Doris And The Ankh



A fantasy adventure for all ages. Doris, a neurotic and quirky thirteen-year-old, is thrust into an alternate reality where flowers sneeze, fairies cant be trusted and a beast that isnt quite a wolf means to kill her. Racing against time, she'll learn that anything is possible, even the unlikeliest of things... And sometimes a big imagination is all you need.


  • DatA 15 - Pathos

    DatA 15 - Pathos

    16/06/2011 Duration: 34min

    Time for Doris to use her big imagination. 

  • DatA 14 - Ethos

    DatA 14 - Ethos

    16/06/2011 Duration: 25min

    Doris and friends try to save the imprisoned children.

  • DatA 13 - Logos

    DatA 13 - Logos

    16/06/2011 Duration: 32min

    Having finally arrived at the Dark Garden, Doris realizes that nothing is as it seems...

  • DatA 12 - Mountain Pass

    DatA 12 - Mountain Pass

    11/06/2011 Duration: 37min

    A difficult, steep road. A frigid chill. A sea of raging snow. And crazy monkeys.

  • DatA 11 - Phantom Canyon

    DatA 11 - Phantom Canyon

    09/06/2011 Duration: 32min

    Doris' frustration prompts bad choices as time runs short. 

  • DatA 10 - Witches Glen

    DatA 10 - Witches' Glen

    07/06/2011 Duration: 30min

    War is brewing at the Sanctuary, along with a spicy stew. 

  • DatA 09 - Fear

    DatA 09 - Fear

    03/06/2011 Duration: 36min

    With the third keystone in her possession, Doris must confront the Abraxas again. And the Map Maker's note tells a horrible secret. 

  • DatA 08 - Sloth

    DatA 08 - Sloth

    01/06/2011 Duration: 25min

    The second challenge turns out to be an aquatic nightmare for Undertow.

  • DatA 07 - Greed

    DatA 07 - Greed

    26/05/2011 Duration: 26min

    Inside the castle of shadows, Doris and Undertow search for the first Abraxas keystone. 

  • DatA 06 - Undertow

    DatA 06 - Undertow

    25/05/2011 Duration: 28min

    At the Shadow Castle, Doris meets a rude tadpole at the moat. He offers help, but has a secret agenda of his own. 

  • DatA 05 - The Raven

    DatA 05 - The Raven

    23/05/2011 Duration: 28min

    Fungus is stolen by a large black bird and Retorick Boil is told about a girl headed for the shadow castle.

  • DatA 04 - Sour Swamp

    DatA 04 - Sour Swamp

    20/05/2011 Duration: 24min

    Doris and Scratch meet annoying, multicolored Trixies offering assistance. It turns out to be an electrifying trap.

  • DatA 03 - Hover Sap Fields

    DatA 03 - Hover Sap Fields

    11/05/2011 Duration: 29min

    After the most bizarre elevator ride of her life, Doris finds herself in a strange world with weird, magic flowers. A yellow giant becomes a friend and the Map Maker seems helpful, yet mysterious.

  • DatA 02 -The Shadow Wolf

    DatA 02 -The Shadow Wolf

    11/05/2011 Duration: 22min

    Doris wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings and is visited by three odd creatures. Then she is confronted by something much more sinister. 

  • DatA 01 - A girl named Doris

    DatA 01 - A girl named Doris

    07/05/2011 Duration: 32min

    After a fight with Mom, Doris spends the day feeling guilty about her outburst. After school she encounters a strange, bug-eyed man.