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  • Primal Power Ch. 2

    Primal Power Ch. 2

    14/03/2012 Duration: 15min

    Kara Paul's night has taken a swift turn for the worst. Who or what is the nightmarish apparition appearing to float outside her window, and more importantly, what does he want with her?

  • Primal Power - Intro., Prologue and

    Primal Power - Intro., Prologue and

    13/03/2012 Duration: 12min

    The Prologue, introductory poem, and first chapter of the novel Primal Power, written and recorded by author Kaitlynn Aisling. Primal Power Synopsis: Kara Paul has an average boring existence. She attends college, hangs with friends, works, and surprisingly adores her parents. Despite her happy life, she is restless and longs for something more, dreaming of adventures from stories and the big screen. When strange men invade her home one night to steal her away, everything changes as she is now the victim of all her imaginings. Logan Andrews has a past that he strives to hide. He lives for the next mission and has moved past the love he lost. Content to live alone he never imagined that the little spitfire in his care would tempt him to get involved again. Logan seems to have Kara’s best interests at heart but he’s hiding secrets that could send her world crashing down around her feet. Can a primal warrior and an innocent power ever live together in peace? Find out in: Primal Power. Discover a world be