Grunt Rx-10



A sci-fi comedy, Grunt RX-10 is a story of a neurotic machine who is so depressed by being a metallic item without a soul he becomes a renegade in the world of machines.While escaping the High computer's servants, he snatches a female machine and looks forward to interconnecting the fuel tanks when something goes terribly wrong.After they have both been killed few times by a bored Author, a group of mad exorcists imprison them in human bodies. Both of the desperate machines then have to face the absurdity of life when, being former machines, they are forced earn their daily bread by burying dead humans.


  • Grunt 07

    Grunt 07

    26/10/2011 Duration: 01h11min

    Grunt RX-10, the main hero of the book, meets the Author who has created him at last. Although he doesn't like him much they make a deal to finish the story in a way the Author would defeat the Administrator, the part of himself who lacks the sense of humour.

  • Grunt 06

    Grunt 06

    24/10/2011 Duration: 52min

    Grunt's first trip to the matrix may turn out to be a disaster. Because he may find out he is the Chosen one. And that would certainly cause a lot of troubles.

  • Grunt 05

    Grunt 05

    23/10/2011 Duration: 49min

    Grunt RX-10, the former machine, together with the members of the Grave comitee sest out for a quest to find out who, in fact, rules the matrix.

  • Grunt 04

    Grunt 04

    18/10/2011 Duration: 53min

    Grunt RX-10, the former machine, learns about pleasure parts of the human life... well, at least theoretically. 

  • Grunt 03

    Grunt 03

    18/10/2011 Duration: 01h47s

    Grunt RX-10 has to accept the fact he, in his two new human bodies, needs money to survive. So he sets to Zion with the bunch of undertakers from the Grave comitee to bury corpses. He soon realizes than not all members of the Grave comitee are ugly, dirty and stupid... well, at least one of them isn't.

  • Grunt 02

    Grunt 02

    18/10/2011 Duration: 54min

    Grunt meets humans for the first time. Unfortunatelly, these are local undertakers from the creepy Grave comitee.

  • Grunt 01

    Grunt 01

    17/10/2011 Duration: 49min

    The machine Grunt RX-10 finds out he can no longer suffer while working in the Section for Forseeing Human Crimes and decides to run. And to find away to get sex with something.