Drama Anthologies


  • The Record - Off

    01/04/2019 Duration: 25min

    On the road, Erin tries to convince Marc to stay with her instead of going home.  They meet someone heading in the opposite direction, who helps Marc in an uncomfortable way.  Erin uses the phone without Marc.  After arriving at their destination, Marc and Erin provoke change.  Marc faces the ultimate danger.

  • The Record - Miles in Every Direction

    01/04/2019 Duration: 16min

    Erin and Marc drive east, in search of proof, exchanging theories in order to unite over a next step.  The newest natural changes might be targeting the phone specifically.  When a police officer stops them on the highway, Erin constructs a way to move on, until they have no choice but to ask for help.

  • The Record - Misinformation

    01/04/2019 Duration: 21min

    After arriving in Wilson City, Marc learns that he won’t be leaving very soon, and that his direction might not be as safe as he once thought.  He meets some town residents, and reveals more information than planned.  Waiting for his way forward, Marc makes a friend who might share his priorities.

  • The Record - Long Enough

    01/04/2019 Duration: 18min

    Marc moves forward, finally finding some rest for the phone and himself.  Suddenly, the landscape changes.  One new possibility about Annie puts Marc on alert.  Marc finds yet another change in nature.

  • The Record - More than a Few Miles

    01/04/2019 Duration: 18min

    Marc and Annie drive toward her father’s house in the mountains.  The ground doesn’t shake, but it does move.  Marc and Annie find help from someone whom Marc thought that he would never see again.  With new help, and despite new knowledge, Marc must decide on a direction.

  • The Record - More Immediate Needs

    01/04/2019 Duration: 16min

    Marc finds unlikely but familiar shelter from a storm, where he meets another isolated traveler to inform of the possible impending danger.  They escape together, moving forward until the world’s next weapon requires them to move upward.  A familiar face helps Marc move farther from the ruins of the city. 

  • The Record - Us and the Other Side

    01/04/2019 Duration: 22min

    As they cross a bridge to leave the city, Annie and Marc disagree about how to deal with the new possibility.  They attempt to help someone in need.  They see the risk of staying near water.  Then, a new distance between Annie and Marc forces them to decide whether or not to continue together.

  • The Record - Among the Stragglers

    01/04/2019 Duration: 21min

    Marc meets a new companion as he heads further out of the city.  The next disaster forces them to look up and to take comfort in something familiar.  New supplies appear that seem too good to be true.  Listening to the original earthquake, Marc realizes that something much larger may be starting.

  • The Record - 19 Minutes

    01/04/2019 Duration: 11min

    Marc navigates the destroyed city with the help of a stranger.  After finding that his brother’s phone recorded the initial event, Marc keeps it on as he looks for anyone needing help.  But not every stranger is kind.

  • The Record - Prologue

    01/04/2019 Duration: 02min

    A disaster ruins a performance and begins a crisis.